Indie Spotlight Watch: Hardcore Channing Decker

Risen from the Danforth is by far one of the hottest Canadian talents going today. “Hardcore” Channing Decker, shows wrestling fans that it’s not just a nickname, his blood is split across provinces of Canada for a reason, and that’s because he’s redefined the word of hardcore. He has become a Canadian symbol for hardcore wrestling fans! But it all didn’t start this way for Decker, before his hardcore roots he was a part of the tag team the Fraternity.

Photo Credit to Steve Argintaru @SteveTSN

The Fraternity found great success in Ontario as well as around the States! Showing up for great tag matches at Smash Wrestling, Alpha -1 (Ethan Page promotion) and becoming IWC tag team champions. Not to mention the Fraternity to this day hold the record for the longest IWC tag team champions reign. It was no surprise when the tag team made their IMPACT appearance. They faced LAX on in September of 2018. Not only are they a successful tag team, but they also together run their very own promotion Greektown Wrestling! A community-based promotion where they support young wrestlers, help build talent, and constantly work within the community.

However, with all the success, Decker found a more extreme way of going about the squared circle. In mid-2018, Channing Decker lost the Greektown Cup in a triple threat match to the Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer which truly changed Decker forever. Ever since that loss, Decker has found himself transitioning from “The White Bronco” Channing Decker, to the Canadian hardcore talent traveling across eastern Canada! At Greektown: Extreme, Decker faced ECW Tajiri, Ontario’s own RJ City, and the Greektown Cup champion in a fatal four-way!

The definition of ECW fight was profound in the Greektown home arena, and Channing Decker took this newly redefined self into 2019 with extreme force!

Capturing the Destiny briefcase early in January 2019 in a six-man ladder match. Decker didn’t seem to want to slow down his careers momentum and continued his hardcore ways facing off against G-Raver in a death match in February 2019. Also having an epic tag match with the Fraternity facing off against the rare appearance of the ECW Legendary tag team the Unholy Alliance (Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck) in March of 2019! An Extreme Rules match with Tommy Dreamer in April of 2019! Continuing his daredevil ways of professional wrestling Decker had a hardcore match almost every single month leading into the summer of 2019 where things truly became death-defying when he faced off with ECW ICON SABU.

Channing Decker versus Sabu in a lot of people minds is the greatest Greektown match to ever happen. Sabu and Decker beat the hell out of each other using barb wire, tables, chairs, Sabu even busted Decker’s head open with an ice pick! (Homage to Sabu Uncle the Sheik) they fought all over in the arena with Decker picking up the victory! In the end, Decker not only earned Sabu respect, but he also earned Shane Douglas’s as well. So much so that Douglas let Decker borrow his very own ECW heavyweight championship!

Nowadays, Hardcore Channing Decker travels with the borrowed ECW heavyweight championship belt up and down the Eastern part of Canada. Spreading his violence around Quebec and the Maritimes, Channing keeps building his stock proving he’s one of Canada’s best talents out there!

Photo Credit to @ShootingtheIndies

Fresh off the first Greektown TV taping where Channing Decker faced off against Rhino in a street fight! A WWE Try out! As well as one of, if not, thee, bloodiest cage match in Ontario where Decker took on Ricky Shane Page. Channing Decker keeps rising his stock as he stays as one of the hottest Canadian professional wrestlers we have in this country. It is at the same time that he is becoming the true definition of Canadian hardcore!