World of Sport for Episode 4 | Review

Again no messing around as we head straight to the ring and begin straight away with the women’s title match in this week’s World of Sport Wrestling Review for Episode 4.

World of Sport Wrestling for Episode 4

World Of Sport Wrestling Women’s Championship
Bea Priestley v Kay Lee Ray (c)

Bea cheap shot’s KLR with a stiff kick to the breadbasket as Kay poses for the fans. She follows it up with some ground and pound offense.

Priestly then delivers a Kairi Sane low running elbow into the corner & climbs to the top rope but is cut off by KLR. Bea proceeds to beat her down and tie her up in the middle turnbuckle and double foot stomps onto her! She gets a two count for her troubles.

Bea in total control as she throws KLR outside & into a barricade, then rolls her back into the ring. But KLR gets her second wind and replies with a tope suicide onto Priestley which involved some great facial expressions from Bea.

Both women back into the ring & Kay hits the Widows Peak/Gory Special and covers but Viper’s music hits and out she comes to the ring. KLR doesn’t wait and meets her with another tope suicide but she’s caught! Viper then drives her into the ring post back first.

Winner – No Contest

Viper then attacks Bea as Ayesha walks out to the surprise of the commentators! Viper & Ayesha mouth off to each other but Bea and KLR team up to attack them both!

Security is called by Stu Bennett to hold back the women as he announces that next week there will be another first for WoS Wrestling… An over the top rope battle royale for the WoS Women’s Championship!

A great chaotic start to this week’s episode ending in a huge announcement for next week! Probably the best start yet of a WoS episode!

Backstage vignette in Stu’s office as Grado pleads his case for one more chance. Stu relents and says it’s his lucky day as he’s a tag team down for the tourney, and if he can find a partner then he’s in.

World of Sport Wrestling for Episode 4

Will Ospreay v Martin Kirby

Sneak attack from Kirby to start but tables soon turned as Will replies with a springboard arm drag, running hurricanrana and a dropkick to send Kirby outside.

Kirby returns and is met with another dropkick as Will plays up to the fans allowing Kirby to hit a tilt the world backbreaker which grounds Ospreay for two. Martin whips Will into ropes & he rebounds into what I can only write as a jumping 360° head kick!

With Kirby now draping over the top rope, Ospreay hits a top rope 619 (not a usual middle rope no!) and a springboard forearm for a two count! This crowd is very much into this match, even the cameraman! Check out his reaction in this photo…

Kirby to his feet and hits a standing enzuguri. The action spills outside which allows Martin to hit a rope suicide of his own, Rolls Will in for a fisherman’s driver for another two.

Will attempts his Stormbreaker finisher but it gets reversed then reversed again into a Spanish Fly from Will onto Kirby! Snap German suplex onto Kirby who rolls into the corner, Ospreay runs in but is met with two big boots for his troubles.

Kirby then walks across the middle rope jaw jacking to the crowd but will hurricanranas him across the entire ring and out onto the floor! Amazing action!

Cartwheel Fosbury flop over the top rope (look it up kids) onto Martin, who he then rolls into the ring. Shooting star press for a two quickly followed by Stormbreaker for the win. Great match great chemistry.

Winner – Will Ospreay 

That’s how you show your star attraction! That match put all the eyes of the country onto Will Powers, and many more no doubt will be on Kirby as he too gave a great showing.

World of Sport Wrestling for Episode 4

Tag Team Tournament Match
Robbie X & Crater v Grado & Davey Boy Smith Jr

Grado & Stu Bennett are in the ring as Stu announces the team to take on Grado and his mystery partner….. It’s only the Scottish Delirious Robbie X and The Man Mountain Crater!!

The commentary team begins to say that Grado would be hard-pressed to find someone to tag with him, but Grado isn’t worried as his partner is….. Davey Boy Smith Jr!!!

Grado starts against Robbie with a handshake. Crater tags himself in and Grado immediately tags out.

Bulldog is now in, Crater and himself size each other up and begin trading shoulder tackles. Grado wants a piece of this so he tags in and tries to shoulder tackle Crater, only to fail and hit the deck like a sack of spuds.

The Two Big Men Come to Blows

He then tags Davey Boy in and Crater takes control with stiff hard shots. Robbie comes in but can’t overpower Bulldog, so resorts to using his speed which gets him so far but eventually he’s caught out and power slammed to the canvas.

