SCWPro Prestige Rumble 2024 – Preview

This Saturday night at the Blue Grass Community Center in Blue Grass, Iowa, is the SCWPro: Prestige Rumble 2024, and the next chapter in the heated rivalry between SCWPro Champion Dustan Moseley and JT Energy is written.

Ironically enough, this feud between the “Devil Dog” and the “Feline Phenom” began a year ago at the same event. 

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SCWPro Prestige Rumble 2024

The 2023 Prestige Rumble began with JT Energy winning the SCWPro Championship.

It was the culmination of Energy’s seven-year journey to the one championship he had yet to attain in the promotion he began his pro wrestling career with.

His victory over Connor Braxton was met with a raucous ovation from the SCWPro fans.

A fan base that had recently embraced Energy after years of torment from the Unsolved Mistery.

Later in the night, Dustan Moseley lost his SCWPro Iowa Championship to “The Shug” Shane Hollister in a bloody collision.

Not one to let a setback ruin the start of his year, Moseley violently inserted himself into the 25-Man Prestige Rumble at the end of the night.

Taking out El Tigre Amore before the up-and-comer could officially enter the match did him no favors with the SCWPro fans.

Moseley eliminated a handful of competitors, including the likes of Jared Thumb and Frontman Jah-C, before he found himself in the final two.

Across from him was Joeasa, who, after a long hiatus, had made his return to SCWPro at the start of this match.

After a back-and-forth battle, it was Moseley’s whose arm would be raised in victory, earning him a championship opportunity at SCWPro’s biggest event of the year, EPIC.

In the lead-up to EPIC, Energy, and Moseley crossed paths multiple times, and the two even traded vicious steel chair assaults.

Energy, feigning that he was possibly having to step away from wrestling due to the assault from Moseley, was a master class in cerebral warfare.

The night of EPIC went in favor of Energy, bolstering his already impressive reign as SCWPro Champion. 

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After their EPIC collision, Energy continued defending the championship at every opportunity.

Meanwhile, Moseley began working his way back into contention. 

By the time Moseley earned back the number one contendership, something had started happening for both men. 

Moseley began receiving more and more support from the SCWPro fans while Energy’s support began to wane. 

They were destined to meet once again, but a third man, Joeasa, interjected himself into their feud. 

After weeks of attacks on Energy by a masked man, most assumed it was Moseley. 

The Devil Dog maintained his innocence and once Joeasa revealed himself as the assailant a triple threat match was scheduled for the SCWPro: 20th Anniversary Show. 

It was here at the 20th Anniversary of SCWPro that the story between JT Energy and Dustan Moseley flipped its script. 

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On that night, Moseley emerged victorious in the triple threat match, becoming SCWPro Champion for the first time.

It was, however, Joeasa who took the pinfall. JT Energy was not involved in the conclusion of the match. 

The loss of his championship, something he had worked seven years for, took a toll on his mental state. 

“Moseley said he would do whatever was necessary to become champion, and he did…the problem I have with that, is he now walks around like he’s the American Bad A**.

I respect what he did to become champion, but I don’t respect how he carries himself as champion representing SCW Pro.“

– JT Energy

Energy became obsessed with winning his championship back, and the fact that the fans had begun fully supporting Moseley drove his obsession into madness. 

The rivals met once again for the SCWPro Championship at Hawkamania 32, and on that night, Moseley kept his obsessed challenger at bay.

Energy, unwilling to shake Moseley’s hand after the match, let everyone know this rivalry was far from over. 

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This tale’s next twist came during SCWPro: Genesis when JT Energy defeated The Shug to once again become the number one contender.

Now that we’ve come full circle, these two rivals are set to square off once again, only now, each man enters with a different mindset.

Moseley has become an honorable champion the fans fully support, while Energy has reverted back to the man who loves nothing more than receiving the ire of the fans. 

But this Energy is a different cat altogether. His mind has spun into a world only he fully understands.

