ECW Big Apple Blizzard Brawl 1996 | ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On February 3rd, 1996, Extreme Championship Wrestling aired ECW Big Apple Blizzard Brawl 1996 live from New York City at the Lost Battalion Hall.

The event had twelve matches, including two title matches. These title matches included one for the ECW World Tag Team & another for the WWA World Welterweight.

ECW Big Apple Blizzard Brawl 1996
The Shark Attack Kid vs. Taz

They trade some mat holds, but Taz keeps catching The Shark Attack Kid with throws and suplexes. Shark Attack fires back with a sunset flip and a dropkick.

Taz gives Kid a half-Nelson suplex before he nails a 2nd rope belly-belly, then locks in Tazmission for the win.

Winner By Submission: Taz (3:55)

ECW Big Apple Blizzard Brawl 1996
The Headhunters (A & B) vs. El Puerto Riqeno & Axl Rotten

The Headhunters control the match early as neither Axl Rotten or El Puerto Riqeno can knock The Headhunters off their feet. One Headhunter uses a Tiger Bomb and a lariat.

They whip El Puerto around the ring and give him a splash/leg drop combo. Rotten & Puerto gain the advantage when a Headhunter misses a flying elbow.

Rotten throws wild punches but The Headhunters sandwich him then they try again. They miss as Rotten fights off Damien Kane and clotheslines one of The Headhunters.

El Puerto then nails a flying splash, so The Headhunters slam Puerto, and one lands a moonsault for the win.

Winners: The Headhunters (6:45)

ECW Big Apple Blizzard Brawl 1996
ECW World Tag Team Titles Match

Mikey Whipwreck & Cactus Jack (c) vs. The Eliminators (Kronus & Saturn)

Mikey Whipwreck keeps using mat wrestling, so Cactus Jack admonishes him. Jack tags and tells Whipwreck to leave if he won’t help, so Cactus says he will defend the ECW World Tag Team Titles by himself because he won them that way.

Jack brawls with Saturn until Whipwreck tags in but Whipwreck returns to the mat holds. The Eliminators take control and use combination moves on Whipwreck, and then they double-team Whipwreck until Jack tags.

Jack cleans house and uses both a Cactus Clothesline and a pulling piledriver. Jack then breaks a glass bottle and threatens to use it as Whipwreck has enough and dropkicks Jack to stop him. Whipwreck then turns his attention to The Eliminators.

He does a flying Frankenmikey on Saturn then The Eliminators shove Whipwreck into Jack and hits Total Elimination for the victory.

Winners: AND NEW ECW World Tag Team Champions: The Eliminators (12:10)

After the match, Raven attacks Whipwreck, but Jack pulls him off Whipwreck. He only did it so he can attack Whipwreck himself.

He clotheslines Whipwreck and holds him while Raven uses a chair then Jack gives Whipwreck a Double Arm DDT. The Eliminators watch the carnage and mock Whipwreck.

ECW Big Apple Blizzard Brawl 1996
Raven & Stevie Richards vs. Tommy Dreamer & Shane Douglas

Raven avoids Tommy Dreamer, so Douglas & Dreamer beat up Stevie Richards for a while. Richards taunts Douglas by donning a Razor Ramon t-shirt, so Douglas rips it off and chokes Richards with it. Then Dreamer & Douglas use various weapons on Richards.

They hit him with an old phone and an NES, as Raven doesn’t enter the match until Dreamer is in trouble.

Raven & Richards use chairs and the ECW World Heavyweight Title belt on him. Richards also nails a dangerous powerbomb as Dreamer attempts to fight off some double-teaming, but he can’t.

Both men end up going down to a double clothesline, and Douglas tags in. The match becomes a brawl until both Cactus Jack & The Sandman interfere.

[Photo: WWE]
Sandman canes everyone, including the ref, and then both teams fight back & forth. Raven tells The Blue Meanie to do a moonsault as Meanie doesn’t see Dreamer switch places with Richards so he hits the wrong man.

Raven and Douglas fight to the floor while Beulah tapes a frying pan to Dreamer’s foot. He uses it to nail an enzuigiri for the win.

