Indie Spotlight Watch: JaXon Argos

JaXon Argos
Photo Credit: Facebook/JaxonArgos

So much can be said about JaXon Argos, the first word that comes to my mind about the current IWC (International Wrestling Cartel) Heavyweight Champion, talented. Sure, he’s arrogant, loud, rude, but the talent JaXon Argos posses is still not even at its full potential.

Originally from Wheeling WV, he stays a true representative of the Storm Wrestling Academy (Lance Storms wrestling school) class representing Calgary Alberta Canada (where its located) Lance Storm is one of the best trainers in the business, so it was a no brainer when Argos decided to go there. Since making his pro wrestling debut in 2016, Argos has used his training from Storm as well as knowledge from other independent veterans, and is quickly on the rise as one of the top independent wrestlers on the scene today!

JaXon Argos

JaXon Argos has been lucky enough to have some great names under his belt that he’s worked with, like Ryback in a three on two handicap match in IWC, April 8th, 2017, where he Jack Pollock and RC Dupree lost by pinfall. JaXon has also worked with Al Snow in a four on four teams versus team match in Ohio Championship Wrestling. As well in 2017, and JaXon just got even stronger near the end of the year when in October 2017, JaXon Argos faced Memphis legend, and WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry Lawler! AS WELL, as the famous Carolina Territory tag team, The Rock in Roll Express the next month! Even to date having screen time with Kevin Nash, Mick Foley, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan!

With such a hot start to his career, JaXon won pro wrestling rookie of the year in 2016, and 2017! Becoming the only two-time rookie of the year in pro wrestling!

JaXon Argos
photo credit: @shoottheindies

With all this done in just two years, JaXon Argos continued to his momentum capturing his first singles title in January 2018, at OHIO Championship Wrestling where he captured the Ohio Heritage Title when he defeated then champion, Jimmy Shane, who held the title for more than 1000 days! Although losing the title the next month to Flex Jordon, he had his rematch on March 24, 2018, and failed to capture his title back. Although a disappointment, everything happens for a reason, and JaXon took this hard lesson professional wrestling gods were trying to teach him and with tag team partner RC Dupree, Team Storm started having great success!

Team Storm won the Remix tag team championships!

In April of 2018, Dominating the tag team independent scene, Team Storm faced teams like Keith Haught and Rikishi, team Black Death (Daniel Garcia and Kevin Blackwood) Colt Cabana and RJ City, and when they entered IWC with there Remix tag titles on August 11, 2018, they won the triple threat tag team match against The Mane Event and Team LeRusso winning the IWC tag team championships! Team Storm had two title defenses, held the championship for 119 days, eve! By the end of the year, JaXon Argos and RC Dupree won the IWC tag team of the year 2018. They also held the Remix Tag Team Champions until February 2019, ending their reign as the longest-reigning Remix Pro Wrestling Tam Team champions in the history of the company.

It seems like come early 2019 nothing could stop JaXon Argos. Things looked great, and with the future so bright, it only got brighter on May 15, 2019. Being booked against the recent signee of AEW (All Elite Wrestling) WARDLOW for the IWC Heavyweight Championship. Defeating the champion that night was a huge moment for JaXon Argos, and unlike when he won the Ohio Heritage title, he didn’t lose the next month.

He successfully defeated the AEW superstar WARDLOW the very next month!

Slowly becoming a dominant IWC champion, this time in the singles division, JaXon Argos had a huge challenge when he defended his IWC heavyweight championship against John McChesney in a steel cage match! After a grueling battle, JaXon successfully defended his championship that night proving himself to be a legit champion!

JaXon Argos
photo credit: @Shootheindies

Bringing the championship to Greektown in August, JaXon Argos put his championship on the line against Greektown Wrestling favorite Space Monkey. A huge match for Argos as it was his first Canada appearance in a very long time. He came in, showed the Toronto promotion what he was made of and successfully defended his title against the Greektown favorite.

The champion’s success is well earned but in the future. JaXon Argos will be having one of the toughest opponents in his career. November 2, 2019, IWC Winner Take All, Jaxon Argos defends his IWC heavyweight championship against ECW legend RHYNO! It’s not an ordinary match, Argos enters a territory Rhyno knows very well, extreme rules match!

photo credit: facebook/IWC
With all this done in just over three years on the Independent scene, you have to wonder, how is JaXon Argos never in the PWI 500?