Money In The Bank 2012 – WWE Sunday Night Pay Per RetroView

The build for this pay per view and the opening video package focused on how at the time anyone who cashed in on the opportunity won in the Money in the Bank 2012 match had a 100% success rate.

This was also the first opportunity for John Cena to compete for the Money In the Bank 2012 contract. Who will be the next winner and the next champion?

On Sunday, July 15, 2012, from the U.S Airways Centre in Phoenix, Arizona, the show begins with the first 2012 Money in the Bank Ladder contract match for the World Championship, which was on the Smackdown brand.

This is the WWE Sunday Night Pay Per Retroview for Money In the Bank 2012

World Championship Smackdown Money In The Bank 2012 Ladder Match
Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. Santino Marella vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Sin Cara vs. Tensai vs. Christian

Looking back, it is interesting to see who was considered a threat and a viable challenger for the contract. As the first match of the Money In The Bank 2012 matchup of the night, it proved to be quite the contest.

Tensai was clearly the largest of all the men involved in this match. The announce team of Booker T, Jerry Lawler, and Michael Cole discussed the dangers of this match and remind fans what Sin Cara suffered the previous year.

Early on in the match, Tensai was dominant until Christian and Kidd worked together to take him out of the match.

Once he was taken care of, those two went at one another until Santino came in and went up the ladder, stopping Christian.

It was at this point that Sandow wiped out everyone and then attempted to climb the ladder himself. Cody and Dolph then take the fight to one another.

Sin Cara then came into the match, a house of fire, going at Dolph and Cody. With Dolph on the top rope, Sin Cara attempted a Spanish fly but it didn’t appear to be executed effectively.

He then slammed Kidd on a ladder and attempted a moonsault, only to get pushed off to the floor. Cody and Kidd went at one another and Kidd cleared the ring.

He set up the ladder and climbed until Tensai stopped him. This left Santino open to going for the ladder but Tensai recovered and knocked him out of the match.

Tensai then attempted to throw out Kidd only to be hit with a hurricanrana to the floor. Sin Cara then came in and stopped Sandow temporarily until he climbed the ladder, but Christian climbed over him.

Sandow and Christian go back and forth and end up taking one another off the ladder. Sandow attempted a slam onto the ladder but Christina reverses it.

The intellectual savior then attempted to stop Christian but got speared into a ladder that was propped up in the corner.

Christian climbed, only for Ziggler and Rhodes to take him out of the equation. Rhodes drove Ziggler’s head against the top of the ladder. But Tensai twister him upside down and threw him outside the ring.

Kidd got to the top of the ladder, while Marella, Sin Cara, and Christian took out Tensai. Marella and Ziggler went at one another and Marella pulled out the cobra.

He climbed the ladder but looked down and clearly had a fear of heights! He climbed gingerly until reaching the top.

While there he hit cobra strikes on Rhodes and Sandow. But Cody screamed it was his briefcase and using the ladders all over the ring took everyone out. He climbed the ladder but Vickie Guerrero climbed in an attempt to stop him.

The distraction allowed Ziggler to hit a zigzag on Rhodes from the ladder. He then climbed the ladder only for Christian to stop him, after which Kidd used a ladder like a pogo stick to wipe him out.

Sandow and Christian went at one another on the other side of the ladder, and then topple out to the floor. Tensai beat down on the other competitors outside the ring.

Sin Cara is caught by Tensai and once again powerbombed onto a suspended ladder, just like LAST YEAR! Tensai is then taken out by a disaster kick from Rhodes. Rhodes and Kidd made their way back into the ring, climbed the ladder and exchanged fists at the top.

Cody forward suplexed Kidd, but Christian speared him by launching himself from one ladder to another. Bodies lay all over the ring as Santino and Christian climbed the ladder inside the ring.

Christian was all alone and got his hands on the briefcase until Ziggler pushed him off the ladder. Dolph then climbed and unhooked the briefcase.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Sheamus was interviewed backstage and shared his thoughts about his upcoming World Championship match with Alberto Del Rio.

Back in the ring, Justin Roberts announced that The Miz was making his return after an absence, likely to film one of The Marine franchise films. Fans were chanting ‘Miz is awesome’ for his return.

Miz confirmed his absence was due to filming, and then declared he was here to take part in the WWE Championship 2012 Money In the Bank Ladder match. His involvement made him the fifth former champion to be a part of that match.

Money in the Bank 2012
World Championship
Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

The first Money In The Bank 2012 championship match was for the world championship. Before the match, they highlighted the history of these two, and Del Rio’s’ claim about his destiny and what he is driven to do.