Winners: Shane Douglas & Tommy Dreamer (19:34)

ECW Big Apple Blizzard Brawl 1996
[Photo: WWE]

ECW Big Apple Blizzard Brawl 1996
WWA World Welterweight Title Match

Rey Mysterio Jr (c) vs. Juventud Guerrera

Rey Mysterio Jr. and Juventud Guerrera traded takedowns and arm drags. They also slapped each other a few times, and then they went through some athletic reversals until Mysterio nailed a dragonrana off the apron.

Guerrera surprises Mysterio with a somersault leg drop, but Mysterio answers with flying headscissors and hurricanranas.

They fight to the floor, where Mysterio wraps a chair around Guerrera’s head and rams him into the post. Guerrera recovers and responds with suplexes and a springboard wheel kick.

He also uses a sit-out powerbomb and a bridging fallaway slam before Guerrera misses a splash. Mysterio uses more hurricanranas, and then they fight to the top rope.

Guerrera crotches Mysterio and attempts a super Splash Mountain Bomb, but Mysterio reverses it into a hurricanrana for the victory.

Winner: AND STILL WWA World Welterweight Champion: Rey Mysterio Jr (8:46)

ECW Big Apple Blizzard Brawl 1996
The Pitbulls (#1 & #2) defeated The Headhunters (A & B) (Match never made air)

Chris Jericho defeated Rob Van Dam (10:58) (Match never made air)

ECW Big Apple Blizzard Brawl 1996
Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs. JT Smith

JT Smith attacks Buh Buh Ray Dudley, but Dudley ducks and then struggles to hit Buh Buh Bomb until Big Dick Dudley smacks him with his crutch and then hits Buh Buh Bomb for the win.

Winner: Buh Buh Ray Dudley (0:45)

After the match, Dances With Dudley drops an elbow on Smith, then Buh Buh reaches into Smith’s coat and takes the $100.

The fans want Buh Buh to dance, but he’d rather take the $100 to the club. Big Dick tells Buh Buh to get in the ring and dance. He obliges and gives the fans what they want.

ECW Big Apple Blizzard Brawl 1996
Mr. Hughes vs. Sabu

They brawl to the floor, and Sabu grabs a chair. He then uses it to dive over the rail and land on Mr. Hughes. He knocks off Hughes’ sunglasses.

Hughes then absorbs much of Sabu’s offense as he takes control when Sabu crashes onto a table. Hughes uses a shoulder breaker and a nerve hold.

He also gives Sabu power slams and sidewalk slams before Sabu keeps taking Hughes to the floor with headscissors. He puts Hughes through the table with a slingshot leg drop.

It hurts Sabu before Hughes blocks a super Frankensteiner and uses a couple of sidewalk slams. Sabu keeps getting his foot on the ropes.

Hughes then places a chair on Sabu and tries a flying splash, but he misses. Sabu capitalizes with a chair-assisted springboard wheel kick to get the win.

Winner: Sabu (12:30)

ECW Big Apple Blizzard Brawl 1996
2 Cold Scorpio & The Sandman vs. The Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa)

Everyone breaks into pairs as 2 Cold Scorpio brawls with New Jack while The Sandman fights Mustafa. Mustafa uses a toilet seat. New Jack & Scorpio trade cookie sheet strikes.

Both teams also use the NES from earlier before New Jack breaks a pool cue while Mustafa gives Scorpio a running power slam. Scorpio answers with a superkick and a moonsault.

The Sandman & New Jack fight with the trash can. Sandman gives Jack a slingshot leg drop and uses the toilet seat before Sandman also lands on New Jack’s head with a flying leg drop.

Scorpio then gives Mustafa a twisting splash while Jack & Sandman trade more weapon shots.

The Gangstas get Sandman’s cane and break it over his head, but Scorpio sprays Mustafa with hairspray and rolls him up for the victory.

Winners: 2 Cold Scorpio & The Sandman (8:53)

After the match, New Jack continues attacking Sandman, so Scorpio fights off The Gangstas with a cane.

They leave, and Scorpio revives Sandman with a cigarette and a beer. Scorpio then gets a mic and tells Sandman to dance. He does a Cabbage Patch and then hugs Scorpio.