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Zenith is a word that can be described as the time of which something is most powerful or successful, and that is the best way to describe the career of Melbourne born wrestler Adam Brooks. Also, know as Brooksy to many who have followed his career so far Adam Brooks is a star on the rise and likely on the verge of a breakthrough into the spotlight of the world of professional wrestling. Adam Brooks has already managed to capture the imaginations of wrestling fans in Australia with his well-decorated career in his home Country. This is our #IndieSpotlightWatch with Adam Brooks.

Brooksy is an absolute force to be reckoned with and is already making his mark around the globe. Adam Brooks in recent years has even come to make his name known in the UK and as well with PWG. 2019 also is a strong year for Adam Brooks as he represents his fellow Australians in among the many great names chosen to participate in this year’s Wrestle Summit.

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Adam Brooks was trained and mentored by fellow Australian Matt Silva who many fans will know as the WWE Cruiserweight Champion and former NXT Tag Team Champion Buddy Murphy. Matt Silva and Adam Brooks formed a great friendship and for the first two years of the career of Adam Brooks, the two were inseparable. Adam Brooks was a popular babyface among the Aussie wrestling fans, a hardworking young man who the fans could truly get behind in support of. It was not until Matt Silva was to soon be on his way to the WWE that Adam Brooks showed a whole new side to himself, the once baby face blue chipper took the opportunity to turn on his best friend and mentor and show the fans just how far he would be willing to go in order to get to the top.

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The turn in his game was one that paid off big time for Adam Brooks, his new found attitude put all of Australia on notice that Brooksy came to be a champion. Adam Brooks has become a very decorated wrestler on the Australia scene having won the MCW Inter-Commonwealth Championship three times, MCW Tag Team Championship twice, the PWA Heavyweight Championship, Warzone Wrestling Championship, and the RCW Championship. This list of accomplishments has made Adam Brooks one of the most talked about independent talents in the world today. Adam Brooks possesses an incredibly quick pace and a well rounded in-ring style that combines to make him a talent well worth your time to keep an eye out for. It is without a doubt that Adam Brooks will soon be a name that the world will know about, as his star continues to rise it will only be a matter of time before the big companies are looking to obtain the signature of this sure-fire success. Adam Brooks is now and will continue to be a wrestler that is more than worth your investment of time to get behind because it will not be long before Adam Brooks is setting the entire world of wrestling on fire. If you have not yet had the opportunity to check out the work of Adam Brooks then you should take the time to do so immediately. This concludes our #IndieSpotlightWatch with Adam Brooks.

Streaming services are available for companies such as Melbourne City Wrestling where Adam Brooks is a regular roster member, YouTube videos from Riot City Wrestling are available for free through the Riot City Wrestling YouTube channel, and then there is also a lot of available work that can be seen by joining up with POWERSLAM.TV where if you wish to get a free one month trial of their service simply use the coupon code MUNSONED. It would be easy to spend many hours watching the matches of Adam Brooks because this young man is captivating to watch and the quality of his matches are top notch. Adam Brooks has only managed to step up his game each and every year so while we are enjoying an amazing look at this young man currently one could only conclude that some of his best are still yet to come. Stay tuned for other #IndieSpotlightWatch other Aussie talent along with Adam Brooks.

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