Indie Spotlight Watch: ‘Retrosexual’ Anthony Greene

A lifelong wrestling fan, in the ring Retrosexual Anthony Greene, has achieved so much in such a short time. Having begun his in-ring career as a referee, his ongoing love of wrestling led to him transitioning into a career as a wrestler. Greene was trained by Spike Dudley, and over the ensuing 13 years has emerged as ‘All Good,’ a fun-loving and easy-going character that reflects his true personality.  Continuing that ECW connection, he had an opportunity to work with ECW legend Tommy Dreamer and his House of Hardcore promotion. His love of wrestling began with the reveal of the third member of the nWo back in 1996, despite his only being three years of age at the time.

Fast forward a little bit, I think the first time I really thought I would be or could be a pro wrestler was maybe in first grade, maybe during the first season of Tough Enough. That’s also where I found my favorite professional wrestler of all time, I became the biggest fan of Maven, Maven Huffman, who ended up winning the first season. After that, I kind of saw the reality of pro wrestling behind the curtain a little bit, how to take a bump, how to hit the ropes and how to travel on the road. I realized then that I really want to pursue this.

A career as a wrestler didn’t initially seem to be in the cards for Greene. He had a smaller frame that seemed better suited for a referee. But by his own admission, he snuck into a Mike Quackenbush seminar and trained for a day. Then, a few years later while attending a seminar from ‘Brutal’ Bob Evans, he was selected to assist with demonstrations in front of the remainder of the class regularly. That is certainly a tell-tale sign that he made an impression on Evans, who was working closely with Ring of Honor at the time. It took some time but it was ultimately worth it in the end, and when seen by the right people he was not overlooked but embraced.

A lot of what fans see today is who Greene really is. It was when he could be himself that he first began to excel in the ring. As time went by, he continued to showcase his skills promotions along the U.S east coast, in particular, Limitless Wrestling and Chaotic Wrestling. He looked up to veteran peers such as Donovan Dijak, who helped offer encouragement and advice as he continued to gain recognition for his work. Over the past 13 years, he has proven that he won’t rest on his laurels, and of late he has gone from being  ‘All Good’ to becoming the ‘Retrosexual’ we see today. His friend and one of his biggest supporters, Josh Briggs said to him when he first saw the handlebar mustache that he should keep it, and that has been a key part of the look for his new persona.

As he comes to the ring with his Platinum Hunny’s, Greene knows that he has to keep his eye on the prize, and success will come his way. His most recent success was when Gabe Sapolsky signed him to a contract with EVOLVE wrestling. Subscribers to the WWE Network may have seen Greene when he faced-off against Briggs in one on one action to begin EVOLVE’s 10th Anniversary show. His cool, outlandish character is a throwback but suits him perfectly. He is able to bridge the gap between past and present, and consistently shows how far he has come from that referee years ago. He is active in the business outside the ring as well. He helps to promote upcoming shows and hosts events as well. His contributions are not only to his own success but others around him as well.

2019 has seen recognition and high praise for the veteran. He has won championships, not to mention Limitless Wrestling’s recent Vacationland Cup, and he competed in Canada as part of Smash Wrestling’s The Northern tournament. The proverbial brass ring is certainly within his grasp. Wrestling fans that have not seen ‘The Retrosexual,’ also called ‘Retro’ Anthony Greene need to seek out his matches against the likes of Briggs, Paul London, and Donovan Dijak, in particular, to fully get a sense of where he was and where he is today.

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Retrosexual Anthony Greene is just scratching the surface of what is to come. He has never stopped believing in himself and trusts that he is being seen. Readers can look out for Greene in promotions such as Zero One USA Northeast, Limitless Wrestling, Chaotic Wrestling and now as part of EVOLVE. He always believed in himself and now so is everyone else that sees him compete. Anthony Greene, a future so bright everyone around him has to wear sunglasses.