Top 5 Everything for Greektown Wrestling 2019

With 2019 behind us, most of us still celebrate, reflects, and reminisces about all that’s happened in 2019. For us here at pro wrestling post, it’s even more of an exciting time as we get to look back at all things wrestling! Before we dive into everything Greektown lets discuss how things were ranked in the first place. Most of the categories were based on the fans I’ve been asking, other wrestlers, the option’s given almost like a voting system. We add shock value, moments, anything we could think of and this is what “WE” the fans came up with!


For the fans, like us, we’ve been spoiled this year with some great matches and thanks to general manager Nug, we’ve been exposed to some of Ontario’s best pro wrestlers. Greektown Wrestling has become known for there great cards that sometimes feature great legends of the past, thank you Greektown for putting all this great entertainment out for us! Let’s look at 2019! 2019 is a lot to cover and I had a blast doing it! However, I understand that everyone who performed at Greektown Wrestling works hard and tries there best to entertain the fans showcasing why Greektown Wrestling gives the best Indy shows in the GTA.

The cards, rival of the year, are just listed, unlike our top. Top 5 section will dive into details of the matches however in this section we mention matches who other got votes and didn’t make it, or we think need some notice because all hard work deserves to be noticed.

Honorable Mentions!
Aiden Prince vs Kobe Durst: September 22, 2019, Greektown Duces
John Atlas vs Beast King: March 24th, 2019, Greektown Unholy
Space Monkey vs Kevin Blackwood: October 27, 2019, Greektown Beast Mode
Alison Kay and Pretty Ricky vs Puf and Blue Meanie: June 23, 2019, Greektown 2300
Channing Decker vs Rhyno vs RJ City: August 8, 2019, Greektown Hotwired

I’m sure there is more, but from us here at pro wrestling post thank you all to have performed at any Greektown event! As fans, we appreciate all pro wrestlers’ hard work!

TOP 5 Greektown Events of 2019

All events can be checked out and watched on the Greektown Wrestling Facebook page, here on pro wrestling post you can check out the previews done for the events! I recommend to watch them yourself on Greektown Wrestling Facebook page, you will not be disappointed!

5. Greektown Beast Mode: October 27th, 2019

photo credit: Facebook/greektownwrestling
4.Greektown Hotwired: August 8th, 2019
Photo Credit: Facebook/GreektownWrestling
3. Greektown 2300: June 23rd, 2019
Photo Credit: Facebook/GreektownWrestling
2. Greektown XV: December 15th, 2019
Photo Credit: Facebook/GreektownWrestling
1. Greektown Unholy: March 24th, 2019
Photo Credit: Facebook/GreektownWrestling
Rival of The Year (2019)
Channing Decker vs RJ CITY

A battle that leaks in from two years ago (2018) These two have been at it back and forth showing who the true champion is in Greektown. When RJ City heard Shane Douglas call Decker champion at Greektown 2300, he wasted no time at all marching to the ring letting Decker know what this was all called, which started with a B and had an S in it. That’s when it was announced that at Greektown Hotwired they’ll face off with ECW legend RHYNO! A chance to settle the score ultimately leading to Channing Decker getting the victory.

At Greektown Beast Mode, Channing Decker put that title on the line against Beast King in a first blood match and RJ City came out looking to hit Decker in the head with the title busting him open! Jock Samson saved Decker from RJ which lead RJ City down a whole other path in Greektown, while Decker had his rematch at Greektown XV and came up short leaving Beast King the champion going into 2020!


5. John Atlas, Trent Gibson, Bill Collier vs Kobe Durst, Beast King FML, Lil Bray: August 8th, 2019, Greektown Hotwired

photo credit: Facebook/GreektownWrestling

Coming in at number 5 we have this massive three on three contest which showcases Canadian talent from all over the eastern seaboard. Greektown Wrestling takes great pride in showcasing great talent from all over Canada, this match proves it! What a moment for the competitors as this was for the first-ever TV taping for Greektown Wrestling. Kobe Durst is one of the best in Ontario for being so young, Beast King is a legend in the Quebec indies with loads of experience, and Lil Bray is one of the Maritimes fastest rising stars.

