The RIPTIDE Wrestling RETROspective: Brighton Championship – Night Two

Photo / Robbie Sutter

Hello again and welcome to another edition of The RIPTIDE Wrestling RETROspective, with me, Mark Blake. Those of you that have followed this series will know that so far I have covered The StormBlack Water 2017Deep Six 2018, Spring Break 2018, RIPTIDE Rumble 2018, and the first night of the Brighton Championship. You can catch up by clicking the links above to read those reviews.

We’re getting to the end of my RIPTIDE Retrospective run here at Pro Wrestling Post. After this piece, I will have two more events left before you’re all caught up! The time has flown by folks  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed reviewing them for you all. And you can check out their on-demand service right here too. Seriously check it out as along with RIPTIDE you have access to DEFY Wrestling among others!


Angelico vs El Phantasmo


Night two opened with a non-tournament bout between two of last night’s beaten combatants.

The early goings of the match saw both men vying for control and it wasn’t until ELP went bat shit crazy with an insane amount of dives that someone took the lead.


A great sequence of a spinning DDT and a beautiful Lionsault saw ELP with a two count, but Angelico came back with a great cradle pin from an attempted spinning neckbreaker from Phantasmo to grab a shock win. Good quick match to get the crowd pumped for the night’s show.

Winner – Angelico

Brighton Championship Quarter Final
Chris Ridgeway vs David Starr


The mood soon changed when Money Versus Everybody member Ridgeway came out, instant boos from the very partizan crowd. And as you can imagine, instant cheers from the very likeable Starr.

Everything was going great for David at the start of the match. He kept the bout on the mat and edged out a tight grappling contest. Then the strikes of Riddy came into play and the match took a very different turn. Ridgeway is so damn vicious and effective with his kicks, so much so that he actually kicked Starr through the ropes and out the ring!


David came back with a Blackheart Buster and a Han Stansen which picked up an encouraging two for the crowd favuorite, but it wasn’t enough to keep Chris down. He came back with a nasty looking rear naked choke to gain the submission victory and walk into day three as a semi finalist!

Winner – Chris Ridgeway

Wild Boar vs Millie McKenzie


Many of you will know that Boar doesn’t mess around. It doesn’t matter who he’s in the ring with, he will hurt the opponenet until he gets his hand raised. And that continued here in this match with Millie.

McKenzie was doing well as long as she wasn’t in range of Boar, which she did for the majority of the match. But when she was within his grasp, man it was hard work watching. Seeing her take a ratehr nasty T Bone suplex made me think “sod that!”


But the master of the suplex would hold her own and eventually take the win with a German suplex into a roll up (think Doug Williams Chaos Theory without the run into the corner) to prove that she can outsmart any man, woman or child… get my drift.

Winner – Millie McKenzie

Brighton Championship Quarter Final
Chuck Mambo vs Jordan Devlin


A match many fans were looking forward to at the climax of Night One and with good reason. The adopted son of RIPTIDE taking on the Killer Import. All signs pointed to a great match and BOY they weren’t disapointed!

Devlin took charge early, a great and not often used Indian Deathlock nearly gaining a quick victory. Jordan was all over Chuck, swarming him with a great sequence of a uranage, standing moonsault, back elbow and Meteora seated knees, all in the space of 8 seconds. Fantastic stuff!


Try as he could, Chuck just couldn’t get going and it wasn’t until Jordan hit a headbutt that hurt both men, and caused Mambo to fall on him and nearly gain the three count, that he found a way back into the bout.

A gutbuster and his patented springboard splash helped Mambo advance into the semis. Leaving a forlorn Devlin in the center of the ring.

Winner – Chuck Mambo

Session Moth Martina & Dave Benson Phillips vs Anti Fun Police


This match right here got RIPTIDE so much publicity here in the UK. Why?…Dave Benson Phillips (or DBP) that’s why. He used to present kids tv back in the day, using his power to gunge the kids and parents of his shows with copious amounts of gunge.

The AFP’s M.O is to stop ALL the fun in and around them, and with DBP and Martina being known for their fun antics, they took it upon themselves to put an end to it. And bah gawd there was so much fun in this match!

