#AndNew: Greektown Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

There are certain events in professional wrestling that fans always remember. Hogan turning on the Hulkamaniacs forming the NWO. The day Shane McMahon bought WCW under his fathers’ nose. Andre The Giant joining Bobby Heenan.

Then, in another wrestling universe, the independents, the Toronto wrestling promotion Greektown Wrestling, a promotion that leaves fans with memories and moments after every show, did it again this past Sunday at Greektown Wrestling Beast Mode. It’s been four days since the event, with the main event being a First Blood match it was sure as hell set to be one of the best events that the Danforth wrestling promotion has put on this year.

With an undercard that got the fans hyped all night, the bloodthirsty dedicated cult following fans base just couldn’t wait until Channing Decker came out with his title and fight this Quebec legend. As always, the Greektown Wrestling fans were not disappointed! The first blood match was absolutely everything a fan would want it to be! Tables, ladders, chairs, Franky showed his strength throwing Decker around with slams and beating him down with nothing but power. Even in a hardcore fight, Franky impressed everyone showing why he is one of the toughest to ever enter the squared circle!

Hardcore, Channing Decker, pulled out all his tricks! All his knowledge he’s learned from facing all these hardcore legends this year, legends like Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, his experience in cage matches for promotions like Destiny, Decker right from the get-go looked ready for what it will go down as one of the most ruthless and hard-hitting matches of Channing Decker’s career.

#AND NEW: Greektown Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

Although being only four days since the event, fans are still trying to come to terms with the shocking main event finish, and controversial title changes in Greektown Wrestling history. I’m sure you know where I am going with this, Franky The Beast King defeated the hometown hero ending Decker’s reign has Greektown champion.

Fans thought it was over when Decker’s Greektown rival RJ City came out through the curtain! Holding Decker’s belt, the former Greektown Wrestling champion, RJ City, was looking to screw over Channing Decker and bust his head wide open ending the match! But to everyone’s surprise, Jock Samson came to the surprising rescue! I’ve never witnessed Jock Samson dominate someone in Canada as he did to RJ City at Greektown Beast Mode!

He beat RJ down and chased him right out of the ring saving Hardcore Channing Decker from this failed attempt at the screw-job. With the opportunity open for Decker to end this thanks to Jock Samson, like a Washington National, he grabbed a chair and batter up!

All the Greektown fans thought this was it, he’s going to do it, another challenge down, and with all the fans behind him he went to hit Franky over the head, but Franky spits a mist of blood in Decker’s face blinding him! Grabbing the chair, Franky called for the referee and showed him the dark red face of Channing Decker, with the bell going off, a crowd full of booing fans, Franky The Beast King was named the new Greektown Wrestling Heavyweight Champion!

photo credit: facebook.com/greektownwrestling

With this massive change in Greektown Wrestling, you have to wonder what is next? Will Channing Decker cash in his rematch at the next event? Will Franky The Beast King come into Greektown in a dominating fashion? Is there anyone who can successfully beat the Beast King?  Like all pro wrestling, fans will have to wait for this story to continue…

At the next event.