World Of Sport Review for Episode 8

I said it in my preview, but we have two weeks left of my World of Sport Wrestling Review for Episode 8 right here at Pro Wrestling Post folks! What can ITV and WoS Wrestling conjure up for us fans? I have my suspicions, but for now, read on and see what happened in this week’s episode.

World Of Sport Review for Episode 8

Women’s Number One Contenders Match
Viper v Ayesha

Both women Trash talk to each other which leads to a strong collar and elbow. Another collar and elbow which leads to Ayesha being shot into the ropes. And the women trade shoulder tackles to a stalemate.

Ayesha whips Viper into the corner and lets loose but Viper reverses and let’s lose herself followed by the Viper’s Vice sleeper ala Million Dollar Dream on Ayesha into a snapmare, senton and splash combination for a two count.

She’s still in charge with more heavy shots and another Viper’s Vice but Ayesha fights out and a big pounce off the ropes takes Viper and Ayesha down.

Both women back up at the same time and trade clotheslines and right hands but a fisherman’s suplex onto Viper for 2 pops the crowd hugely.

A scoop slam by Viper is reversed into a push into the corner by Ayesha, but Viper moves out the way as Ayesha runs in and hits a cannonball for another two.

A struggle in the corner eventually leads to Viper hitting a Michinoku Driver for the win. Strange messy finish from a good match.

Winner And Number One Contender- Viper

It’s announced that the main event is a Mask v Mask match – Crater v Robbie X

First-Ever WoS Wrestling Mixed Tag Match
Stevie Boy & Kay Lee Ray v Will Ospreay & Bea Priestley

Stevie and Will begin with Stevie putting Ospreay into a side headlock. But is soon shot into the ropes and delivers a strong shoulder tackle to knock Will down. They then both run the ropes and trade leapfrogs but Will hits a hurricanrana onto Stevie, who then gives one of his own back, and then both men decide to trade dropkicks at the same time. The crowd is eating this up as Will and Steve fist bump each other….. What a start!

Bea tags in and immediately goes for KLR who responds with kicks, chops and a single leg dropkick from the second turnbuckle for a 2 count. A Gory Bomb attempt is reversed into a very snug sleeper onto KLR which is battled out from and turned into a German suplex.

Both women crawl to their corners and make the hot tag to their respective partners. Stevie in charge of stiff rights and a standing enzuguri that knocks down Will, but he gets back up and hits one of his own back as a thank you.

The pace is so fast and the crowd is electric for this match!

Will hits a 619 and a springboard forearm attempt but is given a falcon arrow for his troubles instead. Both men on their feet now and trade forearms and chops, then the women jump in to protect their men. A double Cheeky Nandos kick from Bea and Will to more acclaim from the crowd.

Ospreay top rope but another enzuguri from Stevie dazed him. A top rope rana but Ospreay lands on his feet and gives a little Flair strut. Amazing! Both women back in and deliver German suplex to the men for a big pop as the men roll out of the ring.

Stereo tope suicido form the women onto the men with KLR nearly taking out the commentators! Ref tells the women to leave the ring so they go outside and carry on with the carnage.

The men are now up and in the ring, KLR is thrown onto Wills’ shoulders and hits a dragon rana for a massive pop. Ospreay gets to his feet and is given a Canadian Destroyer by Stevie Boy!!! Bea breaks the referee’s count at two.

Bea grabs KLR in the ropes and locks her up with an armbar as Will hits Stormbreaker for the win. Amazing match!

Winners – Will Ospreay & Bea Priestley 

World Of Sport Review for Episode 8

Iestyn Rees w/ Kip Sabian v Davey Boy Smith Jr

Big lads wrestling here folks!

The disrespect shown by Rees as he pie faces Davey from the lockup. Posedown for the fans before a test of strength into a Greco Roman lock which Rees uses to take down Davey for a two count. Both men still in the lock as Bulldog gets up and hits a suplex.

More trading clotheslines and boots put down both men. Big suplex onto Rees for a two, he kicks out and Bulldog pins immediately for another two. Iestyn is shot into the corner but Bulldog misses the shoulder tackle and hits the post instead of Rees, who then throws him into the post again and out the ring.

