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Welcome to the Indie Spotlight Watch on Black Taurus. Here we will learn all about him, how he’s risen in this business that we love so much. As well as some of his best moments. Black Taurus was born in Torreon in 1987. Throughout his career, he has been trained by different masters like Diabolico, Tony Rodriguez, Araña del Futuro, and Satanico. As all luchadors, it’s important to have different masters because each master has his own style and different skills.

At 18 years old, he started his way to the most sacred and especially the most important in his life, that is Lucha Libre. He made his debut in Durango as Semental in 2006.

Black Taurus
Photo / CMLL

With his abilities, his first opportunity came with CMLL. He worked with this promotion for around 4 years but he never had great opportunities. Taurus was always booked in the first matches of the events. In 2012 he followed his instincts and joined AAA. There he was part of the stable called El Consejo, whose members are all ex-luchadors from CMLL. This stable was Silver King, Hijo del Fantasma, Texano Jr, Mortiz, Toscano, Argos, and Mascara año 2000 Jr.

With this stable Taurus wrestled against others stables like The Psycho Circus, Real Fuerza Area or other AAA stars. Most of the matches were relevos australianos or Australian rules. However, also in 2012, AAA proposed to change his character and thus was born Machine Rocker, the second character of his career.

Black Taurus
Photo / AAA

Black Taurus

With another image, he would have more challenges. With this character, there was a surge of the stable Los Infiernos Rockers. AAA gave a push to Black Taurus in trios matches. With this concept, they had great feuds with The Psycho Circus and The Mexican Powers. He was a participant in Rey de Reyes 2015, but he didn’t win that tournament. As Machine Rocker, he didn’t have a rise in his career and he failed to accomplish anything of much importance. In 2015 he had another character change. This change would change his career and show all that he wanted to reflect to the crowd. That year he became Taurus.

As Taurus, he won the Copa Antonio Peña, a battle royal to honor to the founder of AAA. He wrestled on the rudo side, and in the next year, he was part of Triplemania XXIV. Taurus participated in the Copa Triplemania, another battle royal, but this time he did not win. He then made the decision to explore the Mexican indie circuit. Taurus wanted to show that he was prepared for bigger things. So, he left AAA and would become known as Black Tauro or Black Taurus.

Black Taurus
Photo / The Crash Lucha Libre

Now on the indie circuit from 2016 to 2017 he was booked for promotions like Lucha Elite, The Crash, AULL, Martinez Entertainment, DTU, and Revolucha. Where his abilities, strength, and dives were shown to them. As well as his drive to reach a place in this business, and to demonstrate to himself that he could have and gain whatever he wants. In this era, he was part of various factions like The Hell Brothers, Los Radicales and most importantly, Rebelion Amarilla in The Crash.

His Rivalries

With the last faction, he had incredible matches against the Lucha Brothers, Los Ingobernables, Rey Mysterio, Sammy Guevara, Jack Evans, and others. During the majority of 2017, he was booked in The Crash where he mixed both strong style moves with high flying ones. That time was important to him, as he gained his first title. He defeated Penta 0M and won the Perros del Mal Light Heavyweight Championship.

In 2018 he was part of Aro Lucha, which is a promotion to show the Lucha Libre style to the US. He came back to AAA in mid-2018 with the promotion Lucha Libre Elite and he was part of the team Los Mercenarios. This year was important to him and he grew a lot. He was considered to represent Lucha Libre Elite in the AAA’s project Lucha Capital. Taurus also got the opportunity to fight for VOZ Ultra Championship against Extreme Tiger or Tigre Uno in IMPACT.

This year, he participated on IMPACT’s television show in January. The next month for Martinez Entertainment, a promotion in Forth Worth, Texas, he had a tremendous match against Michael Elgin. He showed that with his style and his years of work, he is prepared to be challenged more. With his experience and his growth, he also had an opportunity to work for MLW. He had another opportunity to be known in the US, over WrestleMania weekend. During that time, he had two matches, on at WrestleCon USA vs The World and Joey Ryan’s Penis Party.

Project Gladiators

Photo / Taurus on Twitter

The challenges continue to come and he was also part of the project Gladiators. This is a tournament with elements of different promotions in Mexico. In May, he had the second match against Michael Elgin and we hope to they have a third because they have each won one. He continues in AAA with the faction Los Mercenarios where he always shows that he is a great luchador. In July, he will have another opportunity to show his power and his abilities, that’ll be at PWG SIXTEEN.

He’ll make his debut teaming with Laredo Kid and Puma King against Bandido, Flamita, and Rey Horus. This opportunity, he deserves. He has wrestled for years to have a place in the business, and he has earned it. Black Taurus is spectacular, he has great arsenal of moves. He always shows in every match why it is important to him, in this sport that he loves. We wish Black Taurus nothing but the best in his career.