World of Sport Episode 6 | Review

Howdy folks and welcome again to my World of Sport Wrestling Review for Episode 6. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the action! 

World of Sport Wrestling Review for Episode 6

WoS Wrestling Championship
Davey Boy “British Bulldog Jr” Smith v Rampage (c) w/Sha Samuels & CJ Banks

The show begins with a championship match, THE championship match!

Bulldog takes the early control of the match with a shoulder tackle followed by a headlock takeover. Slowly back to their feet but Davey Boy picks up Rampage for a scoop slam for a two count.

Bulldog picks up Rampage and hits a massive delayed vertical suplex (Rampage is around 260lbs folks!). He then whips Rampage into the corner and goes to deliver a big boot. But Rampage moves and then chop blocks Davey’s left leg.

Rampage in charge now and attacking the injured left leg of Bulldog. CJ Banks gets involved and wraps that leg around the ring post when the ref is distracted by Rampage. The champion rolls to the outside and attempts the exact same move. But is pulled face-first by Bulldog’s strong legs into the steel ring posts.

Both men back into the ring and Davey hits a strong backdrop followed by a side Russian leg sweep for another two.

A northern lights suplex onto Rampage but Bulldog couldn’t bridge due to his bad leg. He then picks up the champ and places him onto the top turnbuckle to deliver his finisher, but Sha tries to get involved. Davey replies by stamping on Samuel’s hand and goes for his finisher – the running power slam.

A rake of the eyes, followed by an Impact DDT, and Rampage is still your WoS Wrestling Champion!

Winner – Rampage

After the match, Rampage and his cohorts attempt to beat down Bulldog but Justin Sysum runs down the ramp to help even the odds. WoS Executive Stu Bennett grabs a mic and announces that if Justin can defeat Sha and CJ in a two on one handicap match, he’ll get another shot at Rampage and the WoS Wrestling Championship.

World of Sport Wrestling Review for Episode 6 Submission Match
Joe Hendry v Martin Kirby

Joe Hendry makes his way to the ring and has the crowd in the palm of his hand, they’re all singing and waving along to his theme song! The guy is so over!

Kirby out next but his left arm is in a sling. As he made his way into the ring he gave WoS Wrestling Announcer Phil Seymour a note and asked him to read it out loud, which he did. The note – from Martin’s mother – explains that he hurt himself styling his hair (he’s bald by the way), injured his hamstring muscle in the process, and he has the sniffles that could develop into man-flu (it’s real dammit!)

Hendry doesn’t take no for an answer and delivers a huge shoulder tackle to begin the match followed by three waist lock slams. With Kirby on the mat, Joe went for his Hendry Lock (ankle lock) finisher but Martin rolls through and attacks the left leg/ankle of Hendry.

Kirby begins to work over that leg ground and pound style, while the crowd chant Kirby sucks. Joe begins to come back into the match but is cut off with a leaping leg lariat followed by a guillotine-style chokehold.

Hendry continues to move forward!

Hendry very nearly passes out but keeps his arm up on the third time of asking, works his way out and suplexes Kirby while the choke is still applied!

Two running clotheslines from Joe who then attempts his Hendry Lock again but is sent into the ropes for an atomic drop. Kirby, rubbing salt into his opponent’s wounds, tries to apply the Hendry Lock onto Hendry himself, but Joe rolls through and applies it to Kirby who taps out quickly.

Winner – Joe Hendry

World of Sport Wrestling Review for Episode 6

WoS Wrestling Tag Team Tournament Final
AlphaBad v The Bromance

Maxted and Rees begin the match with Iestyn showing his power from the tie-up, throwing Maxted across the ring. Kip, sensing that Adam is easy pickings, tags in and is met with a dropkick straight to the face. Maxted quickly tags in Cruz.

Standing enzuguri onto Kip from Cruz who then tries to get the crowd to clap for The Bromance….and they only go and do it! Have The Bromance turned babyface? Quick tag to Maxted but Sabian rakes the eyes and tags in Rees who picks up Adam for a backdrop, but gets dropkicked instead. Both men on the canvas now.

Kip runs across the ring and knocks Nathan from the apron preventing the tag, AlphaBad now double team Adam whose now cut off from Cruz. A slingshot dropkick for a two count from Kip.

An atomic drop and running shoulder tackle double team move from Sabian/Rees but still only a two. Strong forearms from Rees and multiple whips into the turnbuckles and Maxted looked spent. Great facial selling there.

Another whip into the corner but this time Adam springs out of the corner and hits a flying lariat onto Rees. Both men on the mat and the crowd are super hot, shouting for Maxted to hit that hot tag…..which he does!

