Reflection of Honor Episode 412 – Villain Enterprises/Lifeblood

My fellow readers, thank you for taking time out to check out my very first, hopefully of many, Reflection of Honors! My name is Jesse, I cover mostly Greektown Wrestling here on however, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to bring you week by week, as well as, all things that are Ring of Honor! Before we get started, living in Canada, I get Ring of Honor Friday’s on Fight network, they are a week behind the United States, but I watch every episode to make it more personal with you my readers so we can travel with honor together.

No short cuts, so let’s get started!

Ring of Honor episode #412!

The opening of the show starts with a Best in the World highlight from June 28th 2019 in Baltimore. If you didn’t catch it, here is a great preview of the Ring of Honor PPV done right here on the Pro Wrestling Post! Regardless, the significance of starting the show off like this was to show the moment Flip Gordon shocked the wrestling world joining Villain Enterprises.

Fully coming to a live shooting, Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay welcome everyone to Summer Super Card weekend. Hyping up the show with a huge main event that’s an 8 man tag match between Lifeblood and PJ Black against Villain Enterprises! Also, they mention they will be showing highlights of July 20th 2019, Ring of Honor Manhattan Mayhem, between Dragon Lee and Jonathan Gresham.

Photo Credit / Ring of Honor

With both entrances done, they cut start to the highlights of both men striking each other. Cutting to Gresham holding Dragon Lee in a strong submission and keeping control of the match to another slap fest on the top turnbuckle which ended in Gresham getting stuck into turnbuckles for a double stop and continuing with a running knee. And finishing it with an uncovered running knee for Dragon Lee getting the victory.

Quickly going to Quinn McKay for a post-match interview with Dragon Lee, the Ring of Honor superstar said “All people in Japan know how dedicated I am, just like the people in ROH and my main promotion CMLL.” He even compliments Gresham for being a great wrestler and how they had a great match. Quinn McKay is then shown backstage with Jonathan Gresham for another post-match interview, asking about the dirty play, Gresham said the voice of Jay Lethal in his head telling him to do things his way. Gresham wants the lifestyle of a champion.

Next, they show a video of Shinobi Shadow Squad, training in a gym as they prepare for Villian Enterprises. Transitioning back into a live view of Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay, they talk about the match between Dragon Lee and Jon Gresham being a great match, but quickly switch to announcing that they heard that Shinobi Shadow Squad will challenge for the Six-Man Tag Team Championships next week. McKay says that Shinobi Shadow Squad have been waiting a long time for this opportunity, and that they have a lot to prove. Riccaboni happily states that also next week will see Karissa Rivera against Kelly Klein for the Woman Of Honor Championship! Showing highlights of Karissa Rivera getting the huge upset win over Sumie Sakai at Best In The World, you can check out that recap here.

Cutting to Karissa Rivera sharing her thoughts, and she claims she’s on a mission to be the best women’s wrestler in the world. However, right now that’s Kelly Klein, even bringing up the impressive winning streak of Kelly Klein. Rivera also says they have never been across the ring from each other. Staying respectful, she says she has confidence in her ability to become to the new Woman of Honor Champion.

Going back Quinn McKay and Ian Riccaboni, Quinn brings up how Rhett Titus was called out in front of everyone, including his pregnant wife and on his home turf, by Kenny King. This leads to a profile piece put together about Rhett Titus.

photo credit facebook/ringofhonor

He talks about how his whole career has been in Ring of Honor, starting in the Ring of Honor Dojo. Titus talks about how some of his favorite matches were ladder wars with the Briscoes against the ANX (All Night Express). He also states that another big moment was winning the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships. Rhett explains the great success of his tag team and how when Kenny ROH, it hurt him, but he continued his career as a tag team wrestler. He even found himself in a new tag team called the Dawgs. In 2015, the ANX got back together, and it was a huge night for them, beating the Briscoes on their first night back. Rhett continues talking about his career and how he’s in the best shape of his life and that he’s fighting for his family. Kenny tore Titus apart, saying he’s disgusted and embarrassed by him, taking shots at Rhett’s confidence as well as his family. Titus claims out of his entire ROH career, the only regret he has is not slapping Kenny King in the face.

As the episode continues, they show the entrance of Soldiers of Savagery, Moses and Kolton. They come into the ring and beat up their opponents before the ring announcer could even say who their opponents were! Before we knew it, the SOS hit the Elevator and it was all over.

Ian and Quinn welcome us back, talking about how hot the tag team division is in Ring of Honor. This leads them into talking about the biggest tag team in ROH, The Bouncers. Next we see highlights of The Briscoes vs The Bouncers for the tag team titles. Promoting once again the matches for the next week the show, they cut to the initial challenge from Shinobi Shadow Squad, and then the match from three weeks ago where they went at it in a Philadelphia street fight.

Photo / ROH

Showing off the new mercenary Flip Gordon, Marty Scrull, PCO, and Brody King, take on Lifeblood (Mark Haskins, PJ Black, Tracy Williams & Bandido) in a huge eight-man tag match.

Marty and Tracy Williams start the match off, both men fight for control with Williams taking full control; even slapping Marty around in embarrassment. Fans were intrigued when all competitors stepped inside the ring for a classic team versus team face-off. PCO hit a moonsault onto everyone from the top turnbuckle to the outside. Nothing could stop the match when Bandido hit a 21-plex on King, who laid there only to take a 450 splash by Black! One, two, three, it’s over!

Great episode from Ring of Honor with lots of build going forward.