SCWPro 19th Anniversary Show – Preview

Earlier this year, during SCWPro’s biggest event of the year, EPIC Night 2, Deonn Rusman won the Heavyweight Championship. It was a feel-good moment as Rusman triumphantly returned from a devastating knee injury to reach the pinnacle of SCWPro.

However, a second knee injury shortly after forced Rusman to relinquish the championship. With no champion, SCWPro began an 8-man tournament to determine who would sit at the head of the table.

SCWPro 19th Anniversary Show
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At “Red, White, and Bruised,” the opening round began. That night, the Shug defeated Dustan Moseley, and JT Energy advanced after defeating Conan Lycan. During SCWPro’s “Hot, Hot, Hot,” the final opening round matches were held.

Johnny Wisdom defeated longtime rival Mason Beck, and Krotch pulled out a victory over Solomon Tupu. This brings us to this Saturday and the semifinals and finals of the SCWPro Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

SCWPro 19th Anniversary Show
SCWPro Title Tournament Semifinals
JT Energy vs The Shug

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The rivalry between the Shug and JT Energy has picked up steam over the past few months. Energy, with his right-hand man Augustus Draven, has continuously been a thorn in the side of the Shug.

“Shane Hollister is my white whale on my path to the SCWPro Championship,” Energy said. “A singles victory over the former champion and SCWPro Hall of Famer is the gasoline I need dumped on my fire to make it into the finals.”

Interfering in his matches and making his life miserable any opportunity they can. This will be the Shug’s ultimate opportunity to give the nefarious duo some much-earned comeuppance.

“JT Energy is young, he’s hungry and he still walks around with a chip on his shoulder,” the Shug said. “He wants what I have already won, the SCWPro Championship. Even with all that said, I’m not too worried about JT Energy.”

Not only would a victory for the Shug give him a sweet sense of satisfaction, but it will move him one step closer to becoming a six-time SCWPro Champion.

“No one has held that title as many times as I have,” the Shug said. SCWPro is in my heart it’s in my soul. Shane Hollister is SCWPro.

For JT Energy, this is his opportunity to achieve greatness.

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Energy has held every championship SCWPro has to offer except the Heavyweight Title. A win for him would make him a Grand Slam Champion and would continue his self-proclaimed prophecy that he is destined to become SCWPro Champion.

“I have accomplished more than I ever thought but the one thing I stare at and yearn for is the SCWPro Championship,” Energy said. “I will prove I am more than just a character in someone’s eyes, I am a Pro Wrestler and a damn good one at that! I am a Champion, Your Champion! I am JT Energy.”

SCWPro 19th Anniversary Show
SCWPro Title Tournament Semifinals
Johnny Wisdom vs Krotch

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The history runs deep between Johnny Wisdom and Krotch. Crossing paths numerous times over the years, both former champions will look to use that experience and knowledge to get the upper hand come Saturday.

“We have faced many many times over the years, but most recently, his luck against me has not been good,” Wisdom said. “I took him out for a year at one point, and I plan on doing it again. Hell, Krotch might as well forfeit now and save himself the medical bills.”

“Johnny and I have traded wins and losses for over a decade and a half; however, these are easily the highest stakes we’ve ever faced each other for.” Krotch said.  “Johnny’s had his moment in the sun; now it’s my turn.”

Wisdom was the man that Deonn Rusman took the title from at EPIC Night 2. A win Saturday moves him closer to even more validation as one of SCWPro’s greatest champions.

“Winning the SCWPro title for a third time means people will finally have to put some respect on my name when they talk about me, and it just proves what I’ve said all the time, I am the top guy going in SCWPro” – Wisdom.

Krotch has held the SCWPro Championship just one time. Much like Wisdom, he is looking to cement his own legacy in SCWPro.

“My only championship reign lasted maybe a month. I love the legacy I’ve cultivated as Krotch, but I also need to prove myself as one of the best to ever step into the SCWPro squared circle. And at the 19th Anniversary, that’s exactly what I’ll do.” – Krotch

The winners of each semifinal will meet in the main event, but the SCWPro Heavyweight Championship isn’t the only title on the line Saturday night. In fact, every SCWPro Championship will be defended at the Walcott Coliseum.

SCWPro 19th Anniversary Show
No Disqualification SCWPro Iowa Championship Match
Marek Brave © vs Dustan Moseley

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During EPIC Night 2, Deonn Rusman’s return wasn’t the only epic return to take place. That same night, Marek Brave competed in his first singles match in over five years. A neck injury in 2017 had seemingly ended his in-ring career, but with hard work and medical clearance, Brave was allowed to enter a ring once again.

That night he defeated JT Energy in a classic Street Fight to become the new SCWPro Iowa Champion. Since then, Brave has taken on all challengers with several successful title defenses. This Saturday may be his stiffest test to date.

Dustan Moseley’s rise through the ranks of SCWPro has been a sight to see. His reign as QC Cup Champion was an impressive one, with wins over SCWPro legends like Krotch and One Called Manders. This Saturday is his opportunity to take that next step up the ladder.

SCWPro 19th Anniversary Show
SCWPro Tag Team Championship Match
Thunder Corn (Latin Thunder & Corn Boi) © vs Partners in Rhyme (MFG & Niko Kline)

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For months the “Partners in Rhyme” have been chasing the tag team titles in SCWPro. The pair has had a few opportunities at the straps but ultimately fell short each time.

However, heading into this contest, their confidence is at an all-time high. They have found a rhythm as a team, and their victory over the champs at “Red, White and Bruised” earned them this opportunity Saturday night.

Speaking of the champions, Latin Thunder and Corn Boi have been SCWPro Tag Champions since May. They have fended off challenges from the Partners in Rhyme, the Prodigal Sons, and the Mis-Night Society. Saturday night, they look to continue their reign at the top.

SCWPro 19th Anniversary Show
SCWPro QC Cup Championship Match
Heather Reckless © vs Eric Eznite

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Since violently breaking up with his former tag team partner Malik Champion, Eric Eznite has been on a path of righteousness. This path has led him to the main event of three of SCWPro’s most recent shows.

Plus, during “Hot, Hot, Hot” Eznite’s win in a fatal four-way over Jared Thumb, Jay Marston, and Shain Boucher made him the number one contender to the QC Cup. Heather Reckless, who won the QC Cup in a wild six-person scramble match, has been a fighting champion.

She’s defended the QC Cup against the likes of Dustan Moseley, Jay Marston, and Niko Kline. Reckless has proved time and again that despite her size, she is more than capable of handling her own against any man SCWPro sends her way.

Both have a lot of momentum going into this match, it will be interesting to see if the Reckless reign will continue or the path of righteousness leads to the cup.

SCWPro’s future begins Saturday when one of four viable contenders walks out of the Walcott Coliseum with the championship around their waist. The only question is, who will be the man in SCWPro?