Nathan and Kip take the fight to one another

Unfortunately so did Iestyn, and with both Nathan and Kip now legal men, Cruz is on the hot tag and is on fire. Hard lefts and rights and running attacks. He sets up Sabian for a running knee strike but Rees pushes him out the way and takes the hit. Cruz hits his finisher Show Stolen (an Attitude Adjustment slam) for a two.

He picks up Kip and hits a rebound back suplex, but didn’t see the tag to Rees. It doesn’t matter as he then hits a codebreaker onto the Alpha Male. Quick tag to Adam. Rees tries to reverse whip and then clothesline Nathan, but he ducks and Rees is met with a top rope springboard blockbuster for another two as Kip makes the save! The crowd is invested in The Bromance as babyfaces, they’re cheering them on!

Kip and Cruz brawl to the outside and Sabian levels Nathan by hurling him into the barricade, all the while Adam attempted a moonsault onto the prone Rees….but he rolls out the way which allows AlphaBad to hit their Doomsday Device Neckbreaker for the three counts and become the first-ever WoS Wrestling Tag Team Champions!

Winners – And NEW WoS Wrestling Tag Team Champions AlphaBad

As the winners make their way to the back, Cruz turns on Maxted, as he feels that it’s Adam’s fault they lost. He beats him down and hits a top rope draping codebreaker to leave his former partner in a heap in the middle of the ring.

World of Sport Wrestling Review for Episode 6

Two On One Handicap Match
Justin Sysum v Sha Samuels & CJ Banks

Sysum really has become a firm crowd favorite in the short space of time he’s been on the show. Great work Justin and the booking.

Samuels and Sysum begin the match with Sha taking the early lead with strong strikes and turnbuckle headbutts. Justin fights back when he reverses a whip into a dropkick which makes Sha and CJ regroup ringside.

A distraction from CJ allows Samuels to hit a powerful scoop slam for a two count. Quick tags keep Justin grounded which is obviously their game plan as Sysum is known for his aerial prowess.

Banks are now in and hits some vicious running elbows onto the prone Sysum. I’ve gotta say that CJ’s facials here are outstanding. He reminds me of a rabid dog here with the look on his face.

CJ with the tag to Sha!

He then proceeds to use his power game, but eventually Justin begins to “hulk” up and gets his opportunity. Justin ducks two running clotheslines and hits a flying lariat of his own onto CJ. He takes care of Sha and with both his opponents in opposite corners, he uses running elbow strikes onto them to wear them down.

A cross-body block from the second turnbuckle puts both Sha and CJ onto the mat and it looks like the tide has turned for Sysum, but as luck would have it, Rampage’s music hits and he makes his way out to the top of the ramp, distracting Justin.

Sysum leaves the ring and stands toe to toe with the champ, but decides against it and runs back to the ring to leaping spear Samuels through the ropes! With CJ still down and Sha flat on his back, Justin hits a 450 splash onto Sha for the win and another shot at the WoS Wrestling Championship! The crowd is going ballistic!

Winner – Justin Sysum

Blake’s Take

It’s great seeing Rampage take on someone his own size, I mean proper heavyweight size. And seeing Bulldog Jr take him to the limit physically is something we’ve never seen before. We all knew going in that Davey Boy was never going to win, it’s all set up for Justin Sysum to capture the title on the last episode, isn’t it…..? 

I love Martin Kirby. The over the top nature of trying to get out of his match, the selling, just everything about the guy tells me that he should be a major player in the British scene right now. Hopefully, with all those eyes on this program, it’ll happen soon.

And Joe Hendry? What can I say that I haven’t said before? The guy is gold and can be the figurehead of any promotion. Impact Wrestling, you listening?

The Tag Tournament final was great, especially as I called the winner back on episode one. Trust me I did!

AlphaBad defend the titles on a couple of occasions.

Shame that The Bromance won’t be part of those matches. Though I thought the turn was a bit predictable, actually seeing people cheer for Maxted works in a way I didn’t see coming. Could he be a bigger babyface than a heel? Time will tell folks.

The only issue I’ve got this week is how poorly booked Sha Samuels and CJ Banks have been. From the get-go, they’ve been as useful to Rampage as a chocolate teapot.

And Sysum will defeat Rampage on episode ten after going through Crater in some kind of hardcore style match. Mark my words…

And that’s it for my words today. Huge thanks for reading my work here at Pro Wrestling Post, and I hope to see you all back here very soon for more World of Sport Wrestling Reviews!


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