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We open episode 31 of MLW Fusion with a recap of the incident that went down between Daga and Low-Ki. At episode 30 Low-Ki ripped Daga’s cauliflower ear, which caused an enormous amount of bleeding. The distraction this provided also allowed Low-Ki to hit the double foot stomp and pick up the victory. Next, we see Konnan entering the building for the night, only to be confronted by Promociones Dorado. Low-Ki, Salina de la Renta and Ricky Martinez appear in front of the legend. Low-Ki insults and then finally challenges Konnan to a one-on-one match.  Konnan said no, but that if he (Low-Ki) kept running his mouth, he might end up saying yes.

Next is a promo from “Filthy” Tom Lawlor as he prepares for the Chicago Street Fight with Sami Callihan. We then go to the ring as Ricky Martinez, presented by Salina de la Renta is ready for action. Returning to commentary this week is Rich Bocchini, joining Tony Schiavone. Martinez’s opponent is Doctor Rex Bacchus. Martinez does don a protective face mask prior to the opening bell. This is to protect his previously broken nose, which was cleared by the MLW doctor. The match starts off with the face mask, as Martinez headbutts Bacchus in the shoulder. Martinez dominates the opening minutes before Bacchus attempts a comeback. He is able to get some licks in; however, the match would belong to Ricky Martinez. He picked up the victory with a modified piledriver.

MLW Fusion Episode 31

We then see Tom Lawlor warming up with his Team Filthy teammate, Simon Gotch. Gotch, however, seems to be more concerned with a press conference he has set up for after the match. Lawlor is focused on the match at hand first. We then go into the next match of the evening. Swoggle and Joey Ryan, both making their MLW debuts, have formed a team called Size Matters. They will be taking on Michael Patrick and Leo Brien, the Dirty Blondes. Ryan, however, is already sporting the sling, he was injured prior to the taping. Prior to the match, he talks about how he suspects he has torn his pectoral muscle but promised Swoggle he would be there. So even with one arm, he and Swoggle will be taking on the MLW mainstays.

In the initial moments of the match, the Dirty Blondes were in control. They knocked the injured Ryan out early and concentrated on the smaller Swoggle. Swoggle was able to snap off a German suplex and skip across the ring to tag in his partner. Size Matters were able to get the victory, following Ryan hitting Sweet Tooth Music and a Tadpole Splash from Swoggle. Ryan then thanked the fans in Chicago and hoped to be back after his recovery. Next is another promo for the Chicago Street Fight, this time from Sami Callihan. The news is also broken that Konnan has decided to accept Low-Ki’s challenge. It will go down at MLW Zero Hour in Miami on December 14th.

There is a video package shown, hyping the debut of Rush in three weeks. Rush is the leader of Mexico’s super-stable, Los Ingobnerables. We then have a preview of next week’s episode of MLW Fusion. Next Kaci Lenox attempts to interview Shane Strickland about his MLW Championship rematch. Swerve, however, blows right on by her. This is a continuance of Swerve’s unusual behavior over recent weeks. And now it is main event time at last.

This is a Chicago Street Fight between Tom Lawlor and Sami Callihan. The match didn’t even wait for an opening bell to start. As soon as Lawlor appeared in the entranceway, he beckoned Callihan to fight. And fight they did. Weapons of all types were involved, including but not limited to: a kendo stick, a garbage can, a ring barricade, a chair, a fan’s sign, and tables. Even Callihan’s signature bat came into play. Lawlor broke it over his leg. The finish came when Lawlor relentlessly applied the rear-naked choke.

He even withstood Callihan breaking the move by backdropping through a table. Lawlor, like a bulldog, jumped right back onto Callihan’s back and locked in the submission once again. Callihan even attempted to use a piece of the broken bat to break Lawlor’s grip. Lawlor, however, countered this by forcing the bat piece into Callihan’s windpipe. This forced Sami Callihan to tap out, giving Lawlor the victory and revenge.

This is not the fairytale ending though. Backstage Tom Lawlor met up with his Team Filthy teammate, Simon Gotch. Gotch was leading him supposedly to the press conference. Once to the room, Gotch pushed him through the door for Lawlor to find he had been set up. In front of him was Low-Ki, to his right was L.A. Park, to his left was Ricky Martinez and behind him was Hijo de L.A. Park. Gotch then shut the door, leaving Tom Lawlor to be ambushed alone by Promociones Dorado. What will the fallout be from the beat down and the betrayal? We’ll have to find out next week on MLW Fusion.

MLW Fusion airs every Friday on beIN Sports at 8:00 PM Eastern. If you don’t get beIN Sports, it is uploaded on YouTube every Saturday at 6:05 PM Eastern. It is also available on FITE.TV. This was MLW Fusion Episode 31.

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