NWA-TNA PPV 59 | NWA-TNA/IMPACT Sunday Night RetroView

On Wednesday, August 20, 2003, NWA-TNA presented NWA-TNA 59 from the TNA Asylum Nashville, TNA, in the latest of our NWA-TNA/IMPACT Sunday Night RetroViews.

The show opens up with Shane Douglas and Raven brawling. CM Punk and Julio Dinero are brewing with Sinn and Slash outside the ring. Raven ended up hitting a DDT on Douglas and addressed the mystery attack he had been dealing with.

As Raven mentions him, the lights go out, and the mystery man is in the ring and has a noose. The lights go out again and Raven is bloodied along with being hung over the top rope.

James Mitchell appeared and had a pair of scissors, but CM Punk and Julio Dinero made the save to end the segment.

Backstage, Jerry Lynn talks about how he loses money every time Don Callis keeps him off the show. Callis tells Lynn he has been fined $5,000 for hitting an official.

Lynn is thrown out of the building by security, and Callis comments that he will not accept a personal check from Lynn.

NWA X-Division Championship in an Ultimate X Match (title vacant)
Frankie Kazarian vs. Michael Shane vs. Chris Sabin

Chris Sabin tries to avoid both Shane and Kazarian by going to the floor, but that doesn’t work. Kazarian rams Shane head-first into the ring steps but is stopped by Sabin with a kick to the head.

Shane stops Sabin from getting on the rope and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Kazarian stops Shane as well and hits a swinging neckbreaker of his own.

Kazarian has Sabin on his shoulders, but Shane comes over on the rope and hits a head scissors on Sabin, only for Kazarian to hit a yakuza kick! Kazarian goes across the cable, but Sabin stops him, and Kazarian crashes to the canvas.

[Photo: TNA Wrestling]
Shane and Frankie Kazarian both go to the cables and attempt to get the title. Sabin hits a springboard dropkick to knock both men off the cable!

Sabin hits Shane over the back with a steel chair, and the same for Kazarian to keep control of the match until Shane blocks another chair shot and then wedges the chair in the corner.

Sabin rams Shane head first into the chair in the corner and gets the chair kicked into his face by Kazarian! Shane has been busted wide open. Sabin hits a swinging side slam, driving Kazarian back first across the chair!

Sabin goes to the floor and works over the bloodied Shane. Sabin tries to climb the cable but Shane hits Sabin with a chair shot to drop him! Kazarian hits Sabin over the head with a steel chair.

The referee calls for the bell because the belt dropped, and they have to hang the belt back up. On the floor, Sabin sends Shane into the guardrail.

Sabin hits a Samoan Drop on Shane and dropkicks Kazarian at the same time! Sabin dropkicks Kazarian while in a double-leg slam, and Kazarian still drops Sabin on his head somehow.

Kazarian tries his luck to climb the cable, but Shane kicks Kazarian off. Sabin is on the cable as well and plants Shane with a powerbomb! Sabin tries to climb the cable but gets met with a spear from Kazarian, but the belt drops off the cable again.

Kazarian knocks Shane off the steel structure and climbs the cable with Sabin. They are trading kicks, and they both drop down to the canvas.

Frankie Kazarian and Sabin again climb the cable, with Kazarian knocking Sabin off, but Shane comes out of nowhere and grabs the NWA X-Division Championship.

Winner AND NEW NWA X-Division Champion Michael Shane!

Backstage, Sonny Siaki and Trinity arrive with a casket for the burial of D’Lo Brown’s career taking place tonight.

Non-Title Bull Rope Match
Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger vs. America’s Most Wanted (c)

All four men are brawling in the ring, with Harris tied to Diamond and Storm tied to Swinger. Harris and Diamond quickly go to the floor to brawl with Storm and Swinger not far behind them.

Harris uses the bull rope to clothesline Diamond on the floor. Storm bodyslam Swinger on the outside while Harris chokes Diamond with the bull rope and drags him around ringside. AMW hit the Hart Attack on Swinger but only got a near fall.

