World of Sport Wrestling Review Episode: 2

This week’s episode begins with a recap of last week’s main event of Rampage pinning Grado for the WoS Wrestling Championship. In this episode, there will be a three-way dance to crown the first-ever WoS Wrestling Women’s Champion, with Viper, Kay Lee Ray & Bea Priestley taking part. But before anything else, there will be a championship celebration with Rampage Sha Samuels & CJ Banks. Here is this week’s World of Sport Wrestling Review Episode 2.

In-ring promo from Sha Samuels who was basically a cheerleader for Rampage, saying no one is at the champ’s level. Joe Hendry walks out to his custom music which is awesome and a familiar gimmick from his time in ICW. Joe says on the mic that he’s on a quest to become the champ of WoS Wrestling which garners a loud reaction from the crowd. He finished off by saying he wants to face Rampage right now. Stu Bennett agrees to the match and it’s on like Donkey Kong!

Match One
WoS Wrestling Championship Match
Joe Hendry v Rampage (c)

The match begins with a shoulder tackle from Hendry for a quick 2 count. Rampage powders to the outside for a chat with his cohorts. CJ Banks jumps onto the apron to grab Hendry’s attention while Rampage charges in and delivers a big suplex for 2.

Hendry’s time spent in this year’s Commonwealth Games brought up by the announce team as Rampage was in total control of the match. Suddenly Hendry surprised the champ with 3 quick pin attempts, showing off his speed and technique which is very crisp and smooth. Power game from Rampage again who takes over and he grabs Joe into a sleeper but reversed into a back suplex. Fallaway slam from Hendry into ankle lock but Rampage makes it to the ropes to break the hold.

CJ Banks jumps up onto the apron to distract, Hendry. Joe then turns around into a spike DDT from the champion for a 3 count, a victory and retaining the title.

Winner – Rampage

The four-way ladder match is advertised next…..

This match is basically a MITB match but no specification on what the contract is for. All that was announced is that it’s for a BIG opportunity.

Match Two
Four-Way Ladder Match
Lionheart v Liam Slater v Robbie X v Gabriel Kidd

The match begins with Lionheart booting Slater out the ring flowed by a top rope low bridge from Robbie X onto Lionheart which left Gabriel and X in the ring. A massive hip toss into a cartwheel dropkick from X onto Kidd. Very impressive. Robbie X reminds me of a very British version of Delirious (Matt Cross), just without the length of beard and physique 🙂

Lionheart takes over with a huge dropkick onto Robbie and clears the ring. He goes off to get a ladder only to come back and deliver a strong forearm onto Kidd, who drops like the proverbial sack of shit. The ladder is then set up in the corner while Lionheart teases a spot with Kidd. Lionheart took too long and slingshots him into the waiting ladder.

BUT THE SPOT WASN’T SHOWN!!! Why do a ladder match if the spots won’t be shown on screen? Yes, it’s 5 pm but you knew that going into the series!!!

With my rant now over I’ll continue with the review…

When Lionheart got to his feet a tug of war over ladder ensues, with Lion crotching X in the corner on the top turnbuckle. Slater superplexes X over the ladder on the floor, which pops the crowd hard. Slater then sets up the ladder under the noncentral contract that’s hanging from the light rig. Kidd then grabs Slater & hits a massive front slam who then climbs the ladder 3/4 way up and delivers a diving elbow drawing gasps from the crowd.

Robbie X then climbs the ladder and moonsaults onto Lionheart and Slater! The crowd is hyped (bro!) Fantastic Wile E Coyote camera shot replay of the moonsault. Then Robbie hit a handstand springboard cutter onto Kidd. He’s pulling out all the stops to get noticed by the public and bah gawd it’s working. He left that handstand into the ropes so late that I thought he was gonna break his damn neck!

Robbie ascends the ladder but is knocked off by Lionheart as Slater brings another larger ladder to the ring. It’s set up beside the original ladder which leads to Lionheart hitting a rock bottom from 3/4 up onto Slater! Lionheart and Kidd continue to battle on the ladders but Gabriel kicks Lionheart’s ladder over and grabs the briefcase to win the first-ever WoS ladder match. A great match with a tepid finish.

