Indie Spotlight Watch: ‘Relentless’ John Atlas

It’s almost hard to explain how good of a performer someone is. In this case, show the highlights of the journey John Atlas has had within the squared circle. Trust us, there’s a lot, he’s been in the ring with Billy Gunn, Colt Cabana, he’s even had Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat be the referee for some of his matches! One would think with that right there his pro wrestling story is just full of memorable moments.

What if we told you, John Atlas’s story is so much more than just being an athlete or professional wrestler. His story, one of strength, desire to overcome, to us, he’s just another guy in the street, when in reality, he’s a warrior.

Photo Credit: John Atlas/Facebook
John Atlas is not just a pro wrestler, he’s a role model, an inspiration, and he’s a proud cancer survivor.

He takes his life experience battling cancer becoming a promoter of positivity, as well as a role model for his fans. John even rebranded himself in 2018 getting rid of “the playboy” in his name. The intent was to show not only his closest friends or family his new change on how to be Relentless. He also stays in a permanent role in bring Relentless with his opponents, and being the positive role model the youth of today truly need.

The hard work ethic just comes naturally for the former CFL player. When he joined the Storm Wrestling Academy in Calgary under trainer Lance Storm, it wouldn’t take long before John would find his groove adapting from the rules of the field to the rules of the ring. It didn’t take long before John’s first match in British Colombia (just passed its six-year anniversary) in October 2013. He lost to Collin Cutter, but one loss didn’t matter to this heart of a champion. In the month that followed, he bounced back becoming victorious in a four versus four war of a tag match.

Adapting well in the crazy secretive world of professional wrestling, John wrestled under the gimmick “The Playboy” John Atlas.

It truly broke him into the business. As he grew not only as a professional but also learning along the way from others. This improved his ability and knowledge about the professional wrestling business.

Photo Credit: John Atlas Facebook

This road of hard work and determination rolled him right into 2015 on the Danforth, wherein the Greektown Wrestling. There he faced Bill Collier for the Greektown Cup. Although coming up short, John Atlas left his mark in Greektown, and to this day is known as a Greektown Original!

Taking the hard defeat and turning it into a learning experience. “The Playboy” John Atlas, went into 2016 with ultimate force winning the PWE television title defeating Smash Wrestling star Tarik! John held that title for 196 days until losing his title in a hard-fought war against a 6’5 Joshua James! Just like all sports, winning happens, losing happens, and in John’s case, he kept moving forward truly finding himself slowly becoming Relentless.

Even having a street fight VS Jake O’Reilly at Rock Solid Wrestling, and once again returning to Greektown to have another huge match with “Big Time” Bill Collier in early October 16th, 2016.

Even though “Big Time” Bill Collier was the heavy favorite already beating John Atlas before, and with his title on the line fans knew Bill wouldn’t be an easier over. Defeating Bill at and winning the Greektown cup is a memorable moment for all Greektown fans, not only did John Atlas win the title, he ended up holding it for 518 days becoming the longest reigning Greektown Champion in the promotion’s history.

During this time, I like to mention how Relentless John Atlas was as he battled cancer, and didn’t stop doing what he loved to do. Never did this slow him down, never did he let this overcome him, with the love of his family and friends he truly became the name he goes by today, “Relentless” John Atlas. Even staying loyal to the Greektown Championship and his fans when during the first battle with cancer the first time he faced Joey Janella at Greektown Wrestling Christmas show. It wouldn’t be until John entered Greektown in 2018 in a fatal four-way match against IMPACT superstar Josh Alexander, Channing Decker, and RJ City.

During all 2018, he continued to battle through the ups and downs of professional wrestling.
Photo Credit: @shoottheindies

All while battling the fight against cancer, and all while leading into 2019, he faced Tyson Dux for Barrie Wrestling promotion, It was one of his first matches back from my first bout with cancer, and a good match to have on his return as Tyson Dux to most is the best to never get signed. The match was a huge success for the promotion and John just didn’t let anything stop him! In March 2019 he had yes another war in Greektown at there event UNHOLY, with a Quebec legend, BEAST KING FTM (Frankie The Mobster). John even had the opportunity to go to thee WWE Canada tryout this past summer! With nothing able to slow John Atlas down, he continues to be exactly what he has learned to become, Relentless.

“Anybody going through anything in their lives that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that dark days don’t stay dark days forever, and that dreams do come true, you just need to be relentless in your pursuit to follow them” – John Atlas