Brent ‘Money’ Banks | Indie Spotlight Watch

The Ontario independent wrestling scene is overflowing with talent these days. As a result, there are a number of successful promotions throughout Canada’s most populous province. So strong is the scene that performers who start out and develop there are in demand all over the world. One man who has been a standout on the scene since his debut 13 years ago is the man who calls himself ‘Money,’ Brent Banks. This long, lean performer has accomplished enough and been seen enough that, over the last couple of years he has found himself in greater demand than ever before. This is resulting in his first opportunities to work overseas. It is clear that he is an independent star that fans need to be familiar with.

Brent Banks
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As noted, he began his career in 2006, at the tender age of 20 years old. Like so many of his countrymen, this Toronto native was trained at the now-defunct Squared Circle Academy by owner Rob Fuego as well as Steve Cvjetkovich, who previously wrestled as Kobra Kai. During his early years, he mostly appeared for promotions near home, often headlining the events put on by Squared Circle. During that time, the man born Brent Levy wrestled as Brent B, but soon began using the name he is known by today. From the beginning, his athleticism in the ring stood out and left fans remembering him long after, regardless of what name he was using.

Brent ‘Money’ Banks

The first big step he took in his career was in 2010. During that year, and the two years that followed, he began performing for several US promotions. Over that timeframe, it seemed like any time prominent American indies like Dragon Gate USA, EVOLVE or CHIKARA visited Ontario, Brent ‘Money’ Banks was on the card. Soon he was traveling south of the border to perform for AAW, Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) and Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW). The number of matches he was having was exploding, as he was clearly beginning to be in high demand.

Brent Banks
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In the ensuing years, he has performed for every significant promotion in his home province of Ontario: Alpha-1, Barrie Wrestling, Border City Wrestling, C*4, Destiny, and Superkick’d. Since 2012, he has been one of The Pillars of Smash Wrestling, having been with that company since day one. Along the way, he has captured numerous titles. Most of those have been in the tag team ranks, but he has also held singles gold in Alpha-1 and Superkick’d. He has traveled to other parts of his home country as well, having had the opportunity to wrestle for FLQ in Quebec and UCW in Canada’s Atlantic provinces.

The Next Step

His career has taken another big leap forward beginning in 2018. During that year, he got his first opportunity to wrestle in the UK, for promotions including Defiant. He clearly made an impression as he was asked to return to the British Isles in early 2019 to perform for Progress Wrestling, facing notable opponents Jordan Devlin and David Starr. And when Progress came to his home city in the summer of 2019, he got the opportunity to have tag team battles against Aussie Open (where he teamed with his mentor and fellow Pillar Tyson Dux) and the intimidating team of Walter and Daisuke Seikimoto (his partner for that match being another Pillar, his sometime rival, sometime partner Tarik). During the last year and a half Brent ‘Money’ Banks has also had the opportunity to perform on a bigger stage, as he has had televised matches for Impact Wrestling.

Banks IS Money

It was mentioned at the beginning that Brent Banks is tall and lean, and in the ring, he is as athletic as any performer you will see. He is capable of going from canvas to the top rope with one effortless jump, reminiscent of Lance Storm. Banks wrestles at a fast pace and combines stiff chops with a more high-flying offense. He has been a despised villain and a fan favorite, but regardless he always has the same unsmiling, confident, some might say arrogant demeanor in the ring. Nothing in his mannerisms would give away to his opponents whether they have intimidated or harmed him. He is a man of few words, but in the ring, he is as smooth and efficient as anyone you will see.

It is obvious that Banks’ career is on an upward trajectory. Fans of independent wrestling can expect to hear his name a lot more. 2019 is quickly drawing to a close and we can expect 2020 to feature the next step forward for a man previously known as ‘The All starter’ who is now, simply, Money.