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SCWPro Prestige Rumble 2024

SCWPro Prestige Rumble 2024 – Preview

This Saturday night at the Blue Grass Community Center in Blue Grass, Iowa, is the SCWPro: Prestige Rumble 2024, and the next chapter in...
SCWPro 20th Anniversary Show

SCWPro 20th Anniversary Show Preview

For two decades, SCWPro Wrestling has been providing fans with exciting, action-packed pro wrestling as SCWPro presents its 20th Anniversary show. From humble beginnings inside...
SCWPro Presents EPIC

SCWPro Presents EPIC | Preview

Epic; a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history...
SCWPro Prestige Rumble 2023

SCWPro Prestige Rumble 2023 – A Night to Remember

SCWPro Prestige Rumble 2023. When a venue and a wrestling promotion click, a strong bond is formed. It becomes the place they call home. A...
Tradition Defined

Tradition Defined | Latin Thunder Loses Mask At SCWPro – The Harvest

With a jam-packed Blue Grass Community Hall full of family, friends, SCWPro fans, and fellow wrestlers watching on last Saturday, November 12, Latin Thunder...
SCWPro 19th Anniversary Show

SCWPro 19th Anniversary Show – Preview

Earlier this year, during SCWPro’s biggest event of the year, EPIC Night 2, Deonn Rusman won the Heavyweight Championship. It was a feel-good moment...
Brave New World - Marek Brave's EPIC Return to SCWPro

Brave New World – Marek Brave’s EPIC Return to SCWPro

Brave New World - Marek Brave's EPIC Return to SCWPro. Two hours before showtime last Saturday, April 23, Marek Brave met with the wrestlers...
A Tale of Two Titles New SCWPro Champs Crowned

A Tale of Two Titles New SCWPro Champs Crowned | #AndNEW

When it comes to pro wrestling, one of the things I enjoy the most is good old-fashioned storytelling. A Tale of Two Titles as...
SCWPro Presents EPIC Night 2

SCWPro Presents EPIC Night 2 | Preview

For the better part of a year, Johnny Wisdom has held a firm grasp around the SCWPro Championship as SCWPro presents EPIC Night 2....
SCWPro EPIC Night One

SCWPro EPIC Night One | Preview

This Saturday night, SCWPro begins what could be their biggest month of 2022 with EPIC Night One. The event is taking place at the...