ECW Heatwave 1998 | ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On August 2nd, 1998, Extreme Championship Wrestling aired its 5th annual Heat Wave with ECW Heatwave 1998. We had seven matches (1 Dark Match & 6 on main show), we got 2 title matches (ECW World Tag Team & FTW Titles) & in the main event, we had a 6 Man Tag Team Street Fight between The Dudleys & Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman & Spike Dudley.

ECW Heatwave 1998
Tag Team Match

The Hardcore Chair Swingin Freaks (Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten) defeated Full Blooded Italians (Little Guido & Tracey Smothers) (Dark Match)

ECW Heatwave 1998
Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn

Jerry Lynn catches Justin Credible with arm drags before they trade some chops and pin attempts. Credible tries That’s Incredible, but Lynn counters with a victory roll. Lynn follows with more takedowns and sends Credible outside for a flying plancha. When they return to the ring, Credible reverses into an inverted DDT with Lynn down. Jason introduces a chair to the fight. Credible drives it into Lynn with a running knee, then he drops Lynn with a sit-out powerbomb then Nicole Bass holds Lynn for some punches.

They fight outside, and Credible smashes a beer on Lynn’s face. Then Credible takes control, but Lynn surprises him with a clothesline and a flapjack. Credible does a sidewalk slam and slows the action with a chinlock. However, Lynn breaks free and rallies. They trade covers, then Lynn nails a super Frankensteiner, then tries for a dragonrana next. Credible turns it into a powerbomb. Credible calls for a chair, but it as fails; then Lynn does a DDT on it, and Chastity puts Credible’s foot on the ropes.

Lynn hits another Super Frankensteiner onto a table on the floor then Jason, Bass & Chastity storms the ring but Lynn fends them off as he powerbombs Jason and low blows Bass. Chastity tries to kick Lynn in the nuts but she hits Credible by mistake.

Lynn then tombstones Chastity and puts Credible on the top rope but Justin low blows Lynn and hits a 2nd rope. That’s Incredible for the win.

Winner: Justin Credible (14:36)

ECW Heatwave 1998
Chris Candido vs. Lance Storm

Chris Candido & Lance Storm tussle into the corners and trade headlocks & leapfrogs. Storm scores a wheel kick, and they exchange hard chops then Storm attacks Candido in the corner and removes his headgear. Candido answers by sending Storm outside for a flying crossbody.

In the ring, Candido grabs a bow & arrow stretch. Storm mule kicks out of it, so Tammy Lynn Sytch trips Storm, then he chases her and clotheslines Candido. Candido turns a hurricanrana into a Liger Bomb. He follows with a stalling suplex and a diving leg drop.

Candido then controls the action then. He connects with a swinging neckbreaker, a chinlock, and a power slam. Storm throws kicks and elbows then they fight on the apron. Storm suplexes Candido to the floor and nails a baseball slide & it sends Candido into the crowd. Then Storm hits a springboard crossbody into the fans.

When they return to the ring they trade more strikes until they both go down to a collision. Candido stumbles onto Storm for a two-count Storm fires back with a superplex, a flying wheel kick, and a sit-out powerbomb. Candido responds with a power slam but Storm recovers for a springboard back elbow. Sytch senses trouble. She hands Candido white powder. Storm knocks it into Candido’s face.

A blinded Candido decks the ref then Storm capitalizes with a superkick and climbs the ropes. Sytch gropes Storm and crotches him, then the referee grabs her to stop the interference, but a still blind Candido rolls the ref up & the ref didn’t release Sytch. He rips her dress before Candido regains his sight & sees Storm on the top rope and joins him & drills him to the match with Blonde Bombshell for the victory.

Winner: Chris Candido (11:00)

ECW Heatwave 1998
Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome

The match starts off with Masato Tanaka & Mike Awesome exchanging strikes then Awesome blocks a hip toss and surprises Tanaka for an overhead belly 2 belly then a slingshot shoulder tackle and a splash from Awesome. The action spills out of the ring & Awesome connects with an over-the-top-rope top and then back inside the ring. Awesome nails a flying clothesline and a release German suplex.

Tanaka answers with a scoop power slam and a springboard clothesline to the ramp. While outside, Tanaka collects a chair. He gets a running start and decks Awesome with it. Tanaka follows with a missile dropkick, but Awesome dumps him to the floor then they have a chair duel. Tanaka wins and hits Awesome’s back but Awesome responds with a backdrop over the rail.

With Tanaka in the crowd, Awesome connects with a springboard plancha into the fans then they go inside the ring. Awesome hits a sit-out powerbomb, Alabama Slam, and a flying splash & it gets a two count before Awesome retrieves the chair. He blasts Tanaka with shots. Tanaka absorbs them until one attack bends the chair. Awesome continues with an Awesome Bomb, but he’s not done.

Awesome climbs and drills Tanaka with a flying chair attack, then Awesome sets up a table instead. He tries twice to hit Tanaka with the Awesome Bomb out of the ring, but Tanaka slips free then he hooks Awesome, gives him his own powerbomb through the table, then goes for the cover but Awesome kicks out at the last second, then a Roaring Elbow gets a another 2 count before he puts Awesome with a tornado DDT on a chair pile.

