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Last week, we covered the b i g   s t r o n g   b o i  himself, Tyler Bate. If you’d like to hear his story, check out our YouTube channel. You can find all my profiles there or on our website We have profiles, interviews, show previews and so much more. This week we’ll be covering Irish wrestling sensation, The Session Moth Martina! The Queen of Sesh Style and master of the wombstone is one of the most unique characters in the wrestling business today. She hasn’t always been “The Session Moth” though. Martina started wrestling in 2010, after training under Joey Cabray. Back then, she was known as Kazza G. The mild-mannered Kazza G was not the level of personality as The Session Moth is, but she’s always been solid in the ring.

As Kazza G she competed for companies like Main Stage Wrestling (MSW), Pro Wrestling Ulster (PWU), Celtic Championship Wrestling (CWC), Pro Wrestling Allstars (PWA), and Over The Top Wrestling or OTT. It was first in OTT that she debuted the Martina character. At first, she was just a valet for the tag team, Lads from the Flats, Paddy M and Workie. Soon she joined them in in-ring action herself. For a while, the Martina character was exclusive to OTT. By 2016 though, she had fully spread her moth wings to other companies. Her resumé expanded to include: Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW), Preston City Wrestling (PCW), NORTH Wrestling, Pro-Wrestling: EVE, Fight Club: PRO, Westside eXtreme Wrestling (wXw), and Wonder Ring Stardom, as well as a few others.

Session Moth Martina

While Martina may best be known for her character, that’s not all there is to Martina. She has continued to improve and step up her game. Stardom doesn’t bring in just any gaijin after all. She’s also set to return to Japan very soon, to take part in the Goddesses of Stardom tag league tournament. Let’s get to the leopard print elephant in the room, shall we? The character. Now it’s important to remember that in wrestling there are serious characters and definitely not so serious characters. The Session Moth is definitely on the not so serious side.

She is a caricature of a woman who is all about the parties, or sessions, and the blokes. She loves her cans of beer, cigarettes, cursing and grinding up on anyone who won’t mind it. And maybe some that do. Martina has said this about what a session moth is in Ireland and the UK: “It’s a term for girls that go out to nightclubs and they just get absolutely hammered and are so hungover and tired, that they just go to the shops for a chicken fillet roll in their jammies.” She also goes on to say: “She (a session moth) just wants to drink more-She doesn’t care what she’s wearing or who she’s dancing with. She just genuinely wants to have as much fun as possible.”

That is the very essence of Martina.

That’s what fans gravitate to and they have a blast with Martina. Wrestling is meant to be fun and to be enjoyed. Martina is so far from a stereotypical wrestler and has defined a niche all for herself. Surely, we will be having fun with The Session Moth for a good long time. Now that’s bants!

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