World of Sport for Episode 7 | Review

Hello, one and all to my weekly World of Sport Wrestling Review for Episode 7. Now folks, into the nitty-gritty of the season. As you will be able to tell from my review, people are saying goodbye already!

The show begins with Nathan Cruz coming out to the ring with brand new ring music, to emphasize the fact that he’s no longer part of The Bromance.

He climbs into the ring, mic in hand and begins to tell the crowd that he doesn’t need to explain. But will say that Adam Maxted is a user, as he used Cruz to further his own career, and with that, he called out Maxted for their match right now.

WoS Wrestling Official Stu Bennett agrees with Nathan and makes their match a ladder match. High above the ring is a briefcase that holds one WoS Wrestling singles contract. The one who grabs the briefcase will guarantee themselves that contract while the other must leave WoS Wrestling for good!

World of Sport Wrestling for Episode 7

Loser Leaves WoS Wrestling Ladder Match
Nathan Cruz v Adam Maxted

Both men have at it as the bell rings, trading blows and kicks with Maxted eventually taking control. He threw Cruz around like a rag doll to the delight of the crowd. He leaves the ring to grab a ladder but Nathan cuts him off and throws him back into the ring.

Cruz attempted a top rope move but gets crotched across the top rope for his trouble, and dropkicked back outside. Maxted hits a diving shoulder tackle from the apron to the dazed Cruz outside. This makes the crowd roar in approval.

Nathan recovers first and gets the ladder and went to ram Adam with it. But instead eats a drop toe hold to eat a face full of the ladder. Maxted then sets up the ladder in the ring and goes to climb it. But Cruz cuts him off and attempts a rebound belly to back suplex. But it’s reversed once more by Adam into a belly to back of his own. Cruz again showed his facial selling here, just great stuff.

Maxted leans the ladder in the corner and turns around to a Michinoku Driver! He’s then thrown out of the ring by Cruz, who then climbs the ladder, but too slowly as Adam slingshot dropkicks him from the ladder to the mat.

Both men down on the mat (double down) but Cruz gets up first and repositions the ladder and climbs once again, but again too slowly as Adam this time slingshot forearms Nathan off the ladder and out the ring!

He wastes no time in scaling the ladder and retrieving the briefcase and securing himself a singles WoS Wrestling contract. In the process banishing Nathan Cruz from WoS Wrestling!

Winner – Adam Maxted

After the match, Cruz is interviewed backstage by Rachel Stringer. He proclaims that he will be back in WoS Wrestling, and not only be the top dog, but the top dog of the entire country!

Another backstage vignette, this time from earlier in the day. Inside Stu Bennett’s office who gives Justin Sysum his match against Rampage. Just not for the title or even a singles match. It will be Rampage & Sha Samuels versus Justin Sysum & Joe Hendry, which will be our main event!

World of Sport Wrestling for Episode 7

Liam Slater v Robbie X v Gabriel Kidd v Crater

Crater stands outside the ring and watches on as the other three men begin the match, but within seconds he’s in the ring and pulverizes them all with strong hard rights and forearms.

Slater is first to his feet but is thrown across the ring for his troubles! The power shown by the monster Crater!

Kidd and Slater then team up to take the big man down with dropkicks aplenty but no joy. They eventually get caught and put into position for a double chokeslam. But Robbie X’s top rope dropkick puts paid to that as it knocks Crater outside. All three men then hit a triple tope suicido to take him down to a knee! The first time this series that that’s happened!

With Crater outside once more, the three remaining men go back to triple threat rules, and it’s fast hard-hitting action from them. Eventually, Robbie X takes control and hits a hip toss/dropkick combo onto Slater followed by a second rope moonsault onto Slater & Gabriel!

Crater smash!

Crater then re-enters and his power takes over putting all three on the canvas once more. Robbie X is first onto his feet and hits his springboard cutter but is caught by the big man! Slater and Kidd hit dropkicks onto Crater’s knees which allows Robbie to complete and hit his cutter. Ingenious spot! Crater is flat on his back for the first time ever!

Robbie X hits a running Shooting Star Splash, a top rope splash from Slater and a top rope diving elbow from Kidd finishes off Crater. All three men then cover him for the victory as the crowd goes crazy!

MC Phil Seymour consults with the referee to determine who actually won the match, but Crater rises to his feet and cleans everyone from the ring apart from Robbie X. He tries to rip his mask from his face but security steps in and drag Robbie out from the clutches of Crater.

Winner – ????