On the other end, team Greektown! John Atlas, Trent Gibson and Bill Collier represent the Danforth and take on the great hidden talent Greektown Wrestling keeps finding and bringing in! A great tag match for the first-ever TV taping for Greektown Wrestling and a moment Greektown originals should be proud of being apart of! A well-deserved match to be in our top 5!

4. RJ City and Jock Samson vs Tabernak De Team: October 27, 2019, Greektown Beast Mode
Photo Credit: Facebook/GreektownWrestling

The match that leads to victory. Weird? Sort of, but this match starts a path to a significant moment in Greektown history which is why it comes in at number 4 on our list. This is the match that set up Jock Samson and RJ City at the next show, and well, the hardcore Greektown fans know what happens next in that storyline. On this night though two of the best heels ever to step foot in Greektown Wrestling took on the Quebec tag team and what has become known as some Greektown regulars Tabernak De Team. This match only hyped up the fans with action!

TDT is one of the best tag teams in Eastern Canada, hands down, and when you add the experience of RJ City and Jock Samson, of course, it’ll make a great tag match which is exactly what happened! In the end, fans were left asking why when then friend RJ attacked Jock Samson after suffering another L in his rough 2019.

3. Tabernak De Team vs The Untouchables (Matt Angel and Marco Estrada) June 23, 2019, Greektown 2300
Photo Credit: Facebook/GreektownWrestling

Coming in at number 3 we have Tabernak De Team vs the Untouchables from Greektown 2300! In what was being promoted at the Untouchables first Toronto or Ontario appearance, this dominating Quebec tag team took on their neighborly French rivals team TDT! The Untouchables impressed in a big way that night! What was a pure wrestling clinic, this match truly showed what is happening in other parts of Canada making you truly think about driving down to Quebec to see an amazing talent! This was a great hard-hitting tag match that left the fans wanting more!

This match was so good that the hardcore Greektown fans just want that rematch already! After this we did get to see all competitors again, Matt Angel wrestled at Hotwire, and Marco Estrada at Greektown Beast Mode when he took on Greektown original Bill Collier.

2. Bill Collier, Channing Decker, Sonny Kiss vs Jock Samson, RJ City, Beast King: September 22, 2019, Greektown Duces
Photo Credit: Facebook/GreektownWrestling

This was not only a great match; it was a great moment. Coming in at number 2 is the 3 on 3 contest from Greektown Duces, a match and event that was being promoted for AEW star Sonny Kiss last independent show before leaving for the big stage. This was a match that was filled with nothing but Greektown originals as they all came together to show Sonny a great send-off. Amazingly, a promotion like Greektown treats everything like family and you felt it at this show, especially after this match.

The match alone set up so much going forward, including the rival between Beast and then Greektown champion Channing Decker. Jock Samson and RJ teamed once again after this. Not to mention, the community and fans all were brought together not for only a great match but an amazing send-off for Greektown original Sonny Kiss as at the end we all together showed our respect and thanks to Sonny for everything he’s done for us over the years at Greektown. Thank you, Sonny Kiss,!

1. The Fraternity (Channing Decker and Trent Gibson) vs Unholy Alliance (Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck): March 24th, Greektown Unholy
Photo Credit: @Shoottheindies

Fans just poured the votes in for this match, so much so that it could have easily been top three matches of the year if we didn’t do this tag section. Coming in at number 1, The Fraternity took on ECW legendary tag team The Unholy Alliance! The Unholy Alliance, Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck, a dream tag team hardcore ECW fans thought this would never happen, shoot, we didn’t even think we’d see Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck tag together, and the hometown boys, Channing Decker and Trent Gibson, fought on what was an emotional night, as this match happened shortly after the home base that was then Detroit eatery fire happened.

