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AJ Styles

AJ Styles – Faith As The Bottom Line

Faith is important to all of us. Whether it is in God, justice, science, family, or even just yourself. Life is the hardest thing...
NJPW Strong

NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 07/02/22 – United Empire Rising

This week on the NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 07/02/22, we'll be diving headfirst into this special episode showcasing Will Ospreay's new faction United Empire....
The Pitbulls's

The Pitbull’s Mad Dogs of War

The Pitbulls were one of the ECW's most, if not the most, physically dominant tag team during the 1990s. The Pitbulls consisted of Gary Wolfe and Anthony Durante,...
NJPW Strong

NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 6/25/22 (Rosser vs Lawlor III: Title Vs Career)

NJPW STRONG Collision in Philadelphia rolls into its third week with the NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 6/25/22. As always, we will see the young...
NJPW Strong

NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 6/18/22 – The Ace Comes To Philadelphia

This week NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 6/18/22 continues their residency at 2800 Arena in Philadelphia, the former home of ECW. While it's not uncommon...
NJPW Strong

NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 6/11/22 – Collision In Philadelphia

Welcome to the all-new, all-different NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 6/11/22. It's a big week for the NJPW Dojo, as they just wrapped up the...
Tommy Dreamer and Raven

Tommy Dreamer and Raven – Loser Leaves Town

On June 6th, 1997, at ECW Wrestlepalooza ’97, a feud would draw to a close as Tommy Dreamer and Raven would do battle. It...
Michinoku Pro-Wrestling

Michinoku Pro-Wrestling – Turning Insults Into Valor

Rivers symbolize freedom. If you place a rock into a river, the water will flow around it. If you block a river, it will...
The Samoan Swat Team

The Samoan SWAT Team – The Rise Of The Next Generation in the Dynasty

The Wild Samoans, Afa, and Sika were the patriarchs of the Anoai family. After their time as a team in the ring, the next...
Bobby Fish

Bobby Fish – The Infamous DRagon Walks Again

Often talent's journey to success is never overnight. In the seventeen-year career of Robert Anthony Fish, his success has come with countless opportunities and...