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SCWPro 20th Anniversary Show

SCWPro 20th Anniversary Show Preview

For two decades, SCWPro Wrestling has been providing fans with exciting, action-packed pro wrestling as SCWPro presents its 20th Anniversary show. From humble beginnings inside...
SCWPro Presents EPIC

SCWPro Presents EPIC | Preview

Epic; a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history...
SCWPro Prestige Rumble 2023

SCWPro Prestige Rumble 2023 – A Night to Remember

SCWPro Prestige Rumble 2023. When a venue and a wrestling promotion click, a strong bond is formed. It becomes the place they call home. A...
Tradition Defined

Tradition Defined | Latin Thunder Loses Mask At SCWPro – The Harvest

With a jam-packed Blue Grass Community Hall full of family, friends, SCWPro fans, and fellow wrestlers watching on last Saturday, November 12, Latin Thunder...
SCWPro 19th Anniversary Show

SCWPro 19th Anniversary Show – Preview

Earlier this year, during SCWPro’s biggest event of the year, EPIC Night 2, Deonn Rusman won the Heavyweight Championship. It was a feel-good moment...
Brave New World - Marek Brave's EPIC Return to SCWPro

Brave New World – Marek Brave’s EPIC Return to SCWPro

Brave New World - Marek Brave's EPIC Return to SCWPro. Two hours before showtime last Saturday, April 23, Marek Brave met with the wrestlers...
A Tale of Two Titles New SCWPro Champs Crowned

A Tale of Two Titles New SCWPro Champs Crowned | #AndNEW

When it comes to pro wrestling, one of the things I enjoy the most is good old-fashioned storytelling. A Tale of Two Titles as...
SCWPro Presents EPIC Night 2

SCWPro Presents EPIC Night 2 | Preview

For the better part of a year, Johnny Wisdom has held a firm grasp around the SCWPro Championship as SCWPro presents EPIC Night 2....
SCWPro EPIC Night One

SCWPro EPIC Night One | Preview

This Saturday night, SCWPro begins what could be their biggest month of 2022 with EPIC Night One. The event is taking place at the...
SCWPro Presents Luck is for Losers

SCWPro Presents Luck is for Losers

Love him or hate, and boy, do the SCWPro fans hate him; there is no arguing that current SCWPro Heavyweight Champion Johnny Wisdom is...