A lot of amazing moments in this match, Trent Gibson viciously got green mist from Tajiri for example, Mikey Whipwreck looked great within the ropes, like he never lost it! Awesome-awesome tag team match and it shows with coming in at number 1! Afterword’s, the fans, wrestlers, all gathered to sing Sweet Caroline, in what brought all Greektown performers and fans together as we all over came to the tragedy of Greektown Wrestling headquarters fire. #DetriotEatery

TOP 5 Matches!
5. RJ City vs Jock Samson: December 15, 2019, Greektown XV
Photo Credit: Facebook/GreektownWrestling

Landing the number 5 spot in the match that had everyone voting for it, and why shouldn’t we have! Jock Samson came into this match with never winning in Canada. Imagine that, never winning ever, almost like the Toronto Maple Leafs’ just slightly worse. As for RJ, he’s had a rough 2019 in Greektown, and his frustration showed when he beat the hell of out Jock Samson after, yet another loses at Greektown Beast Mode. Jock got some revenge that night in what is a memorable face turn for us fans! So, in this grudge match at Greektown XV, fans knew one losing streak was coming to an end!

What would be one of the biggest winning celebrations Jock Samson finally did it breaking the over 500 matches losing streak! A memorable moment and one that deserves to be in our top 5 of 2019!

4. Beast King vs Channing Decker, Cage Match: December 15, Greektown XV.
Photo Credit: Facebook/GreektownWrestling

The number four spot goes to Beast King and Channing Decker in the first-ever cage match in Greektown Wrestling history. Beast King at the previous event Greektown Beast Mode won the belt off Channing Decker in controversial fashion in the first blood match. He legit spit blood in his face people. A furious crowd were waiting for the immediate rematch and boy did we ever get it! The cult following of Greektown poured in the doors for another battle between these two bloodthirsty animals. No surprise that Decker was the favorite for this match and winning his title back from Beast King is something the fans thought they would defiantly see ending the year.

The cage match was a complete war, I mean these two beat the hell out of each other, Decker even did a moonsault off the cage! However, Greektown fans have to wait to see what 2020 brings as Beast King solidified his reign as champion with the victory! The question that leaves us in 2019 entering the new decade, who can stop the Beast King?

3. Bill Collier vs Jake Something: December 15th, Greektown XV.
Greektown Wrestling
Photo Credit: Facebook/GreektownWrestling

The number 3 spot goes to Bill Collier and Jake Something for there match that recently happened this month at Greektown XV. Fans voted this one in at this spot! All over social media Greektown fans just told us this match should be in the top 5, I see why too! IMPACT star, Jake Something made a few appearances this year in Greektown and after this match will hopefully be seeing him in the Danforth more often. Jake Something truly brought the fight to “Big Time” Bill Collier (first ever Greektown champion) a great match between two massive men that left the fans never wanting it to end.

After this it must leave us wondering after such a great year is it finally time for Bill collier to get a shot at the title, he held first? Or does Jake Something get Beast King? Either way, expect big things from both Jake Something and Bill Collier in 2020! Especially inside a Greektown Wrestling ring!

2. Lil Guido vs Jock Samson, Sicilian Streetfight: March 24th, Greektown Unholy
Photo Credit: @Shootingtheindies, Facebook/GreektownWrestling

Hard to argue this one here, the Sicilian Street fight between ECW legend Lil Guido and Jock Samson was everything the fans wanted it to be! It truly brought you back to those ECW days where the fights went everywhere! You knew that this was going to be a real street fight when Lil Guido coming out asking for weapons right off the hop! It was fun, entertaining, a straight street fight! Everything is was promoted to be! An amazing match with loads of moments, these two fought all over the place even having referee Old School getting involved in the action!

A baseball bat to a recycling bin finished off Jock Samson, how could it not of? It even scared Lil Guido that’s how hard Guido hit Samson! This will go down as one of the best to happen in Greektown Wrestling! A well-deserving match to be in this position! Congratulations Jock Samson and Lil Guido!

1. Channing Decker vs Sabu with Super Genie: June 23, Greektown 2300
Photo Credit: @Shootingtheindies/Facebook/GreektownWrestling

The number 1 match earned the most votes no matter where I asked. No surprise either! This match between Sabu and Channing Decker was an absolute banger! When it was announced that ECW legend Sabu was coming to Greektown Wrestling to take on “HARDCORE” Channing Decker, tickets sold like hotcakes, or since its Greektown, tickets sold faster then Loukoumades! A match that fought all over the arena entertaining the bloodthirsty fans! This match had everything a tasteful hardcore fan would love, that being barb wire, tables, chairs, blood, you know the usual. Fans from all over traveled in to witness all the classic ECW spots that we grew up watching ECW legend Sabu do to his opponents!