They show when he slammed the hood of his car on Sheamus, part of a beat down of the champion that left him a bloody mess

Del Rio drove to the ring in a 1966 AC Cobra, sauntered up the stairs and into the ring. Michael Cole spoke of Del Rio’s family history in the wrestling industry. At that point, the Brogue Kick hooligan’s music hit and he walked to the ring with his championship.

Ricardo Rodrigues introduced Del Rio and then Lilian Garcia introduced Sheamus. The narrative for this match was, would Sheamus be 100% after an attack suffered a couple of days prior?

Del Rio attacked Sheamus but cowered once the champion regained control. Back in the ring, Del Rio slapped Sheamus, leading the champion to get quite emotional and he had to be held back by the referee.

Del Rio began working on the previously injured arm of the champion. Sheamus recovered and made a pin, only for a count of two. Once back into the corner, Del Rio beat down on the champion.

Sheamus recovered and drove a knee to the back of his opponent’s head. He again made a cover, again only for two.

The champ continued to beat down on Del Rio only for the challenger to regain control.  But Sheamus suplexed Del Rio into the ring from the apron and climbed to the top rope. From there he hit a flying shoulder tackle.

Ricardo Rodriguez distracted Sheamus from outside the ring, which gave Del Rio an advantage. He beat down on the injured left arm and shoulder of the champion and whipped him back into the ring.

While resting on the mat, Del Rio applied an armbar-like submission. Sheamus started to recover but the challenger continued working on the arm and shoulder.

Eventually, the champion made it back to his feet and hit a neckbreaker. A series of clotheslines followed, but once again Del Rio took him out.

As Sheamus lay face down on the mat saw, Del Rio kicked and stomped on the back of his head and shoulders, followed by a whip into the ring post. Sheamus tried to use his right arm to fight off the challenger but to no avail.

After propping up the champion, Del Rio attempted to lock in his cross arm breaker but it was countered. Sheamus tried an apron to ring battering ram shoulder tackle but Del Rio caught the arm in mid-air and planted him.

He pinned his opponent but only for a count of two. Sheamus appeared frustrated as he hasn’t been able to get the better of the champion. He talked trash, only for the Irishman to recover and make a comeback.

Sheamus hit his 10 beats of the Bodhran while his opponent was standing on the ring apron leaning on the ropes. Del Rio attempted a comeback only to be stopped with an Irish Curse backbreaker.

Both men appeared exhausted, but the match continued. The champions were caught with a backstabber after missing a brogue kick. Del Rio then charged and kicked Sheamus’s arm and shoulder.

But the champion hit White Noise. Sheamus beats on his chest with one arm and hit the brogue kick. He pinned his opponent for a three count and retained the championship.

Winner: AND STILL World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus

After the match, Del Rio and Rodriguez attacked, stomping and kicking him. Then Dolph Ziggler’s music played and he announced he was going to cash in the 2012 Money In the Bank briefcase.

He started by knocking out Rodriguez and Del Rio with the briefcase, only for Sheamus to recover and deliver a brogue kick, wiping out the ‘Show Off.’

The referee never called for the bell and thus the match and the cash-in was not official. Sheamus left with his championship.

They showed Daniel Bryan from the pre-show, as he said that AJ Lee is the most honest woman he has ever met and wondered if she will embrace his feelings for her.

The WWE Tag Team Champions, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth, made their way to the ring sporting suits and their tag team championships.

AW came out and introduced Titus O’Neil and Darren Young, the Prime Time Players. We see how during the previous month AW turned on Primo and Epico in favor of O’Neil and Young.

Money in the Bank 2012
Prime Time Players w/AW vs. Primo and Epico w/Rosa Mendes

Early in the match, the most noticeable thing was the live microphone on AW that could be heard through the arena. ONeil and Young got the early advantage in this match until Primo began to make a comeback.

The cousins used their high-risk attacks to gain an advantage over their opposition. Epico tossed Young back into the ring after hitting a somersault twisting plancha onto him while on the floor.

However, the PTP regained the advantage and used the referee as a distraction. O’Neil tossed Epico to the floor and then whipped him into the ring post.

After they returned to the ring, O’Neil tagged in Young and directed him at a beaten Epico. Young slid to the floor to have AW fix his hair. O’Neil was tagged back in and stretched Epico around the ring post.

O’Neil hit a fallaway slam, but Primo came in and break up the pinfall attempt. AW told Primo that he needs to go back to Taco Bell and that he can’t just run for the border.

