SCWPro 20th Anniversary Show Preview

For two decades, SCWPro Wrestling has been providing fans with exciting, action-packed pro wrestling as SCWPro presents its 20th Anniversary show.

From humble beginnings inside a barn in Davenport, Iowa, SCW has grown into one of the premiere wrestling promotions in Iowa and Illinois.

SCWPro 20th Anniversary Show

Big-time names in the world of pro wrestling, like Vader, Scotty 2 Hotty, and even WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, have made their way through the SCW curtain.

Check out Seth Rollins discussing SCW here:

This Saturday, the SCW 20th Anniversary show emanates from the Blue Grass Community Center in Blue Grass, Iowa.

It’s sure to be a memorable night, one that honors the past of SCW while shining the spotlight on the future. With that in mind, one of the biggest matches on the card is a ten-man tag team showdown.

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A generational war pitting five of SCW’s original stars (Marek Brave, Mason Beck, King Steven Young Blood, The Shug, Nevin Knoxville) against five of the most ruthless and cunning stars (Augustus Draven, MFG, Niko Kline, Jay Marston, John Bonhart) of today.

Leading the charge for the SCW originals is current Tag Team Champion, Marek Brave.

Returning to the ring two years ago after a long-term injury hiatus, Brave sees this as the opportunity to continue bringing SCW fans high quality entertainment.

“SCW’s 20th Anniversary means the world to me. It’s so wild to think that 20 years ago, some kids with a dream acquired a wrestling ring and just went for it despite the many people telling us we were wasting our time. It’s even wilder to think that 20 years later, the company still exists — and is thriving.

Being able to entertain folks from all over the Midwest for two decades is a privilege that I’ll never take for granted.”
Marek Brave

Standing alongside Brave in battle come Saturday night will be the man who started it all, Steven Youngblood. Known as the King of SCW, it was Youngblood’s family farm where the first SCW shows took place.

Having been there from the beginning and keeping up with everything SCW has become in the past two decades, Youngblood feels that the milestones have been amazing to witness.

Milestones like Moving the Ring after the barn bringing in outside talent and big names to wrestle for SCW, along with the continued growth that has led to filling bigger and bigger venues.

Youngblood sees Saturday as his opportunity to reconnect with the guys he started this with while teaching some of the new blood a thing or two.

“I get the extreme privilege to team with some of my longest friends in what will be a night to remember. We get to show these young ones how we used to do it.

They all came to Black & Brave to learn from the best… where did the best start? Right here in SCW. Your King guarantees thee originals will wipe the floor with these kids.”
– King Steven Youngblood

Sharing the same sentiment about their opponents in the ten-man tag team match is “The Shug” Shane Hollister. His ongoing feud with John Bonhart has picked up in intensity during every SCWPro show in the past few months.

This is yet another chance for him to get his hands on the brash up-and-comer and do it while teaming with a handful of guys he was on the very first SCW show with 20 years ago.

“My prediction for September 9th is a victory for all of us, the old guard, the originals of SCW. But I also predict that you may see some faces you haven’t seen in a very long time, so the fans better be there.”
– The Shug

Rounding out the team of SCW originals will be Nevin Knoxville and the mysterious Mason Beck, who was unavailable for comment. When SCW fans last saw Knoxville, a former SCW Champion, he was challenging Johnny Wisdom for the championship.

He feels that 20 years is an amazing achievement and there would be no way he’d miss the opportunity to celebrate what SCW has accomplished.

“Twenty years is remarkable. Look at all the independent wrestling across the US, and you could maybe count on your fingers how many have made it 20 years. It takes a special group of people to hit milestones like that in a very volatile culture.”
– Nevin Knoxville

While the ten-man tag team match is a huge one this Saturday night, the main event is reserved for the SCW Championship. The title is on the line in a triple-threat match between Champion JT Energy, Dustan Moseley, and Joeasa.

The seeds for the colossal triple threat main event for the richest prize in SCW were planted all the way back in January.

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It was at the Prestige Rumble that, after a seven-year journey, JT Energy reached the mountain top of SCW when he defeated Connor Braxton to win the SCW Championship.

“This past year has been the validation I’ve been seeking for myself. Once I became comfortable being accepted by the SCW fans as their champion, I have wanted nothing more than to represent them and lead them into the next chapter of SCW.”
– JT Energy

Later that night in the Prestige Rumble Match, Joeasa made his return after almost a year-long absence. The battle royal to determine the new number one contender for JT Energy’s Championship was his to win.

However, Dustan Moseley had other plans in mind.

The Devil Dog, who wasn’t originally scheduled in the battle royal, inserted himself by viciously attacking El Tigre Amore before the young grappler could enter the contest.

