World of Sport Wrestling Review for Episode 10

We begin this, my last World of Sport Wrestling Review by saying that this episode contained THE best match of the entire series (if a tad bit overbooked). It was given time to breathe and told a story, so kudos to the producers who finally gave a match for more than eight minutes. Now enough of my waffle, let’s get into this review folks! Here is the World of Sport Wrestling review for Episode 10.

WoS Tag Team Championship Match
Grado & British Bulldog Jr v AlphaBad

AlphaBad jump the challengers as soon as the bell is rung but are caught out as Grado & Bulldog are waiting for them with stereo Flip Flop & Flies! Rees is sent scampering to his corner while Kip is overwhelmed by Bulldog’s strength. A scoop slam onto Sabian, a tag to Grado and a scoop slam of Grado onto Kip has the crowd cheering away!

A quick distraction from Rees allows Sabian to hit an enzuguri onto Grado and tag out. Frequent quick tags and double team moves from the champs grounds Grado, which allows Kip to hit a springboard leg drop for a two count/

Rees tags in and slows the pace down by slapping on a reverse chin lock. Crowd chanting for Grado who eventually gets free and tries to crawl away but is caught by Iestyn and attempts a Sharpshooter but Grado pushes him back into his own corner and tags in Sabian while Grado finally tags in Davey Boy Jr.

Bulldog Jr cleans house and shoots Kip into the corner and then hits a double arm overhead suplex out of the corner. Great stuff! A belly to back suplex for Sabian followed by a cover for a two count.

A blind tag allows Rees back into the match and chop blocks Davey Boy Jr from behind, and works over that same leg for the next few minutes, slapping on a kneebar that’s quickly reversed and allows both men to tag out.

Grado is on fire and works Sabian in the corner and hits a cannonball for another two as Rees breaks up the pin. A nasty back elbow from Grado takes him out and as he turns he’s met with a huge superkick from Sabian! Quick tag to Rees and AlphaBad hit Grado with their Doomsday Neckbreaker finisher but Grado kicks out at two!!

Bulldog Jr runs in and slams Sabian outside the ring as Grado hits his Grado Cutter onto Rees for the three!! New champs!!

Winners – And NEWWWWW WoS Tag Team Champions Grado & British Bulldog Jr


After the crowd had died down, a special promo/hype package of the Rampage and Justin Sysum rivalry was shown. Easily the best piece of work by the post-production team this series. Legit made the main event feel very special indeed.

Main Event
WoS Wrestling Championship
Justin Sysum v Rampage (c)

The commentators stressed before the match began that Rampage is unstoppable BUT Justin Sysum is on a roll and has overcome the odds before.

The match begins with both men trading forearms before the pace quickens with Sysum running the ropes a few times and hitting a dropkick to knock Rampage down.

Justin keeps the pace high with high flying body presses and rope running, but hits the first pin of the match after a well-executed suplex for a two.

Again more rope running from Sysum but this time Rampage knows what’s coming and as Justin attempts a leapfrog, Rampage catches him in mid-air and delivers a great looking spinebuster for a two count.

Rampage is now in control and slows the pace down with methodical strikes and corner work, targeting the midsection of Justin. But a piledriver attempt by Rampage is reversed and is thrown over the top rope to the outside. This brings out CJ Banks and Sha Samuels to get involved but the ref is having none of it…..and ejects them both from the match!

A huge Hey Hey Hey Goodbye chant erupts from the crowd as Sha and CJ make their way to the back.

With that distraction, Rampage takes control and knocks Sysum from the apron and waits in the ring for Justin to come in. When he does he is mauled by Rampage and gains another two count after some vicious ground and pound.

More physicality is leaving Sysum in a bad way and a now cocksure Rampage covers Sysum very lackadaisically gives Justin an opportunity to reverse the pin into one of his own and very nearly wins the match!

Rampage is to his feet first and continues with the ground and pound and another big spinebuster for a very close three count. Rampage is in charge and is showing the world exactly why he’s the champ.

But again his cocksure attitude leads to Rampage’s undoing as while he’s jaw-jacking to the crowd, Sysum hits another dropkick to send the champion flying out the ring and begins to pick up the pace once more. An exploder suplex for two, a range for two, a superplex for two. Sysum is clawing his way back into the match.

The match spills to the outside into Rampage’s wheelhouse, and he takes full advantage and doesn’t let up, using the ring steps and barriers to beat down on Justin some more.

Eventually, the action returns to the ring and Justin hits a side suplex and attempts a 450 splash onto the prone Rampage but CJ Banks returns to cause mayhem but is quickly knocked to the outside. Banks jumps up to the apron once more and holds onto Sysum to allow the champion to deliver a big boot to the face of Justin, but he moves at the last minute and the big boot hits CJ full in the face!

A discus clothesline from the challenger and a cover. One….Two….Thr….Banks pulls out the referee from the ring to stop the three count! Sysum has had enough and performs a tope suicido onto Banks while the referee remonstrates.

As Justin rolls back into the ring he’s picked up by Rampage and is hit with a Samoan drop for two. The champion, incensed, picks up Sysum again for another Samoan drop but he wriggles free and pushes Rampage into the corner and follows up with a big splash, but the Champ moves and instead the referee gets squashed by the splash! Absolute carnage, it feels like Vince Russo has been brought on board for this match!

Ref down, Sysum down, Rampage hits his implant DDT finisher but it’s reversed into a fisherman’s suplex and Justin makes the cover but there’s no referee to make the count! Which allows Sha Samuels to make an entrance once more!

He beats down on the challenger and takes off a turnbuckle cover to expose the steel ring underneath. He turns around to a discus clothesline from Sysum and is sent flying out of the ring.

With his attention elsewhere, Justin is hit with the implant DDT from the champ, the ref chooses this moment to wake from his slumber to make the count, but Justin kicks out at two!! Incensed, Rampage throws the ref from the ring and grabs his title belt.

Another referee comes out from the back (yup, serious Russo booking overdrive now) and grabs the title belt from Rampage just as Justin rolls him the champ up! Another two count!

Sysum, looking weary after his efforts, retreats to a corner. Rampage knows the end is near and runs into the corner but Justin moves out the way at the last minute, and the champion runs sternum first into the exposed steel ring! A discus lariat, a 450 splash from the top rope and you have yourselves a new WoS Wrestling Champion!

Winner – And NEWWWWW WoS Wrestling Champion, Justin Sysum

Blake’s Take

I’m going to keep this short at that’s a lot of writing above this.

This was THE best episode of the entire series. Sending the fans home happy with two title changes to two babyfaces.

I think Grado is destined to have gold in WoS, he’s so over with the younger fans. And with the muscle (British Bulldog Jr) behind him, this team will be hard-pressed to beat in season two.

And the now crowned people’s champion, Justin Sysum, can take WoS onto new levels with their live tour in the new year.

Now for what I didn’t like…..

It does seem that the booking throughout the series was meant to end like this, and I applaud that. What I don’t like is the amount of swerves in the main event. The ref bumps, Rampage’s entourage making appearances.

Yes us older fans know all about convoluted booking decisions, which the main event had in spades, but the younger fans in attendance and my little wingman that watched the match with me loved it. And at the end of the day, it’s the younger next generation of fans that will be the ones that WoS/ITV are catering to.

I really do hope that there will be a second series – from what I’ve heard it will happen but maybe on a different channel to keep the same timeslot and the viewers happy – as the guys and girls in the UK scene deserve it. And maybe with a sprinkling of new talent and a production team that has listened to the fans, series two could be better than ever.

The problem is now, what do I do on a Saturday night now I have no WoS Wrestling to write about???

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