Preview Greektown and Beyond Wrestling – To Greektown and Beyond

On January 24th the worlds of Greektown and Beyond Wrestling will combine forces to put on a show entitled “To Greektown and Beyond!” Greektown Wrestling is a rising star on the Canadian independent scene, whereas Beyond has now become a mainstay. In this edition of Thursday Night Wrestling, the stars of Greektown will take on those of Beyond. Which promotion’s wrestlers will reign supreme?

John Atlas & Space Monkey vs. MJF & Stokely Hathaway

John Atlas and his buddy the Space Monkey are Greektown Wrestling regulars. Atlas is also a regular on the Canadian indie scene, mostly in the province of Ontario. He works for companies such as Capital City Championship Combat, Barrie Wrestling, Rock Solid Wrestling, and Smash Wrestling. John Atlas is also a former Greektown Cupholder. Space Monkey is well known on the indie circuit, competing for companies in Canada and the US. Some of his notable haunts are Smash Wrestling, Absolute Intense Wrestling, Freelance Wrestling, Alpha-1 Wrestling, and Empire State Wrestling, among many others. Space Monkey also holds a recent victory in Greektown wrestling over Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF).

MJF is returning to wrestling after an elbow injury. He has competed for both Greektown and Beyond Wrestling. He’s also parlayed his particular brand of ‘better than you’ for companies like MLW, AIW, AAW, and CZW. He will be teaming with Stokely Hathaway, who came off an incredible undefeated streak in 2018. It lasted from Halloween to New Year’s Eve, before he finally lost to Eddie Kingston. Now, these two will join forces in the hopes of attaining victory at To Greektown and Beyond!

Jock Samson vs. Puf

Jock Samson is a good ol’ boy from Ohio. A veteran of over 13 years, he’s worked mainly in the Midwest, Northeast, and Canada. Companies such as AIW, AAW, Rockstar Pro, Wrestling Theory Fellowship and International Wrestling Cartel. Recently, Samson has taken issue with one of the Buffalo Brothers, Puf. Puf is no supporter of the current United States president, whereas Samson is. The Buffalo Brothers have gone through some hard times following a recent car accident where Kevin Blackwood and Daniel Garcia ended up on the injured list. The wrestling community has rallied behind the group, and Puf will be bringing the spirit of the Buffalo Brothers with him into this battle.

Alexia Nicole vs. Kris Statlander

Alexia Nicole, the Bubblegum Princess, is a Greektown regular. She also competes all over Ontario with the occasional jaunts down to the US independent scene. An interesting fun fact is that Alexia hasn’t been defeated in Greektown Wrestling since A Miracle in Greektown back in December of 2017. She’s just in her early 20’s but has been in the business since 2013. Her opponent is Kris Statlander. Kris has been in the business for just over a year after training at the Create a Pro Wrestling Academy. The Alien is prepared to descend on Greektown and impress like she’s done in promotions like Beyond and Women’s Wrestling Revolution. The future of women’s wrestling is now and these two will be leading the charge from To Greektown and Beyond!

Photo / Greektown and Beyond Wrestling

Kobe Durst vs. Retro AG vs. Josh Alexander vs. Seleziya Sparx

This one will be a four-way match between four amazing wrestlers. Kobe Durst is on the upswing on the independent scene. He recently defeated Josh Alexander for the A-1 Alpha Male Championship in a 60-minute iron man match. Durst also competes regularly for Glory Pro Wrestling, CZW, and Black Label Pro. Retro AG (Anthony Greene) has also been working his way up the ranks on the indie scene. He’s worked for companies such as CZW, Limitless Wrestling, and Beyond Wrestling. He also recently worked a dark match for EVOLVE.

Josh Alexander honestly needs no introduction. The Walking Weapon has been in wrestling for nearly 15 years. He’s been a staple on the indie scene working in promotions such as Smash, AIW, Pure Wrestling Association, Alpha-1, and No Limit Wrestling. He’s also the current PWA Pure Violence Champion and the NLW Strong Style Champion. Alexander has also appeared on IMPACT Wrestling. Seleziya Sparx is another well-traveled Canadian athlete. She’s appeared for companies such as PWA, Great Canadian Wrestling and Smash Wrestling. Seleziya is also no stranger to intergender competition. She’s wrestled men like Matt Cross, Ethan Page, and BJ Whitmer. On paper alone, every single one of these wrestlers is a force to be reckoned with. So whoever is able to come out with the win will truly have a feather to stick in their hat.

Trent Gibson vs. Josh Briggs

This one is going to be a hoss fight at To Greektown and Beyond. Trent Gibson may be best known as one half of the Fraternity tag team with Channing Decker. Their accomplishments as a tag team are huge. They have won tag titles in Pro Wrestling Eclipse, International Wrestling Cartel, and Lucha Toronto. However, he is not just a tag team wrestler. And he’s been the one to step up to try and stop the freight train that is Josh Briggs. Josh Briggs is 6’8 and over 250 pounds. It takes a lot to stop him. Briggs is a regular in Beyond, EVOLVE, A-1, AAW, Chaotic and Limitless Wrestling. You’re going to want to be there to see who survives this one.

Channing Decker vs. Chris Dickinson

Channing Decker is the other half of the Fraternity, as previously mentioned. Much like his partner, he is also not just a tag team specialist. Now he will get a chance to prove himself against Chris Dickinson. When one discusses the issue of the ace of Beyond Wrestling, Dickinson is a name that continually pops up. He’s also a mainstay in EVOLVE and Limitless Wrestling. The Dirty Daddy is also a tag team specialist, as one half of Doom Patrol with Jaka. Both wrestlers are hard-hitting and intense. So, with hardcore rules in place, things will get wild at To Greektown and Beyond.

Greektown Cup Match
RJ City (c) vs. Sonny Kiss

RJ City is the current Greektown Cup holder having defeated Tommy Dreamer to regain it. RJ City is perhaps best known on the American indies as having been partners with David Arquette. However, his career is far more extensive than that. His career spans over ten years and he has held eight different singles titles. These were from promotions such as IWC, Empire State Wrestling, and Conflict Wrestling. He’s even wrestled for IMPACT Wrestling when IMPACT had cross-branded shows with Border City Wrestling. City’s opponent is no slouch either.

Sonny Rose is a Greektown original competitor. He’s also competed for Lucha Underground as XO Lishus. The Concrete Rose can compete with men or women and adapt to situations like a chameleon. Sonny also combines dancing and cheerleading training into his wrestling, which can give him a unique advantage. Who will walk away with the cup? There’s only one way to find out! Join the fun at To Greektown and Beyond.

To Greektown and Beyond is, of course, a joint production between Greektown Wrestling and Beyond Wrestling. The show goes down on January 24th at the Eastminster United Church. Tickets are available online at or in-person at 389 Danforth Avenue in Toronto, Canada.

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