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Shun Skywalker wins Open the Dream Gate Championship

Shun Skywalker wins Open the Dream Gate Championship | #AndNEW

On November 15th, Dragon Gate held their annual Kobe Pro Wrestling Festival a little later than expected but would still give us...
Eita Wins Dragon Gate's King of Gate 2020

Eita Wins Dragon Gate’s King of Gate 2020

On May 15th, Dragon Gate would start their annual King of Gate Tournament. Instead of doing a round-robin, they would do a...
King of Gate Tournament 2020

King of Gate Tournament 2020: Preview

It's that time of year again where Dragon Gate will hold their annual tournament, King of Gate. It'll be a little bit different this...

Puroresu Press 2/8/2020 (Dragon Gate/MLW)

It's time to bring back the Puroresu Press. After giving it a month off with my trip from Japan and being ill for a...

#AndNEW: Open The Twin Gate Tournament Concludes!

If you all remember from my previous article involving Dragon Gate, BxB Hulk betrayed YAMATO to join R.E.D. In doing so they would vacate...

#AndNEW: Three New Champions Crowned at Dragon Gate

At The Final Gate, the final major Dragon Gate event of the year, there were multiple matches held where titles were contended for. We...

#Preview: Dragon Gate The Final Gate 2019 (12/15/2019)

The year is about to come to a close as Dragon Gate hosts its last big event of the year, Final Gate 2019. This...

Puroresu Press for 12/8/2019 (Sareee Stardom appearance?)

We're back to another edition of the Puroresu Press. For this article, we'll be talking about an update from my last article about the...
Ultimo Dragon

#NEWS: Ultimo Dragon Officially Joins Dragon Gate

During the Dragon Gates show on September 11th called Storm Gate 2019, Ultimo Dragon would take part in the main event teaming up with...

#Review: Dragon Gate Kobe Festival 2019

It's time to do another review for this site as I will be covering the Dragon Gate Kobe Pro-Wrestling Festival, which is also the...