Revolution Pro Wrestling Presents World of Pro Wrestling Episode 8

Hello everyone and welcome back to my review of Revolution Pro Wrestling’s World Of ProWrestling for episode 8. I’m “Smart” Mark Blake and as usual, I am your host that will take you down this week’s show.

If you’re not sure on who Revolution Pro Wrestling are or your knowledge is lacking, then read my Brief History Of article right here. It’s garnered a lot of interest and praise which I’m most thankful for.

That’s the introduction done, let’s get down to business folks. Here’s episode eight of RPW’s World Of Pro Wrestling!

World Of Pro Wrestling
Episode 8

Recorded once again at the world-famous York Hall in Bethnal Green, London. The crowd is looking very sparse tonight, quite a few empty chairs in the audience. Hopefully, it’ll fill as we go on?

This episode opened with the commentary team of Kevin Kelly and Andy Simmonz again running down the rules of pro wrestling. Just in case we haven’t got them down to a tee by now!

HxC v Arrows Of Hungary

Two of the losing teams in the Tag Team Tournament in action as Dan Head and James Castle aka HxC took on Dover and Icarus, the Arrows of Hungary in a very tepid affair. I tried really hard to get into this match but in my honest opinion, there was no chemistry between the four of them.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some good spots here and there but the story, or lack thereof, was lacking in spades. I hate being down on matches but sometimes you gotta call it how it is.

There was a part here where Dover was demolished outside the ring by HxC, which led to the double-teaming of Icarus for a good five minutes. All the while you could see Dover crawling so slowly to the ring, all on the hard cam, looking at the ring waiting for his moment. It looked really bad.

Anyway, HxC stole the victory when Castle held the feet of Dover down as Head made the cover.

Again sorry for being a Negative Ned on that match folks 🙁

Winner – HxC

Chris Ridgeway v Zack Sabre Jr

This match was the complete opposite of the previous match. Full of chemistry, storytelling, and action. Oh yes, this was a good match.

Nice Strong Style starts to the match with open palm strikes from both men to the chest and face. They even gave each other free shots to the delight of the crowd. The match soon turned on its head when a kick was held by Zack and quickly maneuvered into a heel hook….the match is now a technical masterclass of submissions and escapes. My kinda action.

The speed and fluidity of how these two performed here were exceptional, as within moments they were striking again. Stiff chest kicks, more open palm strikes, all to see who the toughest strongest person was.

Unfortunately for Ridgeway, it was ZSJ that was the hardest guy in the room, as he knocked out Chris with a high kick to the side of Ridgeway’s head. Fantastic selling, as he fell to the mat like the proverbial sack of shit, and from referee Chris Roberts who ran over to Ridgeway with urgency to check he, was ok, much like a boxing referee.

Winner– Zack Sabre Jr

As Chris was being helped from the ring, Zack cut a short but sweet promo about his amazing tekkers (technicality for those that don’t understand Zack’s vernacular) and how no-one in the world is up to his level but if anyone thinks they are, they know where to find him.

Main Event RevPro Tag Team Tournament
Aussie Open v Roppongi 3K

The crowd is fully awake now and with dueling Aussie Open/Roppongi chants, they’re at fever pitch.

Sho and Yo from 3K are dropping a few little heel hints here. Lack of tags and double teaming. Very subtle but definitely there, I like that a lot. Sometimes you don’t need to be in your face HEEL actions. A little goes a long way.

This match was fun, really good fun. The crowd was super involved and the action was hot. Mark Davis from AO was throwing his chops around like they were going out of fashion and Sho/Yo were keen to take them!

Kyle Fletcher looked good here too, he really has stepped up his game in recent weeks and he’s looking a lot sharper in the ring. A great foil to Davis’s power aspect of the team.

There was a bit of a faux pas during the match when a very close near fall resulted in the music of Aussie Open to be played as the match carried on, but all four in the ring didn’t miss a beat and carried on like the pros they are.

I’m pretty sure I saw Davis hit a Burning Hammer slam on Sho, which is the first time I’ve ever seen such a move, and DAMN did it look great! I wanna see that more often for sure.

The finish came about when Aussie Open hit their patented Powerbomb/Neckbreaker combo to advance into the final of the tournament, where they’ll face The Hunter Brothers!

WinnersAussie Open

Blake’s Take

-Where was everyone?? I really hoped that the crowd would make their way in as the show wore on, but nope, it was a very sparse crowd. Not sure what the reason was though and I hope it’s not indicative going forward.

-Ridgeway and ZSJ. I honestly think they could have a rivalry akin to Rock and Austin from back in the day if given half a chance, I mean that. The chemistry and desire to be the best one of the two is fantastic and will see them through. I’m expecting big things in this rivalry.

-Aussie Open is a great tag team and the experience from working with Roppongi 3K will hold them in good stead for the future. Could that have been a trial run for a possible tour in NJPW next year? I hope so! I’d love to see Killer Elite Squad v Aussie Open. Hard-hitting doesn’t cover it!

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