#Preview: Greektown Wrestling Presents Beast Mode

It’s that time again as Greektown Wrestling is putting on a very special, Halloween show! This Sunday, October 27, Greektown Wrestling presents Beast Mode! A lot of familiar names on this card with what will be, a must not miss the main event, a first blood match and it is for the Greektown Wrestling Championship! Greektown Wrestling does it again putting on yet another amazing card for the cult following fan base! So let’s take a look together at who will be at the Greektown arena (310 Danforth Avenue) this Sunday, October 27, 2019!

Puf (PWI #485) vs Sexy Eddy
Photo Credit: Facebook/greektownwrestling

The Greektown favorite Puf takes on Quebec legend Sexxy Eddy at Beast Mode! Returning to Greektown Wrestling, Sexxy Eddy makes his first appearance since Greektown Hotwired (first live taping) That event Sexxy Eddy beat Greektown Original Jock Samson, and even humiliated him by hitting the legendary naked moonsault! But, its too hard to tell who fans will be with on Sunday, only because Sexxy Eddy is facing a Greektown favorite Puf. Unlike Sexxy Eddy, Puf was at last month’s farewell show to Sonny Kiss.

At Greektown Duces Puf luckily squeaked a win over one of Ontario’s most popular wrestlers, Pretty Ricky, after an attempted cheat win by Ricky, Puf fell on him for the victory. This fan-favorite is defiantly at home advantage here, you have to wonder, will Sexxy Eddy hit Puf with the same famous naked moonsault? Will Puf beat this Quebec wrestling legend? As both men come in with wins from there last appearance in Greektown, this one could easily go either way, the question is, will size matter?

Tabernak De Team, Mathieu St-Jacques (PWI #305) and Thomas Dubois (PWI #316)
Jock Samson (PWI #484) and RJ City (PWI#226)
photo credit: facebook/greektownwrestling

Tabernak De Team return to Greektown to take on Jock Samson and RJ City! A lot could be said about this match, like, Jock hasn’t won in Canada, I mean bro, C’mon, we serious here? Who is the real favorite when a brother hasn’t even won in Canada, like ever, well, thank goodness he has RJ City as a tag team partner! The former Greektown champion has much success on the independents, and RJ fans know he’ll have his coffee in his underwear in the morning and come prepared for a victory, it’ll be hard carrying his tag partner, but Jock will make sure he upsets the fans with his mouth reminding them that he’s the GOAT, as well as his mouth could be a huge distraction for this popular French Canadian tag team.

Although these two teamed last month in a six-man tag match at Greektown Duces and came up short, they look to regroup, and hopefully, RJ City can finally get Jock into the win column! It’ll be tough though, because the tag team they look to defeat is one of, if not, Quebec’s best tag team, Tabernak De Team! Mathieu St-Jacques and Thomas Dubois are well known within the cult fan base, they have been in and out of Greektown since the very beginning. Brining their tough lumberjack gimmick into the Danforth and kicking some serious ass in the process! After one of the best tag matches against the Mane Event at Greektown Duces, they look to once again show everyone why they are one of Canada’s best tag teams!

Kevin Blanchard vs Kobe Durst (PWI #412)
Beast Mode
photo credit: facebook.com/greektownwrestling

The Quebec performer Kevin Blanchard returns after an amazing performance last month at Greektown Duces. He should be familiar with his partner not only because they both have matched last month in Greektown, last month, but Kobe Durst vs Aiden Prince should also be a candidate for Greektown match of the year, don’t believe, go YouTube that match!

Kobe Durst is young, talented, and just full of skill for someone so young. His ability in the ring will only grow and one day you can see he’ll be one to defiantly watch out for. Durst is a fan favorite within Greektown and you better believe the three-time Alpha-1 Wrestling Alpha Male Champion is bringing it all to Kevin Blanchard on Sunday! I do not doubt in my mind however that Kevin Blanchard will be ready, after tearing the house down at Greektown Duces with Kevin Blackwood, the Greektown Wrestling newcomer returns, and you better believe he won’t be returning looking for a lose. If I was Kobe Durst, I’d better be ready for a fight!

