#AndNEW: Open The Twin Gate Tournament Concludes!

If you all remember from my previous article involving Dragon Gate, BxB Hulk betrayed YAMATO to join R.E.D. In doing so they would vacate the Open the Twin Gate Championships in the process. As to how they would crown the new champions, Dragon Gate would host a tournament. Consisting primarily of the newly built factions with generational warfare between Toryumon, Dragon Gate, and R.E.D. On January 11th, the tournament would start and it would conclude on January 15th with new champions.

Open The Twin Gate
Photo / Dragon Gate

To nobodies surprise, BxB Hulk and YAMATO would meet in the finals of the tournament but the question was who their partners would be in this tournament. For BxB Hulk, his partner was KAZMA SAKAMOTO and YAMATO’s partner would be the former Open the Dream Gate Champion, Ben-K. The two teams fought for nearly twenty-two minutes and the match ended with BxB Hulk pinning YAMATO in the match for him and KAZMA to win the Open the Twin Gate Championships!

It looks like R.E.D made the first move in the new generational warfare by reclaiming the Open the Twin Gate titles.
Photo / Dragon Gate

After losing them as Final Gate last month and they have more goal under their belt All they need is the Open the Dream Gate Championship. At this point, they’ll have all the titles in Dragon Gate. Hulk pinning YAMATO shows me that there will be more to the storyline. Instead of just ending it right here and hoping it would lead to a singles match between the two in the future. 2020 just started and this whole storyline between the three factions is already shaping up to be interesting. This could be a potential rivalry of the year if done correctly. If you’re new to Dragon Gate, this is now the time to jump on that wagon. Congratulations to the new champions and let’s see what they’ll have to offer as champions.