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4th and Gold

4th and Gold | The Jarkaster Journey

Here is my first post where I explore my experiences over the latest independent wrestling show I worked on. Empire State Wrestling’s “4th and...
world of sport for episode 4

World of Sport Wrestling V3.0: Rebooting A Reboot

If you're reading this then you know you're stuff. You're not some fairweather fan, you know your wrestling history. This article is about a...
Anthony Green

Anthony Greene discusses wrestling, Tommy Dreamer, & the future

Anthony Greene continues to showcase his skills inside the ring. A fan with a lifelong love of professional wrestling, 'All Good' Greene started as...
Johnny Mundo

Johnny Mundo talks Tough Enough, training WWE

Lucha Undergrounds Johnny Mundo recently took some time to participate in an interview. The former John Morrison reveals his thoughts on Tough Enough, personal...
rockstar spud

Rockstar Spud (Drake Maverick) talks TNA, EC3 & OVW

Former TNA X Division champion, Rockstar Spud took time to participate in an interview. Spud discusses these thoughts on his feud with Ethan Carter...