Ress is now working the possibly injured left shoulder of Davey Boy, wearing him down, as he attempts a crossface but its reversed into a cross arm breaker but Rees’s feet make the ropes.

Rees gets up and is back on the attack with that left arm and shoulder with another armbar. He soon gives it up to go to the top rope but is caught by Bulldog who hits a huge top rope suplex for a two.

More trading of blows puts Bulldog to the mat, which allows Rees to attempt a splash off the second turnbuckle. He misses, Bulldog is now up and delivers three German suplexes in a row for two.

A spine buster from Iestyn and a spear attempt but are kicked in the face. A powerbomb from Bulldog for two, a spear from Rees for two, a small package from Davey Boy for two but then the running powerslam grabs the win!

Winner – Davey Boy Smith Jr

World Of Sport Review for Episode 8

Mask v Mask Match
Robbie X v Crater

To win this match one wrestler must be unmasked.

Crowd very much pro Robbie X. Crater catches a kick attempt, spins X back onto his feet who goes for his cutter but is caught and slammed with authority to the canvas.

Bearhug to weaken Robbie enough to grab the mask but he gets out by trying to unmask Crater himself! Crater is shot into the corner, X runs in but is hit with a dropkick from a guy that weighs 36 stone!!

Jawbreaker, kicks and an enzuguri makes Crater leave the ring, which leads to Robbie X to hit a moonsault from the top rope to outside the ring which nearly takes Crater down. It’s not enough but a tope suicido attempt from Robbie is met with a huge forearm by the big guy.

Crater manhandling the situation now by stepping on a prone X a few times. Splash off the ropes from Crater but he misses. Robbie hits his cutter finisher – X Xpress – to finish him off. Crater is unmasked!!! WTF?!?

Winner – Robbie X

Crater heads to the back hiding his face as Robbie celebrates with the WoS Wrestling faithful.

Stu Bennett with the mic saying he has some…… Breaking news…..

Next week a unique match will take place that will use the entire WoS Wrestling male roster. The winner receives a shot at Rampage and the WoS Wrestling Championship.

Blake’s Take

  • I really enjoyed seeing Viper and Ayesha strut their stuff, it’s been teased for a while so watching them lump ten tons of tar out of each other was great! Yes, it was a bit clunky in parts but overall a good match. And I fully expect her to beat Kay Lee Ray next week, maybe with some interference by Bea Priestley too.

Seriously how frickin great was that mixed tag match?!? I’m so glad that I hyped this in my preview as all four people involved proved me right. It really did look like that Will Ospreay, Bea Priestley, Stevie Boy, and Kay Lee Ray went out there to show the world just how greatly mixed tags are, that they had a point a prove, and BOY did they prove it. Just outstanding stuff……and that Canadian Destroyer???


  • Over here in Blighty, heavyweight wrestling is often called Big Lads Wrestling. And in Iestyn Rees and Davey Boy Jr we saw two of the biggest lads in WoS Wrestling. Yes, it wasn’t a scientific match up – although the beginning with the Greco Roman lockup was good – it was a bruising encounter. And it looked like that Davey Boy was taken to his limit in the first time of his WoS Wrestling career. And I really enjoyed the finish too, the quick moves followed by covers. Something different.
  • The main event had me all kinds of confused. Crater losing again. Being unmasked. I’m sat here thinking about what the decision process is behind that decision. In one match you’ve made the biggest monster in the company look like a bumbling buffoon, and that’s no disrespect to Robbie X who is one hell of a wrestler. I just can’t see how you build up Crater as they have only for him to lose two weeks in a row, lose his mask and make him look weak. But what do I know, I’m just a guy sat at his laptop, hopefully, these next two weeks I’ll be proved wrong.

And that wraps up another week of WoS Wrestling folks. I’m off to iron my shirt and trousers as I’m on SEPW ring announcing duties tomorrow, expect my blog about the show and some behind the scenes action in the next week or so.

Happy trails dudes and dudettes!