Winner – Gabriel Kidd

A rather awkward after match promo with Kidd. Very blown up but got over the fact that he can’t wait for his BIG opportunity.

Tag Team Tournament Match
Adam Maxted & Nathan Cruz v HT Drake & Doug Williams

Maxted is back for his second match in as many weeks. Management must see a future for him in WoS Wrestling.

Cruz is a mainstay of the British scene while Doug Williams is…well…Doug freakin Williams!!

The match begins as Doug & Cruz lock up, Cruz is the cocksure heel in this scenario. A nice cravat into a Mexican surfboard from Doug, very technical, very much up my street. Reversed into a standing cravat but Doug breaks it up in the corner, which begins multiple quick pin attempts from both men. The exchange ends with a big arm drag onto Cruz into an armbar. Great technical fast start!

Doug’s really working the left arm of Cruz as Doug tags Drake in whose then rushed into the opposite corner and quickly double-teamed. Maxted acting too cocky and gets shown up by Drake with a quick hurricanrana. Multiple quick tags wear down Drake and when he finally had the chance to tag Doug, Cruz pulled him from the apron. Old school tactics had the desired effect from the crowd. Huge boos.

Eventually, the hot tag happens and Doug beats down the heels hard. A big exploder suplex onto Cruz for a two count. Quick tag to Drake results in a double arm wringer neck breaker combo, great old school tag team move. Doug is then thrown out the ring, springboard blockbuster from Maxted to Drake, Cruz pins and gets him and Maxted into the next round.

Winner – Adam Maxted & Nathan Cruz

In it’s second-ever episode the women of WoS Wrestling will main event the show! Take that WWE! ?

Three-Way For Inaugural WoS Wrestling Women’s Championship
Kay Lee Ray v Bea Priestley v Viper

All three women in the ring lead to a quick roll-up on Viper by Bea, but Viper takes control by slamming both women and showing dominance early. A really vicious double splash on both women by Viper, showing even more how much of a threat she is. With Bea prone in the corner Viper picks up Kay Lee and delivers a Buckle bomb onto Bea in the corner!

Both women still down and Viper is wiping the floor with them. But a superkick by Bea into a German suplex from Ray takes Viper down and out the ring. Bea now takes charge and picks apart Kay Lee, hanging her up on the middle rope and double foot stomps onto her for a two count.

Kay hits a Widows Peak/Gory Special onto Bea but broken up by Viper with a senton splash. Another attempt at a Widows Peak/Gory onto Viper but no dice, Viper is too strong and whips both women into the corner resulting in Viper cannonballing onto them both! Michinoku Driver on to Kay for 2 (everyone knew that’s it’s always 3!!)

All three women are now outside, and Bea attempts to hurricanrana Viper, but she. reverses it into a powerbomb onto the thin mats outside the ring! Nasty!

Rolls Kay into the ring but she gets to her feet quick and tope suicido back outside onto Viper rolls her into the ring and delivers the Widows Peak/Gory Special onto Viper to become the first WoS Women’s champion! This was another great fast-paced multi-person match and a place in history for Kay Lee Ray.

Winner – And Inaugural Women’s WoS Wrestling Champion Kay Lee Ray

Blake’s Take –

A few WWE Superstars were hinted at during the broadcast but never named. Personally I don’t like it. Either name them or don’t, stop beating around the bush. Makes the commentators sound second rate like this.

Again I’m going to rant a little about those bloody camera cutaways. Way way too many used in this episode. I counted 6 cutaways in the space of 3 seconds during the opening match. I’m hoping the feedback from fans gets to the producers so they can rectify this for future episodes. I won’t even start again with that ladder spot ?

Last week the commentary looked promising but this week I think it took a step back, SoCal Val especially. She reminded me of the friend that always repeats the last thing they heard to just stay in the conversation. I’m hoping it was just a bad day at the office for them.

The in-ring action itself was nothing to be sniffed at. Fast-paced, action-packed with a sprinkling of technicality – great action in my opinion. Long may it continue!

I may have surpassed my word count by this point, so I’ll bid you all adieu and look forward to seeing you all again at the same time next week for another edition of my WoS Wrestling Review!

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