#NEWS: Ultimo Dragon Officially Joins Dragon Gate

During the Dragon Gates show on September 11th called Storm Gate 2019, Ultimo Dragon would take part in the main event teaming up with Dragon Kid and his old rival, Darkness Dragon as they took on Masato Yoshino, Naruki Doi, and YAMATO which ended in a No Contest due to R.E.D interfering in the match and attacked both teams. After the match, however, Ultimo Dragon would keep his promise and would make his final decision whether he would join come back home for good and join Dragon Gate or not. To many people’s surprise, he would actually say yes and decides to join Dragon Gate.

It has been hinted at quite some time ever since Ultimo came back to the promotion on June 6th to make an appearance but the people of Dragon Gate wanted him to come home after leaving in 2003 when it was called Toryumon Japan. After his first match on July 21st Kobe Pro-Wrestling Festival, he promised the crowd that he would be here for a couple of shows but Masato Yoshino had other plans in mind as he offered him to come back home full-time.

Ultimo Dragon
Photo / Proresu-Today

This is honestly very shocking in my opinion as this is something that other people along with myself would’ve never expected this to happen at all. Ultimo Dragon has been freelancing ever since his departure in WWE in 2004 as he would tour in Japan, Mexico, and the United States. You would mostly see him in Toryumon Mexico and All Japan Pro Wrestling during his travels but now it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in Dragon Gate. So, what will it mean for his time in AJPW? Well, only time will tell but I don’t think it’ll be much of an issue with them since you do see some Dragon Gate Wrestlers come over for a tour a two, so I think there’s a chance we’ll see more of Ultimo there despite being Dragon Gate? What will Ultimo bring for Dragon Gate since he joined? Plenty of dream matches to go around for one, more fans coming to watch, and Ultimo making his way back home.

Welcome home, Ultimo Dragon.