Harris hits the Catatonic on Diamond but doesn’t go for the cover. Glen Gilbertti enters the ring and plants Harris with a stunner. Diamond recovers and goes for the cover but only gets a two-count.

Diamond works over Harris while Swinger controls Storm on the floor. Swinger has removed the protective padding on the floor to hit Storm with a snap suplex on the concrete!

Swinger continues to choke Storm while Diamond chokes Harris in the ring. Diamond and Swinger attempt an elevated reverse DDT but Storm recovers to super kick Swinger and saves Harris.

AMW is fighting back with strikes and sends Diamond and Swinger into each other. Harris sends Diamond shoulder first into the steel structure but Diamond returns the favor.

Diamond accidentally hits Swinger with a steel chair from the floor, but Storm only gets a two-count on the cover! Swinger low blows Storm to stop the momentum of Storm.

Diamond drops Harris’ throat first across the top rope, but Storm uses the bull rope to low-blow Swinger. Harris spears Diamond off the apron to the floor!

AMW attempts the Death Sentence but Gilbertti pulls Harris off the top to the floor! Swinger has one of the NWA Tag Team Championship belts, hits Storm with it, goes for the pinfall, and gets the 1-2-3!

Winners: Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger

Backstage, Julio Dinero lets us know that Raven has been severely injured and wanted the New Church right now in a tag match. Shane Douglas and the New Church enter the scene, and a brawl breaks out until TNA security comes in and breaks up the brawl.

Sonny Siaki and Trinity make their way down to the ring with the casket already at ringside. As Siaki reads a eulogy, D’Lo Brown comes out of the casket and attacks Siaki!

Brown takes care of Trinity, slamming her onto the casket with Siaki going on top of it, too. Brown put them both in the casket and stood not eh casket. Siaki and Trinity are rolled to the backstage area.

Backstage, Legend and Christopher Daniels are interviewed. Legend is sorry that he is going to have to beat up the local legends in Jeff Jarrett and Erik Watts tonight.

Daniels says the fans rejected him, and now they will pay for it. Daniels says that Watts will need to “pay for the sins of his father.”

CM Punk & Julio Dinero vs. Slash & Sinn.

Slash is double-teamed in the ring after Sinn is taken care of on the floor. Punk backdrops Dinero over the top to take out Sinn, and Punk hits a suicide dive as well.

Slash is kicked into the air, and Sinn is knocked off the apron again. Sinn pulls the top rope down to cause Punk to crash over the top to the floor. Punk is hung upside down over the ropes, and Slash drop-kicks Punk off the apron.

Punk gets worked over by the New Church but kicks out of pin attempts. Slash drives Punk down to the canvas with a delayed vertical suplex. Punk tries to make the tag but is unable to tag in Dinero.

Punk drops Sinn with an arm-trapped clothesline and hits a clothesline on Slash. Dinero gets the hot tag and cleans house with kicks, followed by a bulldog on Slash and a swinging neckbreaker on

Sinn. Sinn drops Dinero with a super kick, but Punk enters the match only to have powder thrown in his face and Sinn hits a middle rope powerbomb and goes for a pinfall, and gets a two count.

Dinero clotheslines both Sinn and Slash and, hits the Near Death Experience on Sinn and, goes for a pinfall & gets a two count. Slash hits a suplex on Punk, sending him into the corner.

Alexis Laree kicks the middle rope to low blow James Mitchell. Laree hits a tornado DDT on Slash! Dinero hits a full Nelson swinging slam on Slash, but Shane Douglas hits Dinero with a steel chain. Slash goes for a pinfall on Dinero and gets the 1-2-3!

Winners: Slash & Sinn

After the match, Shane Douglas hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Alexis Laree and cuts some of her hair off.

Erik Watts had a sit-down interview with Mike Tenay earlier in the day. Watts says that he wants to be the Director of Authority because the company wants someone young and someone who wouldn’t play favorites.

Watts says he represents the NWA part of the company, while Don Callis represents the TNA side of the company. Watts says that when in another company with Jeff Jarrett, he wasn’t helped at all.

Watts admits to settling things wrong the first time around. He was in the company when it came to Jarrett. That would be why he was on Xplosion for several months.