It’s understandable that he eventually got himself into trouble with the higher-ups. O’Neil tried to out dance Rosa Mendes, which distracted him from the beaten-down Epico. Primo came in after the hot tag and was a house of fire, taking out both men.

He dropkicked Young from behind and then hit him as he rested on the ropes. Young caught Epico in midair but was surprised by a sudden roll-up, which got the three count for a win by the cousins.

Winners: Primo and Epico

After the match Young and O’Neil had to hold AW back after water was tossed all over his face and suit. The Prime Time Players walked AW to the back while the tag team champions remain at ringside holding up their championships.

Money in the Bank 2012
WWE Championship
No Disqualification
AJ Lee Special Guest Referee
CM Punk (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

As the last Money In The Bank 2012 championship match of the night, a number of questions seemed to arise. Before the match, they showed highlights of AJ Lee setting up a table and trying to get the attention of both men.

She kissed Punk as she pushed him onto a table with Daniel Bryan. Punk said that he thinks AJ needs professional help, and Bryan manipulated her into kissing him only to leave the ring to kiss Punk as well.

Lee also proposed to Punk, only for Bryan to run to the ring and propose to her. After that, AJ slapped Punk and then walked over to Bryan and slapped him too.

Matt Striker was shown interviewing AJ Lee backstage. He asked her about her mental state.

She said that despite how Punk broke her heart she still feels something and that she still has feelings for her first love in Bryan. A somber Lee walked away, still with a jump in her step as she approached the entrance.

She made her way to the ring and was announced as the special guest referee. Bryan was the next to be introduced, followed by the WWE Champion CM Punk. AJ looked at both in a distrustful manner.

She showed both men the championship belt and then called for the bell. Immediately the two men took it to one another. Outside the ring, Bryan gained the advantage and worked on his opponent’s joints, followed up with kicks to the chest.

Early on it was a back and forth affair with neither man truly getting a full advantage on the other.

AJ let the two mat technicians go at it, not getting in the middle. Eventually, Punk took Bryan outside and worked on him there. They began to fight up the aisleway. Punk blocked a suplex and dropped Bryan along the guardrail.

Back in the ring, Bryan pushed the champion into the ropes where AJ was standing about to join them in the ring, knocking her off the apron. Bryan tended to AJ and asked to have her brought to the back.

Back in the ring, the two men continued their battle for the championship. Bryan regained control and started kicking and punching. But the champion recovered and tossed him into the timekeeper’s area.

Money in the Bank 2012
[Photo: WWE]
The two men continued to fight near the guardrail, and Punk leaped off the railing with a clothesline. Fans began to chant they want tables, he obliged them, pulling one out from under the ring.

Bryan pulled out a kendo stick and tried to strike the Second City Saint. When Punk got back into the ring, he dropped the kendo stick but Bryan used it to strike him in the ribs.  He followed up with repeated blows to the back, with ‘No!’ chants following.

Bryan attempted a pin but Punk kicked out at two. The challenger was firmly in control of this matchup, but of course, Punk made a comeback and regains control.  He hit a powerslam and tried for a pin but once again Bryan kicked out.

He signaled for the GTS but it was countered into a roll-up, and then a thrust kick to the back of the head.

Bryan then locked in the Indian Deathlock and the champ was asked if he submitted, but he got a hand on the kendo stick and beat on Bryan repeatedly. Bryan recovered and superplexed Punk, after which both men were so tired neither could recover.

AJ returned to the ring and told the replacement referee to leave, as she was ready to resume refereeing. She then proceeded to skip around the ring, then climbed out of it. She got a steel chair and brought it into the match, leaving it for both men to fight over.

Once Bryan got a hold of it he attempted to pin Punk, but only got a two count. He began to hit Punk with kicks, then signaled he was going to hit Punk with a knee, but the champion recovered.

Punk got the chair and began to use it on the challenger. He prepared to whip Bryan into the chair as it was propped up in the corner, but AJ blocked him. Bryan crawled to the kendo stick but AJ stepped on it to prevent him from picking it up.

Punk used the chair to slam Bryan but missed a top rope elbow as the challenger moved. Bryan then used the kendo stick for leverage as he applies the Yes Lock. Punk escaped and hit the GTS.

After a slow crawl into a pinfall, the challenger kicked out at two. The champion brought a table into the ring, laid his opponent on it onto the table and again climbed to the top, but the challenger moved before Punk could jump, and started to hit strike after strike.

Both men then climbed the ropes, but both ended up going through the table. Punk crawled on top of his opponent and after a three-count managed to retain his title.