Winner: Masato Tanaka (11:49)

ECW Heatwave 1998
ECW World Tag Team Titles Match

Rob Van Dam & Sabu (c) vs. Hayabusa & Jinsei Shinzaki

Rob Van Dam surprises Hayabusa with mat wrestling and submissions. Hayabusa connects somewhat with a springboard arm drag, so RVD goes backs to holds. Hayabusa answers with a wheel kick and tags Jinsei Shinzaki. Shinzaki performs a Vader Bomb and trades strikes with RVD then Shinzaki does a praying rope walk into a flying chop. RVD responds with a corkscrew leg drop.

Sabu then enters & he hits a springboard leg drop and an Arabian Press then goes back to mat holds while Sabu grabs a Camel Clutch, RVD backflips into a low dropkick. Shinzaki has enough then both teams brawls to the floor. Hayabusa hits an Asai Moonsault. Sabu joins in & hits a double jump plancha into the fans.

RVD throws Hayabusa & Shinzaki over the rail including Sabu then RVD continues with an apron wheel kick to Hayabusa on the rail. RVD puts Shinzaki in a surfboard stretch. Sabu clocks the prone Shinzaki with a flying chair shot.

ECW Heatwave 1998
[Photo: Rasslin History 101]

Hayabusa & Shinzaki rally with their own combo attacks as they hit 3 springboard attacks in a row on RVD. Sabu breaks the pin and vaults off Hayabusa for a corner wheel kick then we get a another wild brawl in and out of the ring then Sabu hits Shinzaki with a Super Frankensteiner.

RVD connects with 5 Star Frog Splash but it gets a two count then both teams trade combination moves. Hayabusa & Shinzaki do a powerbomb and a Stardust Splash. RVD and Sabu hit a Rolling Thunder and a slingshot leg drop. Sabu uses a Boston Crab while Van Dam nails a springboard leg drop before both teams brawl in the ring.

Hayabusa & Shinzaki have trouble with a broken table but they splash RVD on it. Sabu brings in a another table instead then after Sabu hits an Arabian Facebuster and RVD with a Van Daminator, RVD and Sabu put Hayabusa & Shinzaki on the table they climb to the top rope & they connect with a double team guillotine leg drops for the win.

Winners & STILL ECW World Tag Team Champions: Rob Van Dam & Sabu (20:51)

FTW Title Falls Count Anywhere Match
Taz (c) vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Match starts off with Taz no sells a powerbomb then he gives Bam Bam Bigelow a judo toss. Taz also powers Bigelow into a Samoan Drop then they fight on the ramp. Taz kicks Bigelow off of it and dives. Bam Bam catches Taz and rams him into the rail. After more guardrail and chair attack as they fight through the crowd. Bigelow & Taz trade punches.

Bigelow drops a portion of the railing onto him but Taz answers with a double leg takedown and an overhead throw when Bigelow slips and falls, Taz capitalizes with a cross armbreaker but Bigelow elbows out of it and throws more chair strikes. Bigelow counters a Tazmission with a jawbreaker.

They return to the ring. Bam Bam gives him a powerbomb and fetches a table. He places it in the corner and whips Taz through it before Bigelow chokes Taz but Taz reverses into a short arm clothesline then plants Bigelow on the broken table with a Tazplex once he recovers Bigelow takes Taz to the ramp.

He threatens to throw Taz into the stands then Bigelow lifts him. Taz turns it into a DDT. They crash through the ramp after that Bigelow crawls out of the wreckage then Taz emerges behind him before he jumps on Bigelow’s back and locks in the Tazmission for the submission.

Winner By Submission & STILL FTW Champion: Taz (13:21)

6 Man Tag Team Street Fight
The Dudleys (Buh Buh Ray, D Von & Big Dick) vs. Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman & Spike Dudley

D Von Dudley & Tommy Dreamer trade slaps, leapfrogs, and pin attempts. Dreamer nails a hangman’s neckbreaker, so D Von tags Buh Buh Ray Dudley & he faces Spike Dudley and throws the little one around the ring. Spike surprises Ray with a crossbody and stands on him. Ray turns it into a Buh Buh Bomb then he manhandles Spike until Spike catches Ray in a hurricanrana. Buh Buh calls for a timeout after The Sandman clocks him with a beer.

The Sandman & Big Dick Dudley fighting then the action devolves into a wild brawl. Dreamer drags D Von through the stands then Spike goes berserk on Buh Buh. Sandman lands a Super Frankensteiner then Big Dick uses a chair on Dreamer while this happens, Spike & Sandman setup a ladder. Spike dives off it onto The Dudleys then rolls D Von into the ring for more.

Sandman puts a ladder on D-Von and does a flying somersault senton, but Big Dick sends Sandman to the ramp. Buh Buh returns the ladder favor, then he puts the ladder on Dreamer and hits a diving senton, then Spike gives Ray an Acid Drop on the ladder & Dreamer, The Sandman & Spike they put each Dudley in a tree of woe & Gertner meets this fate. Dreamer locks Sign Guy Dudley in a Figure 4.

Dreamer also piledrives Jeff Jones after Jones mocks the blow-up doll again with them out of the way, Dreamer, The Sandman & Spike hits stereo dropkicks. Jim Molineux joins and attacks Gertner. Big Dick stops this nonsense. He drops Dreamer on the ladder with Total Penetration. Dick also tosses Spike through a table when Spike attempts an Acid Drop.

The Sandman takes out Dick with a cane but Buh Buh answers with a chair. Ray continues with a splash, but he misses. Dreamer capitalizes with a DDT on the ladder for the win.

Winners: Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman & Spike Dudley (14:26)