Beyond & Wild Zero Wrestling Present Ceremony | Preview

Editor’s Note: After the publication of this preview, Pro Wrestling Post was contacted by Beyond & Wild Zero Wrestling regarding some last-minute changes to the card. The matches affected will have an updated statement before the information on the match. We are thankful to Beyond for reaching out so we can have the most current preview for you on this event.

A very special event will be taking place on St. Patrick’s Day, 2019. Beyond Wrestling will be sending some of their very best to Syracuse, NY. There, they will tangle with the stars of Wild Zero Wrestling. Wild Zero is still a new promotion, with just a handful of events under their belt. They’ve got people talking and got Beyond’s attention as well. Much like the successful inter-promotional war with CHIKARA and the recent co-promoted show with Greektown Pro Wrestling, Beyond is lending a helping hand. If you can’t make it out to Syracuse, don’t worry. Our friends at IndependentWrestling.TV will have you covered. Let’s see what Beyond and Wild Zero have in store for Ceremony!

Beaver Boys vs. To Infinity and Beyond

We start this show with some great tag team action. The Beaver Boys are mainstays of Beyond and other indies in the Northeast. Alex Reynolds and John Silver have been teaming together for about eight years. Their opponents are also a journeymen tag team, To Infinity and Beyond. Colin Delaney, of WWE ECW infamy, formed a team with Cheech back in 2015. Together, they work mostly the Midwest and Northeast independent scenes. They’re also the current Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) Tag Team Champions. This is their fourth reign with the titles as well. These four know what they’re doing and will start the show off right.

??? vs. The Process

This is one of the affected matches. Team Sea Stars are unable to appear due to travel issues. New opponents for The Process are to be determined.

With more awesome tag team action on tap, we look to the future. Both teams are also the very best of friends. Delmi Exo and Ashley Vox are regulars for CHIKARA, Women’s Wrestling Revolution and a few others. Cody Love and T.C. Cooper are known as The Process. They’ve competed mostly in upstate New York but recently made their debut for the New York Wrestling Connection. Being young with nothing to lose means this match is going to be awesome.

Beyond & Wild Zero Wrestling

Matt Cross vs. Anthony Gaines

Here at Ceremony, we’ll see a future star clash with an independent wrestling legend. Anthony Gaines has been wrestling for about five years, working for several promotions in the update New York area. He also works some shows in Pennsylvania. He was trained by seasoned indie wrestlers such as Colin Delaney and Pepper Parks. Gaines is also a member of the group known as The Buffalo Brothers. Matt Cross really needs no introduction. He’s one of the wrestlers who laid the groundwork of the exciting independent scene we enjoy today. MDogg has been working for almost 20 years after being trained by the Ohio legend, JT Lightning. He had a brief stint with WWE as part of Tough Enough and portrayed Son of Havoc for Lucha Underground. Gaines will have his hands full with the much more experienced Cross. Or will it be vice versa?

Beyond & Wild Zero Wrestling

Technicos (Thief Ant, Boomer Hatfield, & ???) vs. Rudos (Travis Huckabee, Hermit Crab & Volgar)

While Ceremony may be a joint production of Beyond Wrestling and Wild Zero, our friends at CHIKARA lend a hand as well. They’ll be sending two teams for some signature CHIKARA Trios action! First, we have the technicos or good guys. Thief Ant of the Colony and Boomer Hatfield are junior members of the CHIKARA roster. Thief Ant is one-third of the 2018 King of Trios, so he’s a good choice for this team. Boomer is the son of Dasher Hatfield and is still finding his way in wrestling. They were originally scheduled to team with Solo Darling. However, with an injury to Solo’s partner Willow Nightingale, Willow requested that Solo replace her in that match. There will be a third CHIKARA technico to join Thief Ant and Boomer Hatfield.

Now onto the rudos, or bad guys. Travis, Hermit Crab, and Volgar are all members of nefarious teams in CHIKARA. They’re also well experienced when it comes to Trios action. Compared to Travis, Hermit Crab and Volgar are the junior members of their squad. They make up for that with attitude and power though. Oh and as for the preview image, we have Travis Huckabee to credit for that modification. He and Solo are ex-partners and enemies. If you like what you see, CHIKARA events are also available on IndependentWrestling.TV.

