World of Sport for Episode 5 | Review

Hello folks and welcome to the World of Sport Wrestling Review for Episode 5!

We’re at episode six of this run, which means we only have four weeks left boys and girls. Let’s get those emails and messages to the ITV bigwigs and get that second series!

That’s enough of my soapbox standing, let’s get this review underway!

World of Sport Wrestling for Episode 5 Review

WoS Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final 1
AlphaBad (Kip Sabian & Iestyn Rees) v BT Gunn & Stevie Boy

After MC Phil Seymour announced the team of AlphaBad, Kip grabbed the mic and gave a lesson on how to announce them properly. A nice spot designed to give Kip and Iestyn some heat before the match. After being handed back the mic, Seymour said thanks Carl which I think is Kip’s shoot name. Being a ring announcer myself, it’s always great to see an announcer stand up for himself or get the last word. Fair play Phil!

AlphaBad jumps Gunn/Stevie as they pose for the fans and the ref rings the bell. BT is thrown outside as Sabian/Rees work over Stevie Boy in the corner. Gunn slides in for the save and tosses Sabian out and hits a double hip toss onto Rees followed up with a double clothesline to the outside with Kip. Gunn and Stevie perform Tope Suicido’s to the outside for a hot start and get the crowd into the match.

Kip is rolled into the ring and shot into the corner for a big Stinger style splash from Gunn, followed by a snap mare/dropkick combination from SB.

Stevie goes to the top rope but is distracted by Rees, which allows Kip to hit the ropes and knock SB down onto the canvas. Tag to Rees and his powerful physical game takes control.

Stevie Boy finally rallies back and makes the tag to Gunn who swarms over Rees. Sneaky tag to Sabian who gets a spear for his trouble. Some more miscommunication from Gunn and SB leads to Rees picking up Stevie for a powerbomb and holding him up while Kip springboards off the top rope to perform a neckbreaker/powerbomb combo finisher for the three count and the win.

Winners – AlphaBad

Quick backstage promo with the Bromance (Nathan Cruz & Adam Maxted) who are emphasizing how great they are and how they will be victorious tonight.

World of Sport Wrestling for Episode 5 Review

Triple Threat Match
Gabriel Kidd v Will Slater v Crater

I’ll start this by saying that it looked like last week that Crater would be facing these two in a two on one handicap match but I was wrong, so I apologize for that.

Kidd’s ribs are taped up after the beating he received from Crater the last time they met.

Crater stands outside the ring and watches from the outside as Slater and Kidd begin the match in a very technical way. Multiple takeovers and escapes get the crowd onside and into the match from the start. Roll up from Slater onto Kidd for two.

A massive monkey flip from Kidd onto Slater as he comes off the ropes leads to Kidd about to spear Slater through the ropes to the outside. Instead, he dives through the ropes, lands on his feet right beside Crater and like a cat on a hot tin roof, scurries back to the safety of the ring.

That woke up Crater who drags Gabriel by the feet outside and enters the ring to go after Slater. A massive back body drop onto Will puts Crater in control as Kidd comes in to make the save.

They double team Crater with multiple moves but can’t get him down, and Crater responds with a double chokeslam! A uranage backbreaker onto Kidd, an inverted Razors Edge onto Slater shows his dominance.

He lies both men on top of each other and delivers a huge splash onto both for the win.

Winner – Crater

World of Sport Wrestling for Episode 5 Review

WoS Wrestling Tag Team Team Tournament Semi-Final
The Bromance (Nathan Cruz & Adam Maxted) v Grado & Davey Boy Smith Jr

Davey and Cruz start the match, quick punches from Cruz staggers Bulldog but he comes back and hits a big delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Quick tag to Grado who hits a double ax handle from the top rope. Got to say that Cruz’s facial expressions are amazing in this early exchange.

