Eli Everfly | Indie Spotlight Watch

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Eli Everfly has become a staple of not just SoCal wrestling but independent wrestling in general.

Wrestling has always been a part of Everfly’s life. As a child, Everfly would watch it with his best friend and it just seemed like the cool thing to do.

From the moment he laid eyes on the likes of The Rock and Ken Shamrock, Eli was captivated by the business and started spending his money on wrestling toys, tapes, board games, and trading cards. Aged 8, Everfly was hugely inspired by the feud between the Hardys, Dudley’s, & Edge/Christian like many other wrestlers. Of course, as most parents do, they hope their children grow out of the obsession, but this didn’t happen and Eli was intent on becoming a professional wrestler.

Eli then took the step and started training at the Santinos Bros Wrestling School in California to learn the trade under some of the best in the business. After only 6 months of training, Everfly debuted on April 18th, 2013 beating Seville Alvarez at an SBW showcase. Everfly has said that he was the quickest graduate in the history of the school.

After this, Eli took his talents on the road to some big wrestling promotions. He wrestled in promotions across America from IWL, FCW, AWS, and House of Hardcore. Here he continued to build upon his skills learned at the Santinos Bros School and pick up some well deserved needed victories.

Eli Everfly

However, at the start of 2018, Everfly had a match that may have changed not only his career but his life as a whole. Teaming with Delilah Doom at Bar Wrestling 8, crowds saw this chemistry between the two that was unparalleled after beating Joey Janela and Penelope Ford. It was also the start of something beautiful – something called DoomFly.  Both Doom and Everfly found a soulmate in each other and someone who was on the same wavelength. This was so easy to see in both the way they are around to each to the way they work in the ring.

Neither takes life and the business too seriously, but are aware of how to use their bundles of talent. Both are pure aerialists and have no fear when it comes to their offense. This makes their matches so exciting to watch because you never really know what they are going to pull out from their bag of tricks. In tandem offense, they are second to none. When in the ring alone, it seems as if they can sense what the other is thinking to work as this perfectly well-oiled machine. They are two halves of an adorable whole!

Although performing for so many promotions, Eli Everfly will probably be known best for his work at Bar Wrestling. Dating all the way back to Bar Wrestling 6: Head Of Household, there is rarely an event where we don’t see Everfly. He’s had some amazing singles matches against the likes of Teddy Hart, Scorpio Sky, and Jungle Boy. We also can’t forget some of those iconic DoomFly tag matches like their bouts again Luchasaurus & Super Panda, Taya Valkyrie, and PJ Black, and Darby Allin & Priscilla Kelly.

Appeared on SmackDown

If 2018 had not been mad enough, one of Everfly’s biggest achievements was his Smackdown Live debut in November of that year. Billed as one the Bryant Brothers against the Miz and Shane McMahon, crowds fully expected them to be jobbers. However, much to the surprise of everyone watching, the Bryant Brothers got the pin over the then team Co-Besties in less than two minutes. If you look even close, you’ll see that it was actually Eli who got the pin over the Miz on his debut and not many, if anyone, can say that.

Since then, although we haven’t seen any more of Everfly on WWE, his career continues to go from strength to strength and he’s still a staple in SoCal wrestling. Alongside partner Delilah Doom, Everfly continues to put on top-caliber matches, whether solo or in a tag team.

As much of a cliché it is to say, but the sky is literally the limit for Eli Everfly. Whether as a solo star or hopefully alongside Delilah Doom, championship gold is definitely in the future. Perfectly combining wrestling skills, high flying offense and a lot of fun, it’s rare to see such a bundle of joy in the ring. Eli Everfly is definitely a unique performer and will take the wrestling world by storm at some point and the world will know his name.