Ashley Vox ‘The Reel Catch’ : Indie Spotlight Watch:

A talented athlete that was a former trainee of Doug Summers, Ashley Vox is noted for being both singles and tag team wrestler. With her recent appearance on NWA Powerrr, Vox has caused a stir, leaving fans to wonder about this nautical destroyer. ‘The Reel Catch’ Ashley Vox’s love for wrestling, by her own account, started in infancy. She researched what it took to become a professional wrestler and went from there.

The resident of Providence, Rhode Island, has worked in singles but also achieved success alongside her sister Delmi Exo as the tandem ‘Team Sea Stars.’ This was no more evident than their capturing of the SHIMMER Tag Team titles at SHIMMER 115, defeating Cheerleader Melissa and Mercedes Martinez. Vox is also a former Chaotic Wrestling Women’s Champion, having held the title for an amazing 322 days.


A veteran of only five years, Vox has competed for promotions such as Blitzkrieg! Pro, the Hispanic American Wrestling Alliance, Chikara, and Limitless Wrestling, to name a few. She idolized the likes of former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, and after becoming a professional, she could see the similarities in their style, stature, and skillset. Her journey into professional wrestling started on the independent circuit at the age of 25.

She has acknowledged that the age that she started wasn’t common, as many talents today get their feet wet as young as 16. There were instances of feeling that maybe this wasn’t for her, and this likely came from being older than her contemporaries. The nervousness in the early part of her career was difficult to shake, but she did and came out of it better.

One of the tournaments that helped establish Ashley Vox was Limitless Wrestling’s Vacationland Cup. In 2018, she participated in the event and made it to the tournament semi-finals, where she lost to Christian Casanova. Most recently, she participated in FEST Wrestling’s Love Cup 2019 tournament alongside Exo.

The Real Catch

Once again, she made it to the tournament semi-finals. Her persona came about innocently enough, as she has called herself a ‘real catch’. She has stated that she was partially inspired by Aquaman in her character’s development. She defines being a ‘real catch’ as someone that is smooth in the ring and has an outgoing personality while being athletic as well. The belief that things happen for a reason certainly is true for Vox.

For years she didn’t open up about her sexual orientation for fear of not being accepted due to the strong religious beliefs of fans and peers. But she revealed this aspect of herself a couple of years ago, and it has not held her back, and it has not defined her as a performer.

Catching Every Moment

Professionally, Ashley Vox is caught in the moment of each and every match she is in. There is no doubt that she is hooked on a feeling of success. Despite being diminutive in stature, that hasn’t prevented her from aspiring for greatness and has never defined what she can or can’t do in the ring. If anything, it has stood to motivate her to do even better things. She has shown that she is willing to push herself to places she has never been.

Her love of independent wrestling is rooted in an overall love for performing. She has found success competing in the New England area, and whether it is against women or men, Vox is as committed to her art as anyone else in the ring. Her ability to tell a story hasn’t come without its share of stumbling blocks. She is making up for lost time but has the support of those that believe in her, and her commitment to improving has earned her a great deal of respect so far. One of her greatest rivals is none other than the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien, Kris Statlander, someone who has had tremendous success in independent wrestling.

Continuing To Develop

Her journey continues even as she continues to develop her skill set. One of her biggest accomplishments was capturing the aforementioned Chaotic Wrestling Championship. But, as noted already, her most recent championship win has to be even sweeter, when during SHIMMER Volume 115 that she and her sister defeated the well-known and established duo of Cheerleader Melissa and Mercedes Martinez for the SHIMMER Tag Team Titles.

It was a coming-of-age win for Vox and Exo. In the case of Vox, it showed that SHIMMER has faith in her to help lead a division as a champion. They then had to defend their titles two times the following day.

The Year of Ashley Vox

2019 has become the year that Ashley Vox has truly put her name on the wrestling map. She’s had more matches this year than any previous one. That growth says that she is not only in demand by different promotions but in demand from the fans that want to see her. With her recent appearances on NWA Powerrr against the likes of Allysin Kay and Thunder Rosa, Vox is gaining more and more exposure. She is certainly showing the world exactly what she is capable of doing.  After all, there is no denying that Ashley Vox is a real catch.