ECW Heatwave 1999 | ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On July 18th, 1999, Extreme Championship Wrestling aired ECW Heatwave 1999 live from Dayton, Ohio, in the Hara Arena. We had eight matches (1 Dark & 7 on the main card) we got 2 title matches (ECW World Tag Team & ECW World Heavyweight) & we got a tag team main event with Impact Players going against Rob Van Dam & Jerry Lynn.

Vito defeated Simon Diamond (Dark Match)

ECW Heatwave 1999
Tag Team Match

Chris Chetti & Nova vs. Danny Doering & Roadkill

Danny Doring & Roadkill take control early with a cane attack, then Doering connects with Bareback, G Spot Sweep & Panty Drop Elbow. Roadkill even adds a springboard leg drop, but Nova rebounds with the Spin Doctor & it leads to Chris Chetti, and we get a wild brawl.

Nova Monkey flips Chetti into a double clothesline, then Nova locks Roadkill in Figure 4, but Doring & Chetti dive onto Nova & Roadkill. Chetti hits a powerbomb and springboard moonsault, but instead of covering, Chetti calls for a dance break & Doring’s girl joins him, but she slaps Chetti.

Chetti hits her with Amityville Horror, then Nova & Chetti hit their finishers then they follow hit Tidal Wave to get the win.

Winners: Chris Chetti & Nova (7:03)

ECW Heatwave 1999
Jazz vs. Jason Knight

Jazz throws clotheslines and goes for an O’Connor Roll, but it gets blocked. Then she tries a crossbody, but Jason Knight catches her with a power slam, then follows with a Vader Bomb and misses & Jazz nails a drop-toe hold. She continues with a springboard crossbody and leg sweep.

They exchange strikes, dropkicks, and pin attempts until Knight Pie faces Jazz, then she hits a suplex, Samoan Drop, and a headbutt to the groin, then Jazz places a chair on his crotch and smacks it with another chair.

Knight connects with an enziguri then checks on his privates then he goes for a powerbomb on the chair, but Jazz counters into Jazz Stinger to put Knight away.

Winner: Jazz (6:33)

ECW Heatwave 1999
Super Crazy vs. Little Guido

The match starts off with Super Crazy & Little Guido trade takedowns, reversals, and mat wrestling before Crazy lands a moonsault. Then he goes for more, but Guido nails a swinging neckbreaker. Then Crazy reverses a whip and does offense in the corner & this leads to Guido calling a timeout and distracting the ref for Sal’s interference.

It fails as Crazy takes Guido into the crowd for a series of moonsaults, then Guido uses more Sal interference, then he does a diving Fameasser follow by a Sicilian Crab, but Crazy gets to the ropes for a break. Guido occupies the ref while Sal does his own Fameasser.

Guido tries more submissions and shakes off a DDT but Crazy rallies with a Crazy Driver and triple moonsaults, but he slips on the 3rd one then Crazy dives onto Sal.

He returns to the ring Guido hits Tomakaze then goes for the cover, but it gets a 2 count then Crazy nails a straight jacket powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Super Crazy (12:31)

ECW Heatwave 1999
ECW World Tag Team Titles Match

The Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh Ray & D Von) (c) vs. Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney

The match starts off with both teams brawl then The Dudley Boyz toss Spike Dudley around on the ramp until Spike gives Buh Buh Dudley an Acid Drop. Spike follows with a running start, only for Buh Buh to backdrops him into the ring, then a flying ring bell shot from D Von Dudley connects.

Buh Buh & Balls Mahoney use a cheese grater on each other, but Mahoney connects with a superkick while Spike & D Von fight in the crowd. Then once everyone joins them, Spike dives out of the balcony then, and they head back to the ring & The Dudleys play with them until Spike & Mahoney answer with low blows.

It opens the door for an Acid Drop and a spine bomb, then goes for the pin, but it gets a near fall, so Spike & Mahoney hit stereo finishers as they go for the cover; Sign Guy Dudley grabs the ref. The Dudleys pounce, but Mahoney & Spike surprise them with roll-ups for the win.

Winners: AND NEW ECW World Tag Team Champions: Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney

ECW HeatWave 1999 | WWE
[Photo: WWE]

ECW Heatwave 1999
Francine vs. Steve Corino

Francine hits a Bronco Buster off the referee’s back, then Steve Corino nails a clothesline, but she ducks it, and Tommy Dreamer punches Corino & this allows Francine to score a swinging DDT for the win.

Winner: Francine 

ECW Heatwave 1999
ECW World Heavyweight Title Match

Taz (c) vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri 

Tajiri hits a handspring elbow, a wheel kick, and an Asai Moonsault into the crowd then back in the ring, Tajiri tries a Tarantula but Taz counters with an Alabama Slam but Tajiri fires back with a dropkick and Oklahoma Roll, then Taz lands suplexes and mocks Tajiri.

Tajiri throws a low blow, followed by Buzzsaw Kicks, then he goes for the cover, but Taz kicks out. Then both men starting fighting on the ramp while Rhino sets up a table behind them. Taz dares Tajiri to bring it and leads him toward the table, and then he puts Tajiri through the table with a Tazplex.

Corino buys Tajiri time with a distraction but fails as Taz grabs barbed wire off the entrance and wraps it around his arm, then locks on the Tazmission & he had no choice but to tap out.

Winner: AND STILL ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Taz

ECW Heatwave 1999
Tag Team Match

Impact Players (Lance Storm & Justin Credible) vs. Rob Van Dam & Jerry Lynn

Jerry Lynn & Justin Credible trade chops, then they block each other’s finishers and exchange Irish whips then Credible demands Rob Van Dam, but he runs and tags Lance Storm when RVD enters the ring. RVD wrestles Storm, and they trade counters and flips.

They even do amateur mat wrestling until Storm hooks a rolling half crab, then Lynn returns, but Impact Players target his broken face. Credible uses the cane and a chair before doing the Outsiders Edge, but the chair shenanigans backfire, and RVD tags & he uses the chair for a Van Daminator and a leg drop on the rail.

They scuffle on the floor and the ramp then RVD connects with leg drops while Fonzie sets up a table. Storm regains control and hits a flying wheel kick, but it gets a near fall. RVD recovers and places a chair on Storm for a Rolling Thunder, then we get more back & forth, and Credible ends up on the table.

Before RVD can do anything, Sabu appears and puts Justin through the table. Then Lynn & Storm fight on the mat as RVD nails 5 Star Frog Splash, but he lands on Lynn by mistake. Then RVD hits a Van Daminator on Storm, and Lynn nails the Cradle Piledriver for the win.

Winners: Rob Van Dam & Jerry Lynn (21:07)