??? vs. Nick Ando

This is the other match affected by changes. Josh Briggs is unable to appear due to an injury at another show. We wish Josh a speedy recovery! A new opponent for the captain, Nick Ando will be determined.

Beyond Wrestling and EVOLVE’s big bruiser is going to be on hand for Ceremony. He’ll be taking on The Captain, Nick Ando. In an interesting twist to the matches discussed so far, Nick is the one with more experience. Ando has been working off and on since 2008, mostly in the upstate New York scene. Briggs is a rising star, being just three years into his career. Being 6’8, Briggs almost always has a size advantage on his side. Ando is no pushover though, being well built for his size. He’s also a two-time former Upstate Pro Wrestling (UPW) Heavyweight Champion and a two-time former 2CW Heavyweight Champion. Briggs has also held some titles, although not as many as Nick Ando has. He’s a former A1 Zero Gravity Champion and Chaotic Wrestling New England Champion. One thing is for sure, they’ll put on a hell of a match.

Jay Freddie vs. Chris Dickinson

Don’t sleep on this match! Jay Freddie is a journeyman on the Northeastern indie scene, he’s also made some international appearances. On paper, it may seem like an easy win for the Dirty Daddy Chris Dickinson. However, these two have faced off at least once before, and Jay Freddie was victorious. Chris Dickinson is one of those names that are all over the major independent scene. He’s also in the conversation whenever the topic of the Ace of Beyond Wrestling comes up. Both of these guys are intense, hard-hitting and will give you your money’s worth.

Beyond & Wild Zero Wrestling

Solo Darling vs. Kris Wolf

This one will be emotional. Kris Wolf is on her retirement tour, with just over a month to before her last match. While Wolf’s career has been short, only about five years, she’s made the decision to walk away due to concussion issues. An American by birth, Kris Wolf the wrestler was made in Japan. She made her debut in August of 2014 for World Wonder Ring Stardom. Also, in her Stardom tenure, she helped found the heel stable Oedo Tai. If you can’t thank Kris in person before she howls off into the sunset, please do so on social media.

Solo Darling is a decorated veteran of ten years in wrestling. She is the Bee in the duo of the Bird and the Bee with Willow Nightingale. Willow was the one originally booked to take on Kris Wolf. Sadly, she suffered a neck injury in late February. When asked who she would like to replace her, Willow chose her soul sister, her partner, and friend. Solo will do her best to carry on for Willow and give Kris a send-off match worthy of two paws up!

Beyond & Wild Zero Wrestling

Feast or Famine Free for All Match for the Independent Wrestling.TV Independent Championship
Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Dick Justice vs. Puf vs. Anthony Greene

It’s time for the main event of Ceremony! We have a four-way match for Orange Cassidy’s Independent Championship. Wild Zero put up a poll on their Twitter to let the fans have input on Cassidy’s opponent. However Wild Zero upped the ante by announcing that all of them would be in the match! Dick Justice may not be the second coming of Lou Thez, but he’s damn good Supercop. He’ll be sure to enforce the law and make sure the other competitors play by the rules. Anthony Greene will be making another stop on his RETRObution tour 2019! Of course, his Platinum Hunnies will be in the house too. He may have lost to Lisa Marie Varon at Beyond’s latest event, but he’s been on a winning streak in CZW. Perhaps he will bring some of that Cinderella luck to Ceremony.

The last challenger is another member of the beloved group called the Buffalo Brothers. Puf has become a regular in the Northeast and even up in Canada. He may be clad in brightly colored attire and have a smile on his face, but don’t let that fool you. Puf knows how to kick it into gear once the bell rings. Alongside fellow Buffalo Brother Daniel Garcia, Puf was named a Rookie of the Year in 2018 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Orange Cassidy has become a hot commodity in the last couple of years. Sure, he’s laid back perhaps borderline lazy. There’s a certain charm to the lethargic Cassidy. He weaves together comedy with technical ability you wouldn’t expect.

You can check out that amazing main event and all the other matches on IndependentWrestling.TV! The Beyond x Wild Zero Wrestling Ceremony goes down on March 17th at the Pastime Athletic Club.

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