Outside the ring was a bug paddling pool filled to the brim with gunge, just waiting to be used on unsuspecting victims! With Benson being the celebrity and less trained of the three, it fell to Martina to do the lions share of the work. She was worked over by Chief Deputy Dunne and Los Federales Super Santos for the majority of the match.


Personal highlight was seeing Martina give Dunne her Vaginal Claw (her homage to Joey Ryan’s super dong power). Literally laughing so much I was crying watching that spot. Brilliant work from all involved.

Unfortunately those glory hunting scoundrels Gideon Grey and Kurtis Chapman got involved, but didn’t affect the match outcome as Grey accidentally hit Kurtis with a steel chair while Dunne was being hit with the Gunge Clunge Wombstone – yup you guessed it, gunge down the tights of Martina who hits a tombstone – for the three in a fantastic comedy match!

Winners – Session Moth Martina & Dave Benson Phillips

Brighton Championship Quarter Final
Spike Trivet vs CandyFloss


Regular readers of my work will know that I’ve been saying that CandyFloss has been one of the most improved wrestlers in the UK and in this match she shows once again why I believe that.

For the majority of this match she was in total control. Great psychology too, concentating on Spike’s arm in readiness for her armbar finisher. Trivet didn’t help his case by treating her as something he had stepped in. Which wound up CandyFloss even more!


It took Spike using the referee to block an oncoming attack to get some offence in, and we wouldn’t expect anything else from him really.

A straightjacket backbreaker from CandyFloss was stunning and she transitioned into a tilt-a-whirl into her armbar finisher and made Spike tap…. but the referee was distracted by Chris Ridgeway! That allowed Damon Moser to pretty much knock Candy’s head off with a vicious strike and give Spike the opportunity to hit his Birth Right finisher and grab the contentious win.

Winner – Spike Trivet

Brighton Championship Quarter Final
Damon Moser vs Jonah Rock


Uh-oh! Out of all the MVE members it’s quite obvious that Moser had the biggest challenge. Jonah Rock put away possibly the most dangerous man on the planet the night before….WALTER. Imagine what damage he could do to Damon?

Rock’s size and strength was the order of the night here and Moser had no answer. Jonah was ragdolling Moser around, and it wasn’t until a misplaced kick onto the ring post outside the ring that Damon could see a glimmer of hope. Like a shark smelling blood, Moser saw the now injured leg of Jonah as a target and went to work.


Damon could see that Rock was fading, unable to stand properly on his legs, and it looked like he was taking his foot off the gas. Big mistake as a lacklustre reverse chinlock from Moser was easily powered out from. A huge brainbuster from Rock eliminated Damon from the tournament.

Winner – Jonah Rock

Aussie Open Challenge
RINGKAMPF vs Aussie Open


What a main event to close the second night! Timothy Thatcher and WALTER answered the challenge and came out to a HUGE ovation from the RIPTIDE faithful!

This was a great tag team match from two teams that seem to up the bar everytime they step foot inside the ring. Physicality, speed, technicality, power….between all four men this match had it all.

Seeing Davis square up and tee off against WALTER, the chop battle they had….Holy frickin crap! Thatcher and Fletcher putting on a wrestling clinic with their submissions and counters. All four just giving the fans eveeything and more in that ring, just wow!


As you can tell this is one of those matches where you have to see to believe folks, but the finish came when Fletcher accidentally hit a dropkick onto his own partner Davis. That allowed RINGKAMPF the opportunity to hit a Powerbomb/Uppercut finisher for the win.

Such a great great match. Get yourselves onto RIPTIDE’s on-demand and watch this. Just wow!



Day two of three done. A day of shocks. A day of triumphs. Day three will see the first ever Brighton Champion crowned and I have a feeling more shocks will be in store for us all.

As always I will be back to review that momentous night…right here at Pro Wrestling Post (gotta love a cheap pop 😉 )

Once again I’d like to thank RIPTIDE Wrestling and as always, your wonderful selves for not only reading this piece but all the fantastic work right here at Pro Wrestling Post. Head on over to Riptide’s on-demand service to watch all of their fantastic content and much much more.

So until next week…..ADIOS!!!