Caveman Ugg | Beyond The Prehistoric Death Cult

There is no need to adjust your screens; This isn’t the Olympics, nor is it the Commodore 64 game released in 1988. Instead, it’s Caveman Ugg, arguably one of the most promising wrestlers to come out of the Australian independent scene.

At first glance, one could easily be forgiven for envisioning Ugg’s gimmick as something that would seamlessly fit into WWE’s New Generation Era.

Yet once that bell rings, those watching both at home and in attendance are quick to realize that this stone-age grappler has much more to offer. Caveman Ugg is more than just a silly surface-level gimmick.

By appearances alone, one would imagine that Ugg would operate as your prototypical big man bruiser.  But if there’s anything that professional wrestling or just life itself has taught us, it’s that looks can often be very deceiving.

While certainly containing some traditional power moves within his repertoire, Caveman Ugg has also become notorious for his ability to soar through the air. He is not unlike a modern pterodactyl. This is most notably due to his ability to utilize the difficult Phoenix Splash.

Caveman Ugg

Hailing from whichever directional cave suits his fancy, Caveman Ugg would make his debut back in March of 2008 with the PWA Black Label. The promotion is based in Sydney, and he is competing under his legal name of “William Kidd.”

After years of serviceable wrestling and a brief hiatus in 2014, Kidd would return in 2015 under the new moniker for which he has now become instrumentally more well-known for.

Quickly making a name for himself in the promotions of Newy Pro (NPW) and Wrestle GO!, Ugg would soon go on to dominate the major title scenes of both companies through some extensively long title reigns.

In Melbourne Championship Wrestling, the Caveman would go on to establish a tag team that would help catapult his name into relativity. As part of the “Prehistoric Death Cult”, Ugg’s success was quickly becoming recognized.

Aligning with the likes of Syd Parker and Erika Reid, PDC would waste no time in soon capturing the MCW Tag Team Championships. They did this from the likes of “The Brat Pack,” a unit composed of Mitch Waterman and Nick Bury.

Yet another extensive title reign would follow (217 days to be exact) before the double gold would end up being dropped. PDC dropped the titles back to Brat Pack during the Summer of 2018.

Photo / PWA Black Label

Touring the Australian Independent Wrestling Circuit

With his reputation now rising among the Aussie independent circuit, Ugg would resume his singles career. He did this by way of some career-defining singles matches. These weren’t just any names that our caved crusader would be opposing.

As the Caveman, Ugg would soon go on to face the likes of established stars. He stood across the ring from such stars as; Abyss, Brian Cage, Jimmy Havoc, Pete Dunne, and Will Ospreay.

These strong showings would help Ugg in earning a shot at the PWA Heavyweight Championship in a steel cage match. He did so against none other than Jonah Rock (aka WWE’s Bronson Reed).

Ugg’s decisive victory established him as the new face of the Australian main event scene.

At Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s 2019 Battle of Los Angeles event, the North American continent would catch their first glimpse of this brute as Ugg would debut in a ten-man tag team match.

Paired with the likes of Artemis Spencer, Jungle Boy, Orange Cassidy, and Peris De Silva. This rag-tag unit would see themselves victorious over the likes of Black Taurus, Kyle Fletcher, Lucky Kid, Mick Moretti & Tony Deppen in a not-so-brisk 25 minutes & 49 seconds.

The year 2019 would also see him capturing the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship. Defeating the now-former champion, Danny Psycho. It was yet another title to add to his already impressive repertoire of accolades.

Caveman Ugg The Sky Is The Limit

Sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the suspension of operations for Pro Wrestling Australia and several other local promotions. Ugg’s most recent match (to that point) would take place at Pro Wrestling Darwin’s Killer Instinct event back in February of this year.

It featured a clean victory over the likes of Syd Parker. There’s no telling the extent to which Caveman Ugg’s professional ceiling may reach. But if his resume is any indication, this meteor-pelted sky is the limit.