World of Sport Wrestling Review for Episode 9

Hello, hello, hello! No time to chat, as this episode only had two matches today, but they’re important none the less. So less chatting, and more reading of this week’s World of Sport Wrestling Review for Episode 9!

WoS Women’s Championship Match
Viper v Kay Lee Ray (c)

This match was about their different styles. Viper’s power and strength versus KLR’s quickness.

It began with KLR using that quickness in wearing down Viper, eventually getting her to a knee, to deliver a running diving DDT for a two count that Viper kicked out of strong, only for Kay Lee to use that powerful motion against her to put her into a triangle choke of sorts. Viper powers out of the hold into a pin of her own for a two. Both women on their feet and Ray tries her Gory Bomb finisher but is instead shot into the ropes and met with a HUGE running cross body for a near fall.

KLR is up to her feet, selling her ribs from that crossbody and is put into the Viper’s Vice submission. Ray battles out of it but is given a nasty clothesline for her troubles and another near fall.

A snap mare takeover and senton combo followed by a running splash from Viper for yet another two count. A fast-paced match with many near falls tells me this is a quick match.

A stiff forearm from Viper knocks KLR out the ring, but Kay Lee battles back and somehow slides into the ring and delivers a tope suicido onto the dazed Viper outside. Both women sell the physicality of the match well here.

Viper plays possum and scoop slams KLR onto the ramp in another show of strength and domination, throwing her into the ring. This time Ray plays possum and rolls up Viper for a near fall. Visibly annoyed, Viper performs a Michinoku Driver onto KLR for yet another two! Everyone is stunned as no-one kicks out of it!

As she’s arguing with the referee, Viper gets rolled up again for two, but this time KLR is back to her feet first and hits a superkick square onto Viper’s chin. A quick cover garners another two count. What have they got to do to get the win?

Kay Lee scales to the top turnbuckle but Viper cuts her off and looks like she’s going to hit a super-plex, but KLR slides out of the situation and delivers a running powerbomb!!! A fantastic show of strength from the champ!

The finish came when after the powerbomb, KLR attempted her Gory Bomb finisher but gets reversed and put into the Viper’s Vice, only to get reversed again into KLR’s Gory Bomb finisher for the win. Great match, but could have done with another five or so minutes to just flesh out the story a bit more, but still a great match nonetheless.

WINNER- And Still WoS Women’s Champion, Kay Lee Ray

After the match, Stu Bennett – WoS Wrestling official – announces the inaugural WoS Wrestling Buzzer Battle (??) The match begins as a one on one contest, but when the buzzer is pressed, two more men will join the match and make it a tag team match. The buzzer goes again and another two enter, so on and so forth. Once people have been pinned, submitted, DQ’d or counted out, they are eliminated. When there are 8 men left, the match switches and becomes an over the top rope Battle Royale, with the winner facing WoS Wrestling Champion Rampage next week……Understood? Good! This match could be a pain in the ass to write about!

Robbie X and Kip Sabian start the match in a quick fashion, with high flying action, roll up’s and counters galore. There was a line here from Alex Shane which was so brutal that even my six year old rolled his eyes too, says it all really, but I digress….

There’s no time limit to the buzzer being pressed but when the action slowed down, Stu got bored and pressed the buzzer for the first time.

BT Gunn and Stevie Boy make their way out but this time they’ll be on opposing sides.

Both men tag in immediately and the match now becomes a hold for hold style match, very technical and at the end of this exchange both men shake hands, which bores Bennett so he presses the buzzer again. This time Iestyn Rees and Liam Slater enter the fray, with Rees joining his tag teammate Kip and Slater with Robbie X.

Rees tags in and beats down on Stevie Boy as Gunn looks on helplessly outside. Lots of quick double-teaming tags from AlphaBad as they taunt BT as they beat down some more on his tag partner.

They eventually hit their Doomsday Device/Blockbuster finisher and Kip goes for the pin, but stops and tags in Gunn to pin his own partner.

Gunn is having none of it though so Kip tags himself in, pins Stevie Boy while looking menacingly at BT Gunn.