Winner: CM Punk

After the match, AJ still appeared conflicted despite the decisive winner. Punk celebrated as he continued his reign as champion.

Money in the Bank 2012
Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins vs. Ryback

This handicap match was interesting as it involved two men working together to take Ryback out after they couldn’t do it individually. Hawkins started off and Ryback didn’t hesitate to wipe him out.

Hawkins tagged in Reks who blindsided ‘The Big Guy,’ leaving him battered in the center of the ring. The duo worked well as a team in beating down Ryback. They fluidly tagged in and out of the ring.

Hawkins tried for a pin but to no avail. Ryback eventually began to make a comeback and cleaned house. He took out each member of the team and eventually was left with just Reks in the ring. He hit ‘Shellshock’ and pinned him for the count of three.

Winner: Ryback

Money in the Bank 2012
Six Divas Tag Team Match
Layla, Kaitlyn & Tamina Snuka vs. Beth Phoenix, Natalya & Eve Torres

Natalya and Tamina started off the match and went back and forth. It was a very different look for Tamina from what we see today. Kaitlyn and Beth then went one on one. Eve was tagged and in and Kaitlyn slapped her.

But Torres eventually gained the advantage. She tagged in Phoenix who took over working on Kaitlyn until she made the hot tag to Layla. After a momentary advantage for Layla, Phoenix regained control.

All six women get involved in the ring until Tamina hit a superkick on Beth, which led to Layla following up with a neckbreaker and a three count.

Winners: Layla, Kaitlyn, and Tamina Snuka

Money in the Bank 2012
WWE Championship Money In the Bank 2012 Ladder Match
John Cena vs. Kane vs. The Miz vs. Chris Jericho vs. The Big Show

As the final of the Money In The Bank 2012, this match involved all former world champions to be a part of it in determining the next contract winner.

What is unusual about this matchup is that there were only five men involved, whereas typically this match-up has eight participants. The Miz tried to get an early advantage but The Big Show came in and wiped out both John Cena and the must-see WWE superstar.

He stood tall but then turned around and was face to face with Kane. The two massive men went toe to toe with one another, until Big Show came out on top until the other participants went after him.

Jericho hit a codebreaker, The Miz hit a DDT and Kane landed the chokeslam. Show rolled outside the ring but received no respite as Cena cleared the Spanish announce table and hit an AA onto it.

Kane, Cena, Jericho, and Miz then each threw a ladder on top of the fallen Big Show. Jericho eventually made his way inside the ring and set up a ladder. He began to climb only for The Miz to cut him off.

Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho with the sole purpose of taking Miz out of the match. He used a ladder to wipe out Cena and then whipped Miz into a turnbuckle that has a ladder propped up on it.

Cena eventually pushed Jericho off the ladder and climbed himself, but hesitated. The Miz climbed next after taking Cena out, but Kane threw a ladder at him. He attempted to chokeslam both Miz and Jericho, only for them to counter it and suplex him onto a ladder.

Cena then took control. He hit a 10 knuckle shuffle on both Miz and Jericho who lay prone on a ladder. But Y2J regained control and took everyone out of the match.

He was slow to go outside to go for the ladder but managed to set it up in the center of the ring and attempted to grab the briefcase, only for The Big Show break the ladder while he was on top of it.

The Big Show used ladders to wipe out the other four competitors. Cena attempted to get the advantage, but Show stopped him. With the assistance of a ladder and the ropes, he delivered a splash onto Cena.

With everyone all but out of this match, he went to grab his specially designed ladder that he had used once before in a Money in the Bank match.

Big Show brought it into the ring and set it up. He began to climb, Kane stopped him from the other side but was thrown off the ladder.

Cena attempted to stop him as well but was thrown off the ladder after climbing to the top. Jericho made his way in and used a steel chair to get Show off the ladder.

Both Jericho and Cena tried to climb the ladder from opposing sides. They then proceeded to beat on each other at the top. Cena picked up Jericho as though he was going to give him an AA, but Y2J begins laid in elbows.

He slapped on a sleeper and Cena was fading, but Cena climbed to the top with Y2J on his back. He appeared to be out on the top of the ladder. On the other side, The Miz tried to make his way up the ladder only to be knocked down.

Cena then began to make a comeback only for Jericho to push him off the ladder. That left him alone to try for the briefcase, only for The Miz to intervene and the two fought.

At this point, The Big Show made his way to the top of the ladder and delivered a WMD. Cena then climbed up and used the briefcase to block another WMD.

He hit Show in the head with the case and then detached it from the cable, winning the Money In The Bank 2012.

Winner: John Cena