Huge show of strength by Bulldog with a stalling vertical suplex for around 8 or so secs for a two count. Grado now in and Bulldog slams Grado on top of Robbie but doesn’t catch all of it. Robbie now tries to assert himself again & uses his speed to get control of the match but lets himself down when he attempts a german suplex.

Grado busts out of it and delivers some flip flop and fly baybay. Crater distraction leads to him tagging in and dominate Grado once again. Grado and tags on to dominate him for a few minutes.

Robbie X now the legal man but Grado escapes making the hot tag to Davey Boy. He runs the ropes & knocks Crater off the apron & down to the outside. Bulldog delivers a huge back body drop onto Robbie over the top rope only for Crater to catch him… And then drop him like a stone onto the mats outside.

Crater then rolls Robbie back into the ring ready for a Grado cutter for the win!

Winners – Grado & Davey Boy Smith Jr 

Crater returns into the ring to possibly beat down his now former partner in Robbie X, but Grado and Bulldog defend him and send Crater packing to the back.

Backstage now and Rachel tries to interview WoS Wrestling Champion Rampage but his cohort Sha Samuels takes over and says that Rampage is the best champion in WoS Wrestling history and all us mugs know it.

World of Sport Wrestling for Episode 4

Justin Sysum v Joe Hendry v Adam Maxted w/Nathan Cruz

Cruz gets on the mic and wants to swap places in the match. He doesn’t want Adam’s beautiful face to get hurt, Adam agrees and just like that they’ve swapped!

Sysum and Joe double team Cruz and throw him out and then begin a great technical exchange in the center of the ring. Cruz climbs back in to throw Joe out and Sysum replies with a huge dropkick after running the ropes, followed by running up the corner turnbuckles into a cross-body block for two.

Distraction from Maxted allows Cruz to hit a hot shot into a belly to back suplex. He then works over Justin in the corner as Joe comes in to break it up. Sysum climbs to the top rope and hits a diving sunset flip onto Joe who at the same time had a waist lock on Cruz and delivers a German suplex onto Cruz. Great spot! The crowd showed their appreciation!

Joe in charge now, taking down Sysum and applies the Hendry (ankle) Lock onto Cruz but Sysum breaks it up with a beautiful saido suplex with bridge onto Joe for two.

Cruz then grabs Sysum and hits a huge Michinoku Driver for two (Michinoku Driver is always three dammit!) Joe then performs a fallaway slam onto Cruz for a two count as Maxted grabs Nathan’s foot and drapes it on the bottom of the rope!

Cruz throws both men outside to grab a breather in the ring but Justin runs to the ring and jumps from the floor into the ring and hits a spear onto Cruz through the middle rope!! An amazing feat of athleticism. He follows that up with a jumping spinning discus clothesline for the win.

Winner – Justin Sysum

Great match and a perfect showcase for all three men involved! WoS Wrestling certainly know how to end the episodes on a high each week!

Blake’s Take

I’ve seen the posts about WoS Wrestling not pushing the women enough, they’re not on every episode and such like. Well, next week the entire division will be on the show. As they’ll all be in an Over The Top Rope Battle Royale for the World Of Sport Women’s Championship! Put that in your pipe and smoke it… Or words to that effect ?

As I said above, that’s how you show Will Ospreay to the public. Do you want eyes on the product? You want those ratings up? Then let Will loose and do what he does best, just like he did in this episode. And while we’re at it, how great was Kirby across the ring from him. Their chemistry is great and Martin showed flashes of what he’s capable of here too.

The tag match was a great filler match while advancing the tournament storyline too. Takeaways from the match are that Crater is not to be trusted and he’s an A typical loner. Robbie X is a great talent and I want to see more of him. Is there a possible Crater v Bulldog Jr match in the making? And Grado really is one of the best comedic wrestlers out there, his interaction with the crowd and facial expressions were great.

Another multi-person main event and another great match.

Joe Hendry came out of it a little less than the other toe but as Joe’s been highlighted for the past two weeks it’s not that much of a knock. Nathan Cruz once again showed the country just how great and underappreciated he is here, sterling work and Justin Sysum is coming on in leaps and bounds and looking every inch a main event star in the making.

In the words of Steve Austin, they’re telling me to go home. I’d just like to finish up by saying many thanks to all of you readers for not only reading mine and Pro Wrestling Post’s work but for sharing it like mad. We’ve had some major names share our work recently and it goes to show that we’re doing something right here and it’s being appreciated.

So with that Barry Horowitz pat on the back, I’m off into the sunset. I’ll see you all next week dudes and dudettes!

Adios for this week’s edition of the World of Sport Wrestling Review!!!

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