Eliminated – Stevie Boy

Sabian then slaps BT around the face, who in turn takes out Kip with a superkick. Rees tags himself into the match hits Gunn with his impressive spinebuster and then tags Gunn in while he’s unconscious on the canvas, making him the legal man! Slater runs in and makes the cover for the elimination.

Eliminated – BT Gunn

The buzzer is pressed and down the aisle comes Grado and Sha Samuels who are already arguing. Sha teams with AlphaBad while Grado teams up with Robbie X and Slater.

Both Sha and Grado tag in and go at it straight away as the show cuts to a commercial break.

Back from the break and Grado is in serious trouble. Triple teaming maneuvers are taking over it seems. Bennett refuses to buzz so SoCal Val takes it upon herself to push the buzzer for him, which brings out CJ Banks and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

As you can see it’s the heels v the faces here. Grado hits his cutter and makes the hot tag to his own tag team partner Bulldog Jr. Kip tags in as Robbie X and Slater check up on Grado outside the ring. More dirty tactics from the heels (GASP!) puts Bulldog Jr down, and sensing enough is enough, Grado rushes the ring and cleans house, forcing everyone outside.

Eventually, the referee has enough of the situation and DQ’s all four men! WHAAAAAT?!?!

Eliminated – Kip Sabian, Iestyn Rees, Grado & Davey Boy Smith Jr

Immediately the buzzer is pressed and Adam Maxted makes his way down by himself, only to get jumped from behind by Nathan Cruz who has inserted himself into this match!

Leaving Maxted in a heap outside, Cruz enters the ring and beats down on Slater. Finally, Maxted makes it to the apron and is tagged in, and he goes to town on Cruz as the buzzer sounds.

Justin Sysum and Crater are the next two entrants, but as soon as they get to ringside the buzzer sounds again! Bennett really can’t stop himself here – or he’s been told to rush it by the producers.

Gabriel Kidd is the next entrant all by his lonesome, which is picked up on by the announcers. That is until the music changes and Impact Wrestling personality Moose enters the match! Bloody MOOSE!! They kept that quiet!

Within seconds the match breaks down again and everybody pairs off, heels v faces style. Apart from Crater whose standing on the apron looking for his time to strike….probably.

During the melee, Cruz hits his draping top rope codebreaker onto Robbie X and eliminates him

Eliminated – Robbie X

Nathan then tags in Crater who enters the ring and Destroys Slater with a splash to eliminate him.

Eliminated – Liam Slater

The match is now under Battle Royale rules as there are 8 men left. Crater stands back and watches the carnage around him. During this Maxted and Cruz fall through the middle ropes and brawl to the top of the ramp, as Kidd is thrown over the top rope by Sha Samuels.

Eliminated – Gabriel Kidd

Crater, with the help of Banks and Samuels, then turns his attention to Justin Sysum. A corner splash followed by an assisted running splash forces Sysum to leave the ring under the bottom rope.

During this Adam Maxted and Nathan Cruz brawl back to the ring, enter the ring and then eliminate each other, forcing security to come out and separate this warring pair!

Eliminated – Adam Maxted & Nathan Cruz

Moose, Crater, Sysum, Banks, and Samuels remain with Moose taking on the heels by himself, eliminating Sha with a big dropkick.

Eliminated – Sha Samuels

CJ Banks follows suit after being thrown out the ring like he was a week old trash bag.

Eliminated – CJ Banks

With Moose and Crater in the ring, both big men trade off big man v big man style. Moose runs at Crater, only for Crater to move at the last second, and flies over the top rope and eliminates himself!

Eliminated – Moose

Crater celebrates in the ring thinking he’s the last man standing, forgetting Justin Sysum, who was rolling into the ring as we speak.

With a combination of heart, skill, speed, and a scoop slam for the ages, Sysum eliminates Crater! The crowd goes ballistic!

Winner – Justin Sysum

Next week it will be Justin Sysum versus Rampage for the WoS Wrestling Championship!

After the match, Sysum is interviewed ringside by Rachel Stringer. In this quick interview he puts over he slammed a 36 stone guy, and that he will be the WoS Wrestling champion that the fans will be proud of.

No Blake’s Take this week folks! This review has gone well over it’s allotted time, but it will be back next week, the last episode of the season. DON’T MISS IT IT!


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