In the end, “HARDCORE” Channing Decker picked up the victory retaining the championship. What will go down as a historic moment in time for Greektown, Shane Douglas came out after the match handing Decker his own personal ECW title which has been used as the championship for Greektown, or, at least until Shane Douglas makes his promised return to take it back.

Top 5 Greektown Wrestlers
5. Beast King
Greektown Wrestling
Photo Credit: Facebook/GreektownWrestling
Greektown matches in 2019
King vs John Atlas: Greektown Unholy
King vs Space Monkey: Greektown 2300
John Atlas, Trent Gibson, Bill Collier vs Kobe Durst, Beast King FML, Lil Bray: August 8th, 2019, Greektown Hotwired
Bill Collier, Channing Decker, Sonny Kiss vs Jock Samson, RJ City, Beast King: Greektown Duces
Beast King vs Channing Decker First Blood Match: Greektown Beast Mode
Beast King vs Channing Decker Steel Cage: Greektown XV

King had an unbelievable year in 2019. He’s in our top 5 quite a bit being apart of a lot of memorable moments in 2019! King carried his beasts down the entranceway even putting them on fans! We’ve seen him chirp boyfriends, get tough with fans, he’s easily one of if not the biggest Greektown villain. He dominated Space Monkey making fans outrage with boos when Beast King choked him out with his own tail! King was apart of the first-ever tv taping show, the Sonny Kiss farewell show, even becoming the Greektown champion at Greektown Beast Mode. Ending the year as a champion you must wonder who will be next to step in the ring with Beast King challenging him and his beasts for the championship! #BeastKINGFTM

4. Bill Collier
Greektown Wrestling
Photo Credit: Facebook/BillCollier
Greektown Matches in 2019
Bill Collier vs Sonny Kiss vs Josh Alexander vs Seleziva: Greektown Unholy
Bill Collier vs “Speedball” Mike Baily: Greektown 2300
John Atlas, Trent Gibson, Bill Collier vs Kobe Durst, Beast King FML, Lil Bray: August 8th, 2019, Greektown Hotwired
Bill Collier, Channing Decker, Sonny Kiss vs Jock Samson, RJ City, Beast King: Greektown Duces
Bill Collier vs Marko Estrada: Greektown Beast Mode
Bill Collier vs Jake Something: Greektown XV

“Big Time” Bill Collier made the number four spot here in deserving fashion. In our top 5 quite a bit for his work ethic and performance in the ring. “Big Time” Bill Collier is defiantly a pro wrestler you look forward to seeing in Greektown Wrestling. His size and strength are impressive and don’t even think he won’t bring a fight, just ask Jake Something, Marko Estrada, Mike Baily, all opponents of his this year, if they say Big Bill is one of the hardest-hitting performers in Greektown, they wouldn’t be lying. Bill Collier is a fan favorite, a Greektown original, the first-ever Greektown Wrestling champion, and a well-deserving name to be on the top 5 this year! #BillCollier

3. Jock Samson
Greektown Wrestling
Photo Credit: Facebook/JockSamson
Greektown Matches in 2019
Jock Samson vs Puf: To Greektown and Beyond
Jock Samson vs Lil Guido in a Silicon street fight: Greektown Unholy
Jock Samson vs Shane Douglas: Greektown 2300
Jock Samson vs Sexxy Eddy: Greektown Hotwired
Bill Collier, Channing Decker, Sonny Kiss vs Jock Samson, RJ City, Beast King: Greektown Duces
Jock Samson and RJ City vs TDT: Greektown Beast Mode
Jock Samson vs RJ City: Greektown XV

I mean why not? He’s the GOAT! The Greek ladies love him! Jock had a year that will never ever be forgotten, it’s crazy to look back and say that he was on every single Greektown event this year! He started his year off as that loudmouth southern hick but as the year slowly continued you saw the fans just follow him. They cheered for him. The ladies whistled at him. Together everyone would sing stranger in my house as he came out with his big aviators! Seriously though, Jock is all over our top 5 matches column, coming in at number 2 and number 5, not to mention the tag section as well. He’s a great Greektown addition to every show, one that every fan looks forward to seeing!