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In the end, the final two combatants were Joeasa and Moseley, with the latter getting the final elimination for the win. Fast forward to EPIC and the night Moseley challenged for the SCW Championship.

That night Energy emerged victorious in a hard-fought bout. This victory propelled Energy into a summer of big-time title defenses against the likes of Frontman Jah C, Dante Leon, and Eric Eznite.

A fourth name added to that list was Joeasa, whom Energy defeated with a beautiful backslide roll-up at SCWPro: Battle Lines.

Meanwhile, during the summer months, Dustan Moseley, a man not willing to let the EPIC setback slow him down, won a fatal four-way match to become the number one contender once again.

The night Moseley earned his future title shot, Energy was successful yet again in his title defense against Ript Studwell and James Thomas. During his post-match celebration, Energy was attacked from behind by a masked man dressed similarly to the Devil Dog.

Attacks from the masked man continued throughout the summer, making the tension run even hotter between Energy, who was sure Moseley was behind the attacks, and his future opponent, who always maintained his innocence.

It was at SCWPro: It’s Still Reel To Me that the identity of the masked man was revealed to be Joeasa after he laid waste to both Energy and Moseley.

JT Energy has been around as long as I have and knows what I’m capable of when I’m pushed to extreme measures. The Devil Dog, on the other hand, well, let’s just say that Bambi is still growing out of his spots. He has no idea the mountains I’ve had to climb and the one he’s got ahead of him on September 9th.”
– Joeasa

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The assault by Joeasa on the champion and challenger worked for the Godfather as it was announced that night that the title would be on the line at the 20th Anniversary show in a triple threat match.

Losing his one-on-one opportunity at the SCWPro Championship didn’t sit well with Dustan Moseley. But he is fully confident that at the end of the night, he will be walking out of the Blue Grass Community Center, the new SCW Champion.

“JT Energy is living on borrowed time, and Joeasa is just a little weasel working his way into my business. Bad things happen to people that get into my business. Saturday will be the beginning of a new era in SCW, and the Devil Dog will be in charge by midnight.”
– Dustan Moseley.

For JT Energy, this opportunity to once again defend his championship against not one but two challengers is another chance to cement his legacy as a top-tier SCWPro Champion. 

He’s held the belt for nearly nine months and has met every challenge head-on. Saturday, he’ll need the performance of a lifetime to walk out of the BGC with his title intact. 

I’m not overly fond of each man personally, but I respect how dangerous each is. This will be my biggest test to date as champion, and I will prove to myself and both competitors that this reign isn’t done yet. This is yet another chapter in the Legacy of The Energy.”
– JT Energy

The 20th Anniversary Show is set to have two more title defenses Saturday night. Fighting SCW Iowa Champion Corn Boi puts his title on the line against the always unpredictable and very dangerous Dante Leon. 

Expect the action to be fast as these two compete for the prestigious championship. Lots of history behind this championship, and just might be the focus of mine on a future Pro Wrestling Post article. 

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QC Cup holder Shain Boucher steps into the ring once again with the man he took the cup away from, Eric Eznite. These two have been feuding for months, and each wants to get one up on their rival. 

This has all the potential of a show stealer.

Eznite’s “Chosen” will be in action Saturday night as well, when Malik Champion teams with the newest, yet-to-be-named member of the Chosen against Infamy brethren Deonn Rusman and Robin Steele. 

A match with its own high stakes is the “Loser Leaves SCW” Match between former tag team partners and friends, “Primetime” James Thomas and Ript Studwell. 

After falling out with Connor Braxton in January, these two have been attempting to prove who the better man is all year. Each time they’ve had the opportunity, someone in the SCW roster would insert themselves, delaying the much-needed fight. 

Saturday, they finally get their chance, as no other wrestlers will be allowed ringside. 

See their recent sit-down interview about the match here:

The ladies of SCW are in action on Saturday in a featured triple-threat match. It will be Valentina Loca versus Izzy B versus Kaia McKenna. Izzy B and Loca recently returned to SCW, while in their absence, McKenna found herself in quite the winning streak. 

All three have been focal points in SCW, and each would love to reign supreme at the promotion’s biggest show of the year. If you like a little nostalgia in your wrestling, then the Throwback Tag Team Match will be right up your alley. 

It will be Krotch and Bobbi Dahl versus Knight Wagner and Woody McGuire. 

Joining this match will be, what Marek Brave referred to as a whole slew of a throwback crew – Zack Dahl and Albert Armageddon doing ring announcing, Timothy Regal managing, Mark Storm on commentary, Jake Ryder as special guest commissioner for that match only, Sean Morrow and Waldo as referees.

The SCWPro Hall of Fame gets its newest inductee Saturday night when the legendary Latin Thunder takes his rightful spot in the prestigious club. A man whose resume speaks for itself, the luchador is a more than deserving recipient of this honor.

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