World of Sport Wrestling for Episode 7

Grado v Martin Kirby

Before the match begins, Grado asks referee Tom to keep a special eye on his bumbag/fanny pack as it’s important. He bends down to put it in the corner of the ring as he’s jumped by Kirby and the match begins.

A few forearms from Martin doesn’t phase Grado as he shrugs them off and hits a running belly buster onto Kirby, who flies backward. Annoyed, Kirby attempts a German suplex as Grado stands there just looking as Martin can’t lift him up. A funny spot that made the kids and me laugh.

Grado reverses the attempted German by picking Kirby’s leg and taking him down into a Figure Four Leglock. But Martin sends him into the ropes instead.

Stopping himself from hitting them face first, he calls Kirby in and steps out of the way at the last minute and trips/rolls him up for a two count.

Kirby is seething and hits a big knee lift to the midsection of Grado who backs into the ropes and once again calls Martin into him. Stupidly, Kirby takes the bait again, and again Grado moves at the last minute as Martin dives through the ropes and crashes outside.

The crowd is eating this up!

Grado poses to the crowd as Kirby comes in and hits a running back elbow for a two count. A scoop slam and a diving elbow, but misses. Grado counters with his tribute to Dusty Rhodes, the Flip Flop & Fly, and a running cannonball into the corner. He sets up the Grado Cutter but is stopped in his tracks by an enzuguri instead.

With Grado down, Kirby investigates the bumbag and finds a toothbrush?? He threatens to put it down his trunks but instead, it goes under his armpits! Kirby then tries to force the toothbrush into Grado’s mouth but he resists and in turn tries to put it in Martin’s mouth! But then they decide to try and put it in referee Tom’s mouth to the amusement of those ringside.

A gut kick to Kirby and Grado wipes the toothbrush under his own sweaty armpits and straight into Martin’s mouth…..gross, so gross.

A quick double leg takedown from Kirby into a cover. But his feet are on the ropes, the ref doesn’t see and it’s another cheap victory for Kirby! The crowd is in an uproar!

Winner – Martin Kirby

World of Sport Wrestling for Episode 7

Sha Samuels & Rampage v Joe Hendry & Justin Sysum

Rampage and Hendry begin the match by trading hold for hold, which quickly leads to a tag to Sysum. Rampage doesn’t want any piece of Justin so he tags out to Sha, who comes in on fire and beats him down with hard shots to the back.

Sysum picks up the pace when shot into the ropes, by crisscrossing three times before hitting Samuels with a dropkick.

A back suplex from Sysum in the corner of the opposition allows Sha to tag in Rampage who goes straight to work. Vicious forearms, right hands and a suplex for a two count. Quick tag back to Sha who carries on with the beating, leaving Sysum in a heap.

Tandem offense!

More double teaming leads to a Saido suplex from Rampage for a two followed by an arm wringer takedown and another quick tag to Sha who makes the cover for yet another two count. The crowd is really rallying on Sysum here.

A mistake from Sha leads to the hot tag to Hendry who comes in and throws lefts and rights to Samuels. A neckbreaker and a clothesline puts him down, which brings in the champ Rampage, who in turn beats down Hendry while not being the legal man.

Another quick hot tag from Hendry to Sysum who hits running clotheslines, a scoop slam, and a top rope splash. Rampage exits the ring and is hit by a tope suicido from Sysum to knock him all the way back to the entranceway.

With Rampage so far from the ring, Joe picks up and hits a fallaway slam onto Sha as Sysum follows that up with his patented 450 splash for the win!

Winners – Joe Hendry & Justin Sysum

Blake’s Take 

I’m not a fan of loser leaves matches. The stip never sticks so what’s the point? We all know that Cruz will be back at some point, probably by the end of the series which is only two more episodes now anyway. The match was good and really shone a light on Maxted, which I think was the point anyway. WoS Wrestling is going to need more babyfaces.

Crater has taken his first loss but it took three men to do it. He instantly looked like a huge monster straight after the match by clearing the ring and going for Robbie X’s mask. To me it’s looking like Crater will be the big monster heel in the next season that will chase and defeat Sysum quickly and become an even more unstoppable force.

Grado doesn’t need to win a single match ever again. He’s so over with the crowd, especially the younger portion, so why not use him as a talent to help others, as he did with Kirby here.

Sysum against the system will lead to him winning the title on the main event of the last show, sending the fans home happy…..until Crater comes out and destroys him 😉

And that’s all from me today. I shall be back tomorrow with my Week In Review, so keep an eye out for that!


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