Now with a victory finally under his belt in Canada the fans get to watch Jock possibly climb the ladder getting an opportunity at some Greektown gold! Or will we see his faction The Regulators invade Greektown? Only 2020 can tell! #JOCKSAMSON

2. RJ City
Greektown Wrestling
Photo Credit: Facebook/GreektownWrestling
Greektown Matches in 2019
RJ City vs Sonny Kiss: To Greektown and Beyond
RJ City vs Space Monkey: Greektown Unholy
RJ’s over the top Glass Menagerie: Greektown 2300
RJ City vs Channing Decker vs Rhyno: Greektown Hotwired
Bill Collier, Channing Decker, Sonny Kiss vs Jock Samson, RJ City, Beast King: Greektown Duces
Jock Samson and RJ City vs TDT: Greektown Beast Mode
RJ City vs Jock Samson: Greektown XV

RJ City is one person who is not just entertaining he’s an overall great performer in all aspects of entertainment. In Greektown, the former champion couldn’t really seem to find his groove after losing the official title of Greektown champion at Greektown Hotwired. Yet, RJ kept pushing and was apart of a lot of bad luck this year in Greektown. Still being apart of the main event of the first-ever TV taping for the Danforth promotion which is a huge accomplishment. All year he’s been hated on by the Channing Decker fangirls and fanboys, RJ attempted for blood and ruin Decker’s reign as champion!

RJ is apart of the rival of the year, matches of the year, even being apart of history when he lost to Jock Samson forever being branded as the guy who gave Jock Samson his first-ever victory in Canada. RJ City is a Greektown legend, regardless of what you think, he will be champion in Greektown in 2020!

1. Channing Decker
Greektown Wrestling
Greektown Matches in 2019
Channing Decker vs Chris Dickenson: To Greektown and Beyond
The Fraternity vs Unholy Alliance: Greektown Unholy
Channing Decker vs Sabu: Greektown 2300
RJ City vs Channing Decker vs Rhyno: Greektown Hotwired
Bill Collier, Channing Decker, Sonny Kiss vs Jock Samson, RJ City, Beast King: Greektown Duces
Channing Decker vs Beast King First Blood: Greektown Beast Mode
Channing Decker vs Beast King Cage Match: Greektown XV

“Hardcore” Channing Decker went through huge changes this year bringing a whole new hardcore look, attitude, and ring style compared to previous years of his career. This year we all saw a new Channing Decker rise from the Danforth into a hardcore pain-loving madman who had the Greektown wrestling fans following him. After the most extreme year Decker has ever had in his career, the sky is the limits for this young performer. look at the start of his year, extreme rules match.

Then teaming up with Trent Gibson to take on legendary ECW tag team the Unholy Alliance. Sabu and Decker had the Greektown match of the year. Decker and RJ settled the score finally, and now with Channing Decker the former Greektown champion we have to wonder who the man or woman will be willing to step into a ring with the hometown, Greektown, hardcore here, Channing Decker!

Thanks again everyone for checking in! Don’t miss any Greektown news because we have it here, their next event is in February, check out their Facebook page to look at any of the matches we covered here! #GreektownWrestling

Authors Note

“For me personally, it’s been a pleasure covering Greektown Wrestling for most of the year for pro wrestling post. I want to thank all the Greektown performers, the ring crew, and all the behind the scenes workers that help this promotion be what it is. Thank you to all the Greektown Wrestlers that I’ve talked too and met this year. They have helped me put out the great content like Indie Spotlights and all Greektown Wrestling news! Greektown Wrestling deserves to be noticed. I’m glad to have helped bring that notice to here on Pro Wrestling Post. Hope you all had a great holiday also have a fantastic new year!”