Revolution Pro Wrestling Presents World Of Pro Wrestling Episode 7

Hello everyone and welcome back to my review of RPW’s World Of Pro Wrestling. I’m “Smart” Mark Blake and as usual, I am your host that will take you down this week’s show.

If you’re not sure on who Revolution Pro Wrestling are or your knowledge is lacking, then read my Brief History Of article right here. It’s garnered a lot of interest and praise which I’m most thankful for.

That’s the introduction done, let’s get down to business folks. Here’s episode seven of RPW’s World Of Pro Wrestling!

World Of Pro Wrestling
Episode 7

Recorded once again at the world-famous York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, this episode opened with the commentary team of Kevin Kelly and Andy Simmonz again running down the rules of pro wrestling. Just in case we haven’t got them down to a tee by now!


Revolution Pro Wrestling Tag Team Tournament
The Hunter Brothers v Jonny Storm & Jody Fleisch

Handshakes all around to begin the match, took me back to old school Ring Of Honor…..Ahhhh memories!

Jody and Lee Hunter begin the contest at a breakneck pace. Both trying to outdo each other with leapfrogs and dropkicks, ending when both men dropkicked each other at the same time to applause from the crowd and another handshake from Lee and Jody. Both men tagged out and in came Storm and Jim.

The pace kept up here with The Hunter’s now using quick tags, high spots and multiple pinning attempts on Storm, but to no avail, as Johnny made the much-needed tag.

The high spots don’t end there, I mean Jody is the king of the high spot after all! The amount of height that Fleisch can generate when jumping or leapfrogging is unreal! The speed and actual fluidity from all four involved is super quick. So good!

The Hunter’s hit a giant swing/basement dropkick onto Storm for two that had the crowd on their feet. Fleisch performed a HUGE top rope springboard moonsault to the outside, and again with the amount of air he had you could have read a book and still seen him hit the landing!

But it’s Jim and Lee Hunter that pick up a “shock” (mainly as they’re unfancied compared to Storm/Fleisch) win and advance to the final! Great match folks!

Winner – The Hunter Brothers


Carlos Romo v The Dominator, Great-O-Kharn

As usual, Lord Gideon Grey made the entrance for Dominator. His entire look and demeanor just ooze natural heel, he’s so great at what he does.

As is usual with Dominator, this match was a squash, minus a small hope spot for Romo.

If there’s one thing I would change about Great-O-Kharn, is that he needs to lay off those Mongolian chops. Seriously one or two a match is enough, not the nine or ten we see way too often.

Winner – The Dominator, Great-O-Khan


Colt Cabana v James Mason

Up next were two veterans of not just Rev Pro, but British wrestling in general, and what a good match it was too. A great mix of technicality and comedy with Mason playing the straight man to the comedic genius from Cabana.

And this was the first match I’ve seen in quite a while where there was no heel at all…..and it worked!

I hope that promoters up and down the country see Mason on these shows and can see that he can still go, thoroughly impressed with him over the course of this show.

The finish came about when Colt pinned James with his ingenious roll-up finisher. Yup, I still love it, folks, in this day and age where we get wowed with the “flippy shit”, seeing folk lose it over Cabana’s finisher fills my heart with joy!

Winner – Colt Cabana

Immediately after Mason left the ring to leave Colt to accept the plaudits from the crowd, the dastardly Sha Samuels ran in and beat him down to the boos from the crowd. But they soon cheered when Dan Magee made the save and ran Sha off. Just where is Rev Pro going with this Samuels/Magee?

Main Event
British Cruiserweight Championship
Kip Sabian v David Starr (c)

I hate to sound like a broken record, but Sabian is going to be such a star (excuse the pun) next year, I promise you that!

And Starr? Whether he’s the heel or babyface, he has that crowd in the palm of his hand. He truly is one of the best around right now. Much love Jewish Cannon!

Anyway, to the match….

A really good but different start, as they were playing up to David’s amateur background. Lots of rolling around on the mat trying to gain that submission.

The match took a quick turn when Starr, playing up to his heel persona here in Rev Pro, spat right at Sabian! That lit a fire under Kip and really took it to him with some great snug forearms, obviously backfiring on Starr.

Thinking better of the situation, Davey decided to leave the ring, grabbed his Cruiserweight title, and made off to the back, leaving an incensed Kip Sabian in the middle of the ring while the referee counted out the champion.

Winner – Kip Sabian, but stillllll Revolution Pro Wrestling British Cruiserweight Champion, David Starr

Blake’s Take

I’m enjoying the old guard of Rev Pro (Colt Cabana/Sha Samuels/James Mason/Jonny Storm/Jody Fleisch) coming back to show the world that they do still indeed have it. Working with some of the younger guys and passing on their experience seems on the cards, and I for one am looking forward to it.

Just a quick question…..Where’s all the women? Revolution Pro Wrestling has a Women’s championship but yet we’re still to see it or even have it mentioned on the show? I’m really hoping that they’re building up to something big soon…..

A very weird finish of the main event of the show today, a count-out victory??? I was always under the impression that you send the fans home with a decisive finish, not a count-out or DQ. Again, as I said above with the Women’s championship, I hope that this strange finish leads to something bigger down the line…..and involve Kip too!!

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