Saturday night the Devil Dog and the Feline Phenom look to settle the score. 

Infamy No More

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For years, the trio of Deonn Rusman, Joeasa, and Robin Steele, collectively known as Infamy, ruled their world of wrestling.

Anywhere they went, Infamy ruled the roost. 

Their athleticism, charisma, and chemistry were damn near possible to match.

Last year, the three once again came together to fend off a formidable challenge from the trio of Connor Braxton, Jay Marston, and Augustus Draven.

It was their shining moment in the main event of EPIC. 

But, like with many pro wrestling groups before them, ego and the drive to be the very best drove a wedge between them. 

In his quest to try and become SCWPro Champion, Joeasa felt his brothers weren’t fully supporting him. 

That feeling was the match needed to spark their break-up.

At Season’s Beatings, the match was ignited when Joeasa attacked Deonn Rusman after the trio seemingly squashed their differences. 

Adding more fuel to the fire was the fact that Steele left Rusman lying with a kick of his own after “Iceberg” confronted him about Joeasa’s actions. 

Now, this Saturday, the most dominant group in the history of SCWPro officially implodes as each man tries to prove they were the best member all along.

Double Duty

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Back at SCWPro: EPIC, Corn Boi earned arguably the biggest victory of his career. 

It was on that night he defeated Johnny Wisdom, The Shug, and Krotch to become the SCWPro Iowa Champion. 

Since then, he has become the definition of a fighting champion. 

Willing to take on any challenger, Corn Boi defended his championship against all three EPIC opponents individually, along with the likes of Niko Kline, Malik Champion, John Bonhart, and Dante Leon.

Saturday night, he faces what could be the biggest challenge of his reign when “The Cornbelt Cowboy” One Called Manders returns to SCWPro looking for gold. 

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A legend of SCWPro, Manders has been plying his trade out east, and he always comes ready for a fight.

He was the man to answer Corn Boi’s open challenge for a title match at Prestige Rumble, and now the SCWPro fans will reap the benefit of what could end up being a “Match of the Year” contender. 

Corn Boi’s night won’t be over after his Iowa Championship Match, no he’s working double duty Saturday night. 

During SCWPro’s first show of 2024 Genesis, he won a seven-man battle royal where the winner got to pick his spot of entry in the 20-man battle royal. 

Being the fighting champion he is, Corn Boi declared he would enter the Rumble from the number one spot. 

A fighting champion indeed. 

Ready to Rumble

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The main event on Saturday night is the Prestige Rumble. 

Inspired by WWE’s Royal Rumble, this battle royal will feature 20 of SCWPro’s toughest competitors. 

Each looking for their opportunity at glory, each knowing they will have to be at the top of their game to outlast their opponents to earn a championship opportunity at EPIC. 

Wrestlers like The Chosen – Eric Eznite, Malik Champion, and Garrote want to fulfill their self-proclaimed prophecy that 2024 will be their year.

Augustus Draven, a man loyal to only himself, would love nothing more than to eliminate as many people as possible on his way to becoming the number one contender. 

John Bonhart, the QC Cup Champion, has been on quite the hot streak as of late. With new manager Mark Storm by his side, becoming number one contender could be the next step in his ascent up the ranks. 

Krotch, Johnny Wisdom, and the Shug are all former SCWPro Champions and would love nothing more than to return to glory as THE MAN in SCWPro. 

Jared Thumb and Chuck Brewster our a team and could use that to their advantage until the time comes for them to fight for the victory. 

Dante Leon could be the wild card in this contest; his willingness to take things to the extreme could serve him well. 

Those are just a few of the contenders entering the Rumble Saturday night, and as we’ve seen in years past, the Prestige Rumble is sure to have a few surprises along the way.

The stage is set, and SCWPro’s road to EPIC begins to take shape this Saturday. 

A championship rivalry writes its next chapter, a group’s reign officially ends, a large test awaits the Iowa Champion, and a new number one contender will emerge at the Prestige Rumble.