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#AND NEW: Greektown Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

Top 5 Everything for Greektown Wrestling 2019

With 2019 behind us, most of us still celebrate, reflects, and reminisces about all that’s happened in 2019. For us here at pro wrestling...
#AND NEW: Greektown Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

#AndNew: Greektown Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

There are certain events in professional wrestling that fans always remember. Hogan turning on the Hulkamaniacs forming the NWO. The day Shane McMahon bought...
Beast Mode

#Preview: Greektown Wrestling Presents Beast Mode

It’s that time again as Greektown Wrestling is putting on a very special, Halloween show! This Sunday, October 27, Greektown Wrestling presents Beast Mode!...

#Preview Greektown Wrestling DEUCES

This Sunday, September 22nd, 2019, at 5 pm, The Greektown Arena, or 310 Danforth Avenue, Eastminister United Church (for those unfamiliar) Greektown Wrestling is...

A Brief History of: Greektown Wrestling

Hello, wrestling fans! My name is Jesse and going forward here on the Pro Wrestling Post, I will be covering Greektown Wrestling! The wrestlers,...
Beyond & Wild Zero Wrestling Destination: Uncharted Territory Greektown Beyond Wrestling Heavy Lies the Crown

Preview Greektown and Beyond Wrestling – To Greektown and Beyond

On January 24th the worlds of Greektown and Beyond Wrestling will combine forces to put on a show entitled “To Greektown and...

Wardlow: AEW Talent Preview

Over the past five years, Wardlow began to develop his skillset in the ring. With a background in Ju-Jit-Su and Boxing, Wardlow's time in...
Indie Spotlight Watch: Matt Angel

Matt Angel | Indie Spotlight Watch

Matt Angel. It’s crazy to us just how popular pro wrestling is sometimes in Ontario. The fans, the cult following of wrestling fans. It’s...
John Atlas

Indie Spotlight Watch: ‘Relentless’ John Atlas

It’s almost hard to explain how good of a performer someone is. In this case, show the highlights of the journey John Atlas has...
JaXon Argos

Indie Spotlight Watch: JaXon Argos

So much can be said about JaXon Argos, the first word that comes to my mind about the current IWC (International Wrestling Cartel) Heavyweight...