Pro Wrestling Post #IndieSpotlightWatch – Jack Sexsmith

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Yes, the time has come. Here’s a proper look at someone a lot of you reading might not know and really should. Jack Sexsmith.

Jack is currently working with Defiant wrestling although he is signed to several different indies promotions in the UK. Yes, you read that right, Jack is a UK boy. Born in London, England and a natural showman. Despite only being 27 years old Jack has made quite the impact on the UK scene as not only is he a naturally skilled individual, he is also more than willing to be openly pansexual and has made the scene a lot more open for LGBT+ Fans of wrestling.

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Jack’s moveset is entertaining, use several moves that are purely designed to catch your attention and any time Jack makes an appearance on the UK scene it’s easy for anyone nearby to see how strong a competitor he is.

Jack is able to not only use a move like the DDT, but he is also able to have a mandible claw gimmick he is parodying from Mick Foley. ‘Mr Cocko’ is definitely one of the more interesting attempts to stand out and is a real joy to watch happen. Among Jack’s other moves are names like ‘Jawgasm’, ‘Bare-Arsed Stinkface’ and ‘Pearl Neckbreaker’ telling you exactly the type of match to expect and just how proud Jack is of whom he is and what he does.

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Many people will possibly question why a ‘gimmick’ wrestler is someone I would suggest enjoying but all I can say is to look back at some of the best gimmick wrestlers then look at Jack, he has a very natural way of looking playful and it works for him.

Jack has been trained by several people and has developed his own way of being into genuinely enjoyable performance art. I have no doubt that Jimmy Havoc, Justin Richards, Darrell Allen, and James Davies have a lot of reasons to be proud of the man they trained.

Jack has been actively wrestling for exactly three years so far and has made those years work for him in a way that not many people have managed to do before. Jack came onto the scene and took it for his own and hasn’t looked back. He works as both a solo performer and as part of two different tag teams. One sees him partnered with Chuck Mambo and one sees him partnered with Robert Sharpe, both teams are greatly enjoyable.

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Jack started with two promotions back in 2015, Progress Wrestling and International Pro Wrestling. From those two companies, he began to branch out and slowly, over time has gone from working for just two indie companies to working for possibly twelve in a year. Yes, in 2018 Jack has wrestled for twelve companies over the year, working more times for some companies than others, but clearly intent on making himself a star.

Jack started in 2015 with 9 matches over the year, working up to 19 in 2016, then 48 in 2017 and then up to an astounding 62 matches spread across the companies. Jack has clearly had a set determination to show up and show the indies what he can do and it’s working. He seems to be set to become a big star.

People can buy Jack’s merch from his personal site and he has made great use of the indies scene and the wealth of social media we have these days to make it work for him. Jack is one of the most popular breakout men in the UK and I’m pleased to say I’m one of the people who have been caught in the general glow of Jack’s brilliance and sheer joy, I am sure the indies have been greatly refreshed by his presence.

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Anyone who wants to interact more with Jack or see what he’s up to will want to look up his facebook under @mrcocko and his twitter under @TheJackSexsmith. He is a genuinely delightful person to interact with and has made use of this to further his career. I can’t really blame him either since he is delightfully warm and seems to really respect his fans. Jack is the type of wrestler I truly enjoy. Funny, smart and respectful.

What’s in the future for Jack is entirely up to him to decide, however, I can honestly say I’m more than happy to watch and see, he’s got the talent and charisma to go a long long way and I truly hope you will consider looking him up and seeing how skilled he is.