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When it comes to pro wrestling, one of the things I enjoy the most is good old-fashioned storytelling. A Tale of Two Titles as New SCWPro Champs were Crowned. Big death-defying spots are tremendous and acrobatic athleticism has become a staple in today’s pro wrestling, but for me, there is nothing better than a well-told story.

Last Saturday, April 23, SCWPro told two brilliant stories centered around their two biggest individual championships.

Iowa Championship

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The tale of JT Energy and Marek Brave is one with layers. First, you have the old-fashioned student (Energy) versus teacher (Brave) aspect. Second, Marek Brave trained JT Energy during his time at the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy.

They were then partners in a nefarious trio, along with Frontman Jah C. Known as “Stylin & Defilin,” the group ran roughshod over SCWPro. That was until Brave underwent what seemed like career-ending neck surgery.

Last Saturday, Marek Brave came out of retirement to defend his honor against his protégé in an Iowa City Street Fight.

Watch what led up to this match here:

For Brave, it was the chance to prove he still had what it takes to step inside the squared circle. As for Energy, it was his chance to show the world he had surpassed his mentor.

The Match

Energy entered Wildwood Saloon to a resounding chorus of boos. Flanked by his right-hand man Augustus Draven, you could tell the “Unsolved Mistery” was in a particularly foul mood. Then the “Fashionista” Marek Brave’s music hit.

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I’ve heard some loud pops these past few years covering wrestling events, but Marek Brave’s official return to the ring might be the loudest. After an intense stare down, the fight was on.

Brave, showing he hadn’t missed a step, dominated early, much to the delight of the SCWPro fans. Not content to keep the fight in the ring, Brave led Energy over to the Wildwood bar.

Surrounded by the SCWPro masses, Brave proceeded to body slam Energy on the hardwood floor before covering his rival in some adult beverages. Before returning ring side, Brave’s sons got in on the action.

With their dad holding JT Energy’s arms, both boys landed shots of their own to Energy’s abdomen. When the fight returned to the ring side area, Brave threw all caution to the wind.

SCWPro Crowns New Champions

In one of the match’s biggest moments, Brave cross body blocked both Energy and Draven from the top turnbuckle on to the floor. A fired-up Brave celebrated with some ring side fans as Draven, feeling the full effects of the death-defying leap, was escorted to the locker room.

The intensity continued to build between these two competitors as cookie sheets, chairs, kendo sticks and even a crutch were used as weapons. JT Energy even brought a ladder into the fold.

On top of the ladder with a table set up below them, both men went crashing through the table as Brave suplexed Energy. It was a brutal landing as their mid flight trajectory sent them crashing through the edge of the table instead the center.

However, this wasn’t the craziest moment of the match. That came when JT Energy brought a staple gun into the chaos. Showing just how vicious he could be, Energy to stapled a dollar bill to Brave’s arm before going even further and stapling one to his forehead.

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The latter seemingly firing up Marek Brave to the point where he had Energy set up for a match ending super kick.

A Tale of Two Titles New SCWPro Champs Crowned

This is when Augustus Draven returned to ring side to assist his mentor. With the numbers advantage, Energy and Draven eventually zip tied Brave to the ring ropes. Taunting the SCWPro Hall of Famer, Energy brandished the chair he used long ago to break up his former team with the Frontman Jah C.

At the mercy of his foes, all seemed lost for Brave when Jah C’s music echoed throughout the Wildwood Saloon. The fans erupted as the Frontman made his way to the ring. That euphoric feeling quickly soured when Jah embraced his former Vicious and Delicious partner.

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Everyone in attendance was stunned; the feeling was similar to Hulk Hogan joining the New World Order. But, in an EPIC swerve, Jah C blasted Augustus Draven with a chair before delivering a pair of chair shots to JT Energy.

At its finest, it was poetic justice seeing Jah C wield the same chair that ended Vicious and Delicious time together. A super kick from Jah followed by an even more devastating one from Brave and SCWPro had crowned a new Iowa Champion.

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After the match Jah C thanked Brave for all he had done for his career before Brave and his boys celebrated in the ring together.

Iceberg’s Comeback

A Tale of Two Titles New SCWPro Champs Crowned
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In sports there is no better story than an athlete returning from an injury to reach the pinnacle of their craft. In pro wrestling, these kinds of returns are some of the biggest and best moments of the year.

Saturday night capped off Deonn Rusman’s EPIC return to SCWPro. Last year Rusman suffered a serious knee injury that put him on the shelf. But, not to be deterred, Rusman trained through the pain and rehab and made his triumphant return during SCWPro’s January event, the Prestige Rumble.

He won the 20-man battle royal, last eliminating Solomon Tupu, to earn a future SCWPro Championship opportunity. Unfortunately, that opportunity came last Saturday night against battle-tested champion Johnny Wisdom.

Rusman entered first to a thunderous ovation. The SCWPro faithful fully ready to see “Iceberg” take his seat atop the mountain. Wisdom entered second with his stoic sense of confidence.

He’d been here before with lights shining bright and proved numerous times his worth as champion. There was a definite big fight feel for the main event of Epic night two.

Enhanced as the two talked trash during the introductions. Rusman started fast and furious, hitting Wisdom with a plethora of power moves, including a leaping clothesline and arm drag.

A Tale of Two Titles New SCWPro Champs Crowned

Weathering the early storm, Wisdom found his advantage by focusing on Rusman’s previously injured knee. Attempting to wear down the challenger, Wisdom continued the assault on the knee.

Wisdom added insult to injury and removed Rusman’s weight belt before whipping the challenger multiple times with the strap.

A Tale of Two Titles New SCWPro Champs Crowned
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The downfall of Johnny Wisdom’s reign as SCWPro Champion came after he attempted to pile drive Rusman on the ring apron. Instead of delivering the devastating move, Wisdom found himself hoisted onto Rusman’s shoulders.

From here, Rusman slammed Wisdom through a chair placed on the announcer’s stage. Rusman followed up by tossing Wisdom from the stage over the top rope into the ring before landing an impressive flying clothesline from the stage, over the top rope and into the ring.

A pair of belly-to-belly suplexes followed by a thunderous spear and the “Lady in Red” had found herself a new home around the waist of “Iceberg” Deonn Rusman. The comeback was complete as Deonn Rusman basked in the applause of the fan; it truly was an EPIC way to end SCWPro’s biggest event of the year.

A Tale of Two Titles New SCWPro Champs Crowned
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