Nathan gets back to his corner and tags Adam in. Davey Boy poses to the fans and Maxted hits a dropkick, but it’s shrugged off and shoulder charges Maxted to the mat. Bulldog is working the left arm here with some vicious arm wringers and a hammerlock power slam.

A quick tag to Grado leads to a double backdrop and a double elbow drop for two. Nice to see some teamwork from a quickly put together team.

Grado went to leapfrog over Maxted but landed awkwardly and looks like he tweaked his knee. That puts the Bromance on notice and they go to work on that injured knee. Quick tags and double teams all on that knee of Grado’s.

The finish of the match comes when Cruz knocks Davey Boy off the ring and yells at Maxted to go and attack him outside. Looking kind of perturbed, Adam does as he’s told and continues to attack Bulldog as Cruz cinches in a figure four leglock and makes Grado tap for the shock win!

Winners – The Bromance

World Of Sport Wrestling Women’s Championship
Over The Top Rope Battle Royale
Viper v Bea Priestley v Ayesha v Kasey Owens v Kay Lee Ray (c)

As the bell rings Bea and Viper immediately attack KLR while Owens attempts to break it up. The first staredown of the biggest women in the match.

Bea then throws KLR over the top rope but she holds on as she went over and slides under the bottom rope. All of a sudden Bea, Ayesha, KLR, and Viper are in opposing corners which allows Kasey to hit running forearms on all four women to a nice reaction from the crowd.

She then rather strangely tries to hip toss Viper out of the corner who in turn shoots Kasey into Ayesha in the corner! Viper runs in to splash them both but Owens moves and Ayesha takes the full force.

Running cannonballs onto KLR and Bea in their corners from Viper who then delivers a sleeper backbreaker into a ripcord lariat onto KLR. Great sequence there.

Ayesha tries to dump Bea over the top rope but then Viper tries to tip both of them instead which results in staredown #2. This time they trade shoulder tackles as KLR hots a missile dropkick onto Viper who knocks Ayesha onto the mat.

As Ayesha gets to her feet Kasey attempts a cross-body block but she gets caught and unceremoniously dumped outside.

Kasey Owens Eliminated

Viper then throws Bea over the top rope who holds onto the top rope but is made to headbutt the ring post by Viper which results in elimination.

Bea Priestley Eliminated

Viper celebrates but is met by Ayesha for staredown #3. This time it gets even more physical with forearms, chops and right hands traded. A double dropkick from KLR onto both women who picks up Ayesha into a headlock and then hits an enzuguri onto Viper while at the same time hits a DDT onto Ayesha.

Viper to her feet and she picks KLR up and dumps her into the apron. Ayesha attempts to hit a spear onto Viper, but she moves as does KLR who slides back under the bottom rope.

With Ayesha on the apron, Viper grabs KLR and uses her to knock Ayesha off the apron and out the match.

Ayesha eliminated

Still holding onto KLR, Viper again tries to throw her over the top rope, but this time Ray reverses it putting Viper over the top rope and onto the apron. One superkick later, Viper is flat on her back looking up at the winner of the match….Kay Lee Ray!

Winner – And Still WoS Women’s Champion, Kay Lee Ray

Blake’s Take

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Kip Sabian has all the tools needed to be the next big thing to come out of this country. IPW knows this by making him their World Champion. I’ve known this for a while. It’s about time the rest of the wrestling community (especially the British portion) do too.

AlphaBad and The Bromance in the final two. Two teams that have tagged for a while. Other promotions should take note

* cough WWE cough *

Crater is going through opponents quicker than I do tubes of Pringles! Surely he’s got to have a competitive match soon rather than these squash matches. Yes, he’s a monster, yes, he’s huge. But seeing him run through people in quick smart fashion is going to get boring real quick.

That main event, as soon as the action picked up, was great but the early going was tough. Nice to see Kasey Owens here and the eventual Ayesha v Viper match could be great if given time.

I’m off to find my Pringles that my little wingman has hidden. So until next week……


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