Delilah Doom | Indie Spotlight Watch

Born in Salem Massachusetts in 31, the ever vibrant and colorful Delilah Doom has made her mark on the world of professional wrestling and, in particular, independent wrestling across America.

Like many wrestlers, Doom’s love of the business came very early on and, in an interview with SoCal Uncensored, she explained her introduction to WWF. The first woman wrestler she saw step into the ring with men was the amazing Chyna made a 10-year-old Delilah feel inspired. Combining that love for wrestling with her passion and talent for athletics and theatre, becoming a wrestler seemed like the perfect career.

Doom started training at AAPW (America’s Academy Pro Wrestling) after going to one of their shows when she moved to Austin, Texas. Her first match came only 7 months into her training for Anarchy Championship wrestling on the 23rd February 2014. Here, she teamed with Jessica James in a tag match where they were beaten by The Business (Angel Blue and Jojo Bravo). Here, Doom would have two more matches.

Credit: Joel Loeschman

However, she then broadened her scope and started wrestling for other Texas promotions. These included Metroplex Wrestling, Professional Championship Wrestling, NWA Texoma, and Lone Star Championship Wrestling.

Delilah Doom

2014 also marked a turning point for Doom as she changed her training school and started training with the Japanese legend Sho Funaki. This allowed Doom to strengthen the skills she had already learned in Austin but also learn brand new ones.

Delilah got her first singles win in a match against Ms. Brittany at NWA Bayou Independent Wrestling on December 6, 2014, and, from there, her career only went from strength to strength. Doom would then go on to wrestle in companies such as Iconic Heroes Of Wrestling Excellence and Inspire Pro Wrestling, where she still wrestlers to this day.

As we got to 2016/ 2017, it seemed as if Doom’s career was going from strength to strength. As well as becoming a part of the Shimmer promotion in 2017, Doom also had a few cameos during these two years in WWE. Making her debut during the August 15, 2016, episode of Monday Night RAW, Doom was billed as Rachel Levy in a match against Nia Jax. She then appeared on January 31, 2017 episode of Smackdown as Delilah Dawson in a match against Carmella.

However, like a certain tag team partner, Delilah Doom is known for her work in the SoCal promotion Bar Wrestling. First appearing at Bar 7: Christmas Special in a tag match with Solo Darling against The Killer Baes (Heather Monroe and Laura James), this seemed to be the start of something extremely special.

A Massive Turning Point

Of course, Doom has had some amazing singles matches in the company such as her win against Heather Monroe at Bar Wrestling 20: Ain’t My First Rodeo Drive! and her match with Nicole Savoy and Shotzi Blackheart.

Yet, the start of 2018 was a massive turning point for Doom, personally. At Bar Wrestling 8, Doom teamed with Eli Everfly in a match against Joey Janela and Penelope Ford and there was magic. At that show, we witnessed the start of DoomFly – one of the best-loved tag teams in the whole state.

Credit: Delilah Doom (Facebook)

They both have this amazing bond with each that is unparallel and it almost seems as if they’re two halves of one whole. Their offense works in sync with each other and it’s always a pleasure to watch them in the ring together because it just puts a massive smile on your face.

Some stand out matches from the two in Bar has to be their victories over the domineering Wakanda Vice (Eric Watts and Scorpio Sky) and their match against PJ Black and Taya Valkyrie. From these two matches and all of the others they compete in, it really shows that two smaller wrestlers can make a big impact and beat the bigger guys. All of this is a testament to their athleticism and amazing tag team chemistry.

Fun in The Ring

One of the best things about Delilah is her ability to have fun in the ring. With her colorful attire and carefree, fun attitude to life, it just makes watching her even more adorable and amazing. She prides herself on putting on the best matches possible and uses her style to make people open their eyes. A mix of aerobics and high flying, you will never see the same thing from Doom who changes up her offense and defense to suit her opponent.

With years ahead of her, Delilah Doom is no doubt set to make an even bigger mark on the wrestling scene whether as a singles or tag team artist. The world is always in need of a bit more positivity and watching a Delilah Doom match may just be that help you need!