Bill Collier (PWI #410) vs Marko Estrada (PWI #248)
Beast Mode
photo credit: facebook.com/greektownwrestling

Bill Collier looks to stay on the winning track when he faces one of Quebec’s top wrestlers Marko Estrada at Beast Mode. Returning to Greektown for the first time since Greektown 2300, Marko Estrada is familiar with the crowd, at least I hope he is because don’t expect a warm welcome when you’re facing the Danforth’s giant! Estrada has a lot to overcome, a whole 7 inches to be more specific. But don’t kid yourself, this loyal Frenchmen is one hell of a performer. Check these stats, he’s a two-time NSPW (North Shore Pro Wrestling) hold the title for one reign, over 1300 days! And for a combined day of 1,729!

Not to mention he is the current Federation Canadienne de Lutte champion! Bill Collier can’t underestimate Marko, but Marko, also can’t underestimate “Big Time” Bill Collier, is the current and two-time Southern Tier Wrestling champion, not to mention he’s the first-ever Greektown Wrestling champion. this is his territory, he helped build this promotion, come Sunday this hard-hitting behemoth won’t hesitate to take your head off with some serious offense and he defiantly isn’t laying down for no one in the Greektown arena!

Space Monkey (PWI #431) vs Kevin Blackwood (PWI #471)
photo credit: facebook.com/greektownwrestling

Indy wrestling fans should know that going into Sunday Kevin Blackwood should be the heavy favorite going into Beast Mode. Let’s be serious, Space Monkey has had a rough couple month’s going 0-2 in the last two Greektown shows which were title opportunities, losing to IWS Benjamin Tull at Greektown Hotwired, then losing to JaXon Argos at Greektown Duces where he failed to capture IWC heavyweight championship.

Now, Kevin Blackwood, on the other hand, legit just won the Destiny Next Generation championship last weekend, not to mention he had a stellar showing at Greektown Duces, you’d think nothing could ever stop the momentum of Kevin Blackwood! WRONG! Don’t ever doubt the Danforth’s favorite chimp! The fast, technical, agile Space Monkey will shock everyone with his abilities in the ring and defiantly will give Kevin Blackwood a run for his money, this could go either way and the only people who benefit are the Greektown Wrestling fans.

Greektown Wrestling Championship
First Blood
Channing Decker © (PWI #442) vs Franky The Beast King (PWI #421)
Beast Mode
Photo / Greektown Wrestling

How could you miss this? You have Hardcore Channing Decker facing off against a Quebec veteran, and a Greektown Wrestling Villain, that being Franky The Beast King! Not only is Decker putting up the championship, but he’s also facing off against the Beast King in a first blood match at Beast Mode. A little history, these two met last month in a six-man tag match where Sonny Kiss, Bill Collier, and Channing Decker beat Franky The Beast King, RJ City, and Jock Samson.

Now, one on one, the hometown hero, Hardcore, Channing Decker puts his championship on the line once again, this time, in a First Blood match, now usually I think he’d pull through, however, Franky The Beast King is Channing Decker’s toughest challenge yet, I don’t care what anyone says, okay, Decker has beaten Sabu, Rhino, and other ECW legends, but Franky The Beast King has a strong resume, even being a former Smash Wrestling Heavyweight champion. Franky held the title in 2018, and since then he’s brought that experience, his creepy pets, and a vicious attack to every promotion he steps in.

Luckily for Decker, fear isn’t a word in his vocabulary. He’s been through hell this year (in a hardcore way) I mean he’s done extreme rules, cage matches, been threw tables, Sabu used barb wire on him, this is why the cult following fan base chant “Decker’s hardcore” so, in reality, Franky The Beast King, no matter how strong he is or how big he is, this kind of match is Channing Decker’s territory, a hardcore territory where Decker takes defending his championship in his city, in his neighborhood, very, very, seriously.

Get your phones out, this one is going to be a doozy!

That’s it from me! Tickets are still available and eventribe.ca don’t miss out on being apart of Greektown Wrestling first Halloween show ever  Beast Mode! Also, keep an eye out for a Halloween after-party!