He learned his lessons and owes it to Jeff Jarrett. Watts finishes off saying that he thinks Callis is in cahoots with Vince Russo and NWA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles.

We get footage from poolside of Vince Russo and NWA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles. Russo is trying to get a tan.

Styles said that he would defeat the winner of the gauntlet match on next week’s NWA-TNA show and dived into the pool while Russo was proud of the champion.

Christopher Daniels & Joe E. Legend vs. Jeff Jarrett & Erik Watts

All four men are brawling on the floor, with Jarrett and Watts sending Daniels & Legend into the guardrail. Watts leaps over the guardrail and takes out Legend with a cross body into the crowd. Jarrett and Daniels are brawling into the crowd as well.

Jarrett tosses a steel chair, hitting Daniels in the face while Legend & Watts are trading right hands. They get back into the ring, where Jarrett drops Daniels with a standing dropkick.

Legend comes in and tries to attack from behind. Legend drop-toe holds Jarrett across Daniels’ knees. Legend and Jarrett trade strikes until Legend hits a clothesline for a two-count.

Legend with a big boot to Jarrett in the corner & Daniels hits a heel kick to maintain control of the match.

Jarrett backdrops Daniels, and Atomic drops Legend. Watts gets tagged, but of course, the referee didn’t see it. Legend and Daniels hit a side slam/neckbreaker combo on Jarrett.

Daniels, with a moonsault on Jarrett, goes for a pinfall and gets a two count. Jarrett fights out of the corner and tags in Watts again, but the referee doesn’t see it. Legend has Jarrett lifted up to allow Daniels to hit an ace crusher.

Watts remains in the ring, hitting two bicycle kicks on the Daniels and Legend. Legend prevents Watts from choke-slamming Daniels.

Watts power bombs Legend into the corner and plants Daniels with a chokeslam, goes for a pinfall, and gets a two count. Watts hits a backwards dropkick off the top to hit Legend but Daniels stops Watts with a kick to the head.

Jarrett plants Daniels with a spine buster and goes for a pinfall & gets a two count. Daniels drops Jarrett with an STO and signals for the BME, but Jarrett moves out of the way.

Legend super kicks Jarrett to prevent the Stroke, but Daniels still can’t pin Jarrett. Jarrett randomly rolls Legend up gets the 1-2-3!

Winners: Erik Watts & Jeff Jarrett.

After the match, Legend attacks Watts and Jarrett with a steel chair. TNA security enters the ring and breaks up the attack. The black and red shirt security begin to brawl with each other.

Daniels is attacking Jarrett on the floor as Jerry Lynn comes in and attacks the red-shirt security until Lynn is stopped by a clothesline. Legend and Daniels drop Watts throat first across the guardrail.

Two people wearing Freddy and Jason masks handcuff Watts to the guardrail. The masked guys enter the ring and kick Jarrett, followed by the Styles Clash. Yeah, so Jason is actually AJ Styles, and Freddy is Vince Russo.

Vince Russo remained in the ring and said that there would be no title shot for Jarrett and he wouldn’t compete in the gauntlet match either!

Daniels, Legend, and Styles hit a triple powerbomb to put Jarrett through a table. They toss Jarrett into the back of the hearse and drive off with Jarrett in the back.

Next week, “The American Dream ” Dusty Rhodes will finish his business with Glenn Gilbertti in a Bull Rope Match.

Shane Douglas vs. Raven

Douglas and Raven begin to trade right hands. Raven hits a clothesline to send Douglas over the top to the floor. Raven drops Douglas throat first across the top rope, and Douglas hits Raven with a steel chair, goes for a pinfall, and gets a two count.

Raven drop-toe holds Douglas face first onto a steel chair. Raven gets an inside cradle for a two count, but Douglas recovers to clothesline Raven.

Raven with another inside cradle and is met with another clothesline. Douglas attempts the belly-to-belly suplex, but Raven head butts out of the move and plants Douglas with the Evenflow DDT goes for a pinfall, and gets the 1-2-3!

Winner: AND NEW #1 Contender to NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship Raven!

NWA-TNA PPV 59 goes off the air.