This Saturday, April 27th, Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide brings us the thirty-second annual Triplemania live from Estadio Mobil Super in Monterrey, Mexico!

The first of three Triplemanias scheduled for this year, the show in Monterrey is set to drastically change the landscape of AAA. New and old faces will star in a whole host of unpredictable matches to kick off Triplemania season!

Triller TV brings us all the action from 7 pm local time in Monterrey. Whether you’re a weekly viewer of AAA on Space, remember the stars of the nineties, or have never watched AAA before, there is bound to be something for everyone on the show.

We have a rundown of what’s been happening to prepare you for the action ahead this Saturday!

[Photo: Lucha Libre AAA]

Faby Apache, Estrellita, Sexy Star & Reina Dorada vs. Dalys, Flammer, La Hiedra & Maravilla

Female icon of the lucha libre world, Faby Apache leads a team of fellow veteran Estrellita, Sexy Star (the second incarnation of the Sexy Star character), and star of the independent scene Reina Dorada into battle against veteran Dalys and AAA’s top trio of female villains, Las Toxicas.

Having been a former ally of Sexy Star, Dalys then chose to align herself with Las Toxicas, which caused quite the rift in the AAA women’s division.

She, Maravilla & La Hiedra have already had some success as a team when they defeated Estrellita, Faby Apache, and legendary exotico Pimpinela Escarlata in Queretaro back in January.

However, Faby Apache would pick up a win over Dalys in a singles match this past March, giving both women something to prove heading into Monterrey.

While Estrellita has had some issues with Las Toxicas in the past, the issues between the group, Sexy Star and Faby Apache have been frequent ever since the women fought over the AAA Mixed Tag Team Championships.

Flammer, as well as being the leader of Las Toxicas and reigning Reina de Reinas (Queen of Queens) champion, holds one-half of the AAA Mixed Tag Team Championships with Abismo Negro Jr. as of December 2022.

Sexy Star challenged for the titles with Drago in December 2022 but they were unsuccessful.

The duo would get another opportunity in January with the team of Faby Apache and Aero Star being thrown into the mix, but the champions would once again retain.

Plainly, Flammer has a huge target on her back, as do the rest of Las Toxicas by association.

The trio have already incurred losses against teams that have included Sexy Star and Faby Apache in recent months and will hope that the addition of Dalys will be enough to keep their challengers at bay once Triplemania in Monterrey comes to pass.

Copa Bardahl

The Copa Bardahl makes its fourteenth bow at this year’s Triplemania in Monterrey with thirteen men looking to add their names to the already prestigious list of previous winners.

The cup was originally named the Copa Triplemania, as it was contested first at Triplemania IX in 2001, but it has been sponsored by Bardahl since 2022.

There have been various versions of the Copa Bardahl in the past, ranging from trios contests to knockout tournaments, and this year’s Copa Bardahl appears to be contested as an over-the-top rope battle royal where participants can also lose via pinfall or submission.

The line-up for the match is as follows:

  • El Elegido, ‘The Chosen One’ who helped to take the hair of lucha libre icon El Brazo in 2008.
  • Pimpinela Escarlata, a legendary exotico and former Reina de Reinas champion.
  • Antifaz, the local thirty-year veteran.
  • Super Calo, a former WCW and ECW star who was a mainstay of the AAA roster for some time.
  • Aero Star, a long-time AAA fan favourite who many will remember from his time in Lucha Underground.
  • Chessman, a veteran and specialist of multi-man matches.
  • Nino Hamburguesa, the fan favourite heavyweight.
  • Iguana, the clue is in the name; he loves iguanas.
  • Charly Manson, the closest that professional wrestling will ever get to Marilyn Manson taking a hurricanrana.
  • Abismo Negro, one half of the current AAA Mixed Tag Team champions and one third of the current AAA World Trios champions.
  • Heavy Metal, AAA’s rockstar of the nineties and early 2000s.

The match will also feature two surprise competitors who are sure to be the first pair of many on the night.

Some will wish to kickstart their careers while others will be looking to revitalize what once was, but regardless of their motives, all of these competitors will be looking for a victory on the grand stage.

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Negro Casas, ??? & ??? vs. Dr. Wagner Jr., ??? & ???

Two legends of lucha libre come face to face in Monterrey with teams of their choosing at their sides. Negro Casas and Dr. Wagner Jr. have a combined eighty-two years of in-ring experience across multiple promotions, and both will be looking to show off that experience to fans across the globe when the bell rings in Monterrey.

At the age of 64, Casas has become one of the most respected and accomplished wrestlers in the industry.

Casas is a multi-time champion and most notably deprived several luchadores, such as El Satanico, Bestia Salvaje, and Sam Adonis, of their hair in Luchas de Apuestas (wager) matches.

Despite a lengthy career, Casas only made his AAA debut with Dalys in January 2023 and went on to make his in-ring debut with the promotion a month later.

Beyond his in-ring achievements, he has played a significant role in mentoring younger luchadores and preserving the traditions of lucha libre.

As a member of the famed Casas wrestling family, he carries on a rich legacy and continues to inspire fans and luchadores alike with his passion and dedication to the profession.

Dr. Wagner Jr., as the name might suggest, is the son of the legendary Dr. Wagner, both of which are known for a trademark mask which has been worn by three generations of Wagners to date.

Now 58, Dr. Wagner Jr. comes into the match in Monterrey having worked across Mexico and Japan since the late eighties and has substantially more history with AAA than his opponent.

Dr. Wagner Jr. debuted for the promotion in 2009 and immediately found himself in possession of the AAA Mega Championship, and down the line, he would lose his legendary mask in AAA.

The pair have had a number of matches together over the course of their lengthy careers, be it across the ring or on the same team as one another.

The two first teamed together back in 1991 and first ended up on opposite teams the following year, yet a singles match between the two never truly materialized despite their tag team feud in the mid-2000s.

Who Casas and Dr. Wagner Jr. will bring to the table in Monterrey is anyone’s guess, though it’s worth noting that both come from prestigious lucha libre families with plenty of talent that could be called upon on either side.

That being said, AAA loves to throw a curveball as often as possible, so be prepared for anyone to show up.