‘Lonestar’ Curt Stallion: Indie Spotlight Watch (INCLUDES VIDEO)

In a career that initially began in Texas but has developed substantially, broadening his horizons both geographically and level, ‘Lonestar’ Curt Stallion has found his way to becoming one of the most sought-after talents in North America today. A current member of the EVOLVE roster, the Lonestar has carved a niche for himself all over. As fans have come to learn about him. He competed as part of factions in promotions such as AAW Pro and Glory Pro, but it was when he took part in the Ring of Honor top prospect tournament that promoters sat up and take notice. His in-ring skills combine high-striking with innovative moves, such as his pump jack pedigree finisher where he uses the ropes to execute the move.

The Lonestar moniker isn’t something he takes lightly. He is indeed a native of Texas, but he applies his nickname to his in-ring persona. Over the years he has also been called Captain Texas and The Gold Collector. A former protégé of Michael Elgin, Stallion has shown a passion for wrestling most of his life. However, it wasn’t something he was granted the opportunity to watch in the comfort of his own home.

Curt Stallion
Photo / ProWrestling.com

As a child, I wasn’t allowed to watch wrestling. I had a friend that, any Monday from 2nd grade until we graduated high school, any Monday he was just nowhere to be found because he was at his house watching wrestling. It wasn’t until I was in fifth grade that I started asking him, ‘Why don’t you ever hang out on Mondays?’ and he’s like, ‘I’m watching wrestling’ and I’m like ‘I’m not allowed to watch that’.

For independent wrestlers, they are only as good as their last match. In the case of ‘Lonestar’ Curt Stallion, he continues to strive to get better regardless of who he is in the ring against. He also seeks to improve his skill by taking part in training seminars, living with established wrestlers and engaging in conversations.

I did a lot of seminars. I lived with ACH for six months, but he wasn’t necessarily in-ring guidance. We would be in the car together and he would just tell me what I am doing that is beneficial, and what I am doing that needs to change. I would watch him live as well, to learn what I need to not do and what I need to do, and he would help me out a lot more than he would take credit for, I am sure. Kyle O’Reilly is hands-on in the ring, and he would show up because he lives here in St. Louis, or he would text me at an obscure time like 11 in the morning and be like ‘Hey, do you want to train today?’ I would say ‘Yeah let’s do it.’ His training is definitely hands-on.

As a veteran of only six years, Curt Stallion has held championships or competed for championships in several promotions; for instance, he faced Sami Callihan for the AAW Pro Heavyweight championship. It was also with AAW that Stallion was part of the faction WRSTLING, along with Jake Something, David Starr, Eddie Kingston and Trevor Lee (who now competes as Cameron Grimes in NXT). As of a tag team with the aforementioned Jake Something Stallion also had the opportunity to compete for the AAW Tag Team Championship.

Today, however, EVOLVE has seen everything that ‘Lonestar’ Curt Stallion is capable of, and has put him in the ring with other emerging stars as well. He had a match on their 10th Anniversary show that was featured on the WWE Network, giving him the opportunity to be seen by the biggest audience yet. By competing for EVOLVE, he is closer to reaching one of many dreams.

The UK is one of my big goals for this year. I thought top prospect could help me potentially get that, it could help get my name out there. So hopefully those guys overseas will see me and want to bring me in. My dream is Wrestlemania, but my goal is Japan. To get to my dream, I have to achieve my goal. That’s where I want to be. That’s where I’ve wanted to be since I started training. If I never make it to Wrestlemania, sure that would bum me out, but if I make it to Japan and I was doing well over there I wouldn’t complain one bit.

Given EVOLVE’s relationship with WWE, Stallion’s hope to be part of a major promotion may be closer to being fulfilled than many would think. He has already appeared on the WWE Network as part of EVOLVE’s 10th Anniversary show. The lanky Texan always puts his best foot forward regardless of the size of his competition, and it is certain that in 2019 that his star will shine brightly.