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For so many wrestlers, their dreams of stepping into the ring start at a young age. After they get a bit older and begin their career between the ropes, it can go in any number of ways, and there can be ups and downs along the way. ‘The King of the North’ Carter Mason not only had aspirations of being a wrestler at a young age, but he also started his career before adulthood. The native of Toronto, Ontario, began training with long-time veteran Johnny Devine in 2005 when he was only 16.

Travel Over Seas

After that initial training, he set an ambitious course for himself. Not only did he wrestle for local independent promotions, but he also went to Europe in 2008 and 2009 and performed in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, including for well-known promotion Westside Extreme Wrestling, or wXw. He did all of this before he even turned twenty. It is clear that as a young man he would be aggressive in pursuing his dream.

Carter Mason
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After those early years overseas, he became focussed more on staying local. His first regular home in North America was Revolution Championship Wrestling in Ohio, but from 2010 onward he performed extensively for promotions throughout his native Canada, as well as other companies in the US Midwest. His dogged pursuit of opportunities gave him ample avenues to develop and get greater recognition. Mason is smaller in size, but that has lent to him employing an athletic, fast-paced and at times acrobatic style. Because of that style, he was a natural fit for the Toronto-based Lucha T.O. promotion, now known as Demand Lucha. His relationship with that promotion began in 2015, and due to that and his joining another local promotion, Barrie Wrestling, his career saw a big uptick in the number of matches he was having.

‘The King of the North’ Carter Mason

However, he was not confined to just Ontario. During 2015 and 2016, he wrestled extensively for Canadian Wrestling’s Elite in western Canada. And from 2015 on he has been performing several times a year for Upstate Pro Wrestling (UPW) in western New York.

Smash Wrestling The Northern
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Not only was Carter Mason having three times as many matches, he was starting to rack up championship reigns. He has been the Barrie Wrestling champion twice, having reigns in 2016 and 2018. Back in 2015, he won the Copa Torneo Extreme with Lucha T.O., and later that year won the Squared Circle Wrestling Premier championship at a Lucha T.O. show. This was actually the primary title for that promotion, as Lucha T.O. had arisen from the ashes of SCW, and during Mason’s reign, the belt was renamed the Lucha TO Premier title, prior to his losing it near the end of 2016. He regained that title in late 2018 and still holds it. He is also currently the champion of the aforementioned UPW.

A Career Heading North

Clearly, as 2018 began Mason’s career was on the upswing. He began wrestling for prominent Ontario promotion Smash Wrestling near the end of 2017 and was poised to become a regular with the company. But then he suffered a significant setback, as an unfortunate injury midway through the year put his wrestling career in jeopardy. But despite being discouraged by this obstacle he worked hard and eventually made a comeback in December of that year, and as noted regained the Lucha Premier Championship, a significant cap on his comeback.

Carter Mason
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In 2019, the upward trajectory of Mason’s career has continued. Not only has he quickly risen up the ranks of Smash’s roster, but he has also had the opportunity to perform for Impact Wrestling in February, and most recently appeared twice on WWE television. The first time, he was one of the security staff that tried to break up the Matt Riddle/Killian Dain brawl at NXT TakeOver: Toronto, and ended up being the unfortunate soul who went through a table with those two much larger men.

Two days later, he appeared on Monday Night Raw, where he teamed with fellow Smash roster member Sebastian Suave to face the Viking Raiders. Again, Mason got the worst of it as he was hit with the Raider’s finisher the Viking Experience and pinned. He was also spotted at Smackdown Live and 205 Live the next day, ready to be used again though he did not appear on camera.

‘The King of the North’ Carter Mason – On The RISE

After starting off young, ‘The King of the North’ Carter Mason has steadily risen in the industry, and his recent rapid rise could not be stopped even by career-threatening injury. Fans can expect his ascent to continue, and lots more will be heard from him. Keep an eye out for Carter Mason, but rest assured even if